The First And Best Things To Do In Your Home Business And What To Avoid: Day 1

by Merv Stevens

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One of my mentors, Joel Peterson has recommended an awesome new book by Margie Aliprandi and Martha Finney. It’s called “Best, Worst, First: Everything You Need To Know To Build The Business Of Your Dreams”.

It’s a collection of the best advice from seventy-five Home Business experts about the worst thing you can do in your business and the most important first thing you should to do in your business. There are so many great tips in the book.

The Best – Worst – First Thing You Should Do In Your Business 

Joel recommended the book because he knows many of the people who have written the articles and so knew that the information given was genuine and proven to get results. The advice can be applied to any home business, whether it be network marketing, affiliate marketing or any form of online marketing.

The Best Thing To Do In Your Business

In the video Joel shares some advice given by one of the contributors in the book, Tom Alkazin. Tom’s best advice revolves around staying passionate about your goals and building initial spark you have when starting out into a raging cauldron of fire.

Another thing I love about what he says is that aim for progress and not perfection. If your are consistent, over time you will get better and better, be more successful, help more people and so earn more money – but it just does not happen overnight.

The Best Thing To Do In Your Business

One of the worst things Tom talks about is unplugging from your support network. This can be the team you have built in your home business, accountability partners, or supportive friends or family. If you stop coming onto the regular team calls, stop reading the emails, stop attending events and just go back to regular life then you will ultimately fail in your business.

You need to stay plugged in and keep taking action.

Things To Do In Your Business

Another mistake a lot of people make is trying to do things their own way. If you have a system to follow that has been put in place by your leaders and group, then follow that system.

There’s a reason for that – it’s been proven to work and it’s easy for people to copy and so creates duplication. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

The First Thing To Do In Your Business

Extending meaningful invitations is something Tom recommends you do early on when starting your business. Nobody will buy and product or service you have to offer if they do not see it and don’t know it exists. Invitations can consist of things like ads – email, Facebook ads, Google, classified ads etc., or a personal invitation from a friend or colleague.

Having a system that sends out meaningful invitations to prospective clients and which provides them with useful and honest information about what truly works, can be very powerful in growing your business. These are just some of the most useful things to do in your home business to keep you on track, increase your client base and boost your profits.

Summary of today's tip comes from Tom Alkazin

Best – Stay passionate about your goals

Worst – Unplug from your support network

First – Extend meaningful invitations.


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