Justin Verringia Interviews Aaron Rashkin

by Merv Stevens

banner-screw-the-traditional-9-5-625x104You get great value when you have a 7-figure earner interviewing another multiple 7-figure earner.  And this is what you got when Justin Verringia interviewed Aaron Rashkin.

Justin Verrengia is internationally known as the “Hippie Jedi” because of his revolutionary entrepreneurial spirit. He and his wife D, previously lived in Costa Rica, and had been struggling to make money online for several years before finding success with Empower Network.

Aaron Rashkin is an experienced marketer and has made lots of money by using both online and offline marketing methods. His focus is in personal development, spiritual awakening and abundant living. He’s earned over a million dollars in three different companies in the past 6+ years since being full time on the Internet.

Listen and learn from these two successful marketers as they go deep down the rabbit hole. You can listen to the interview below.

 Justin Verrengia Interviews Aaron Rashkin

Justin Verrengia interviews Aaron Rashkin


Aaron, please share with our listeners a little bit more about yourself, your passions in life.

Aaron’s passion is setting people free. He loves personal development.

What’s the secret to building a massive organisation in network marketing?

Network marketing is one of the most challenging but rewarding professions to be in.

Don’t keep your business a secret.

Our products are not really our products, our products are people.

Learn more about people then you learn about the real product we market which is change.

What’s superior in your opinion, network marketing or internet marketing and why?

There are 2 things we do everyday, market and communicate with people.

The Internet work business model is a hybrid, leveraging tools and systems to communicate effectively with more people.

How has working out and eating healthy effected your business as an entrepreneur?

Aaron fractured a vertebrae in his back in school, became paralysed and started resistance exercise and weight training.

Then he became a personal trainer to give people back the gift of good health through fitness.

Big Reason Why

Aaron Rashkin’s father was a pioneer of an office coffee business.

From this he learned entrepreneurship, accountability, management, people skills, compartmentalising and different aspects of business – how to market, how to sell and close prospects.

Fast forward to 1995, working at a gym….

“I have a dream.” – I’m so focused on my dream which is to have freedom and never have to worry about money again.

Make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of headache.

Wanted a family of friends and close circle of business partners.

Temporary Defeat

I don’t look at anything as a failure.

When you lose, don’t loose the lesson.

The setback is the come up for a come back.

The only thing that can defeat us is our own selves.

The strong man conquers those around him while the wise man conquers himself.

Create that nucleus and network.

What’s the Vision of Aaron Rashkin look like?

My vision for the future is to not only continue on my path helping others transform but take it to the next level – transformation industry combined with marketing.

Lead with yourself and value.

Tell us more about your “Day In The Office”

Three and a half years ago, was looking for office space so bought his neighbors house as his office. Aaron now has had 20 events in the house thus far for his Day In the Office Event.

You can pick up some ‘golden nuggets' (or should I say boulders) from this value-packed interview. Aaron Rashkin is a proven successful internet and network marketer and in this interview he shared strategies and the right mindset that he has used to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

You can listen to the original interview conducted by Justin Verrengia here!


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