5 Mental Hacks That Stops You From Procrastinating

When Jim Kwik was growing up, he was labeled the boy with a broken brain and had a lot of learning challenges and disabilities.

He went on from these difficulties to become the world's leading memory and brain coach for the world's top universities, CEOs, and celebrities. Over the past 25 years, he developed a number of strategies and techniques to unleash the power of your super brain. He wants to share these techniques and methods with you.

How do you stop procrastinating?

How do you stop putting things off that are important… things that you need to do?

In this post, world expert in speed-reading and Brain Coach, Jim Kwik, gives you a few quick science-based tips on how to eliminate procrastination.

#1 Procrastinate on Procrastination

Okay. If you're so good at putting things off, then put off putting things off 🙂

#2 Break things into chunks

The second tip I would say on how to overcome procrastination is to break things into chunks. Jim calls them tiny habits.

And here is the thing, sometimes we have it in our own mind that the thing we need to do is a big monster that we need to slay…

Or a big mountain that we need to be able to climb.

The best thing to do is to break it down into individual tasks.

#3 The Zeigarnik effect

What's a Zeigarnik effect? In the memory training where Jim teaches people how to remember names, faces, languages and so on, he talks about the Zeigarnik effect.

There was this psychiatrist, Dr. Zeigarnik. She was at a café in Europe and noticed that the waiters would remember everyone's orders.

Have you ever had somebody like that at a restaurant who remembered all the orders by using their memory?

Dr. Zeigarnik wanted to find out how the waiters did this and carried out some research into it. The conclusion of her research was called the Zeigarnik Effect.

It basically says that the waiting staff would remember things for as long as that order was not delivered.

But as soon as that order was delivered, it would close the loop and all of a sudden they forgot the order.

So, how do you apply that to procrastination?

If you start somewhere, anywhere, just one place, then you will have this open loop. You are more likely to remember that thing until you complete it and close that loop.

#4 Be kind to yourself

The next thing Jim recommends on how to overcome procrastination is to be kind to yourself.

What do I mean when I say be kind to yourself?

Studies in self-compassion reveal something interesting, that when you're hard on yourself, and you beat yourself up because you didn't work out…

Because you didn't write in your journal…

Because you didn't meditate that day…

Because of whatever you didn't do…

You would think that this would help you to overcome it and the next time be more motivated to complete whatever task you have to do.

But, when you're hard on yourself, it actually has the opposite effect.

When you are actually kind to yourself, and you exhibit self-compassion… you're more likely to follow through on what you have to do in the future.

#5 Tune into your body

The last quick tip recommended by Jim is to really tune into your ‘why'.

One of his very favorite books is called ‘Start With Why' by Simon Sinek. From reading this book, Jim believes there is a successful formula if you're not getting yourself to do the things you need to do.

He calls it ‘H cubed'. It goes from your head to your heart, to your hands.

You first think about something you want to do and set goals in your head. However, if you're not acting on that thing with your hands, then you are procrastinating.

This is usually because you are not tapping into the second H, which is your heart. Your emotion, the energy of motion.

One of Jim's martial arts teachers taught him that you can't steer a parked car. You need fuel, you need energy. So tap into your ‘why'.

You can do this by thinking about all the rewards that come from doing this activity. Think about the things that are going to incentivize you, the things that motivate you.

Think of all the benefits that come from doing this thing that you're putting off. Because remember this: “Reasons reap results.”

So I hope one of Jim's quick tips helps you to end this thing called procrastination, and you can live the life that you desire and that you most deserve.

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