now lifestyleAre you one of the many budding entrepreneurs considering joining forces with the NOW Lifestyle? If this applies to you, I believe you have come to the right place.

My hope is that this clean and unbiased review assists you in being able to make a sound investment decision.

Before making a financial investment or an investment of your time, I find it necessary to perform some adequate research concerning the company.

By taking a closer glance at the history and background of NOW Lifestyle (formerly 7 Minute Workout), its marketed products, and potentially promising business opportunity, you can prepare yourself to make an educated decision.

I truly hope that this review provides you with sufficient answers to the many questions you may have concerning the NOW Lifestyle network marketing company.

NOW Lifestyle: Background and Leadership

NOW Lifestyle was created by Joel Therien. Judging by its evident success, it is safe to say that this entrepreneurs has succeeded.

When considering a network marketing business opportunity, it is useful to consider its leadership and their work history. Having a knowledgeable and successful leader is a strong determinant of a company's marketability and longevity.

Luckily for those considering the NOW Lifestyle business opportunity, Joel Therien has quite the impressive resume. Therien is a marketing guru that has created successful network marketing companies in the past. An incredibly successful and experienced leader is a luxury most companies are not afforded.

NOW Lifestyle Product Line

NOW Lifestyle is geared towards helping people get into shape without spending a fortune or hours a day at the gym. As you probably already guess, this unique multi-level marketing company encourages Now Lifestyle customized workouts and its health and weight loss products.

Members of this innovative fitness program will have access to internet-based instructional videos, workout videos, how-to-do exercise instructions, and extremely effective and professional training tutorial videos. In addition, NOW Lifestyle program members have customizable options in their back office used to track and personalize their fitness regimen.

7 Minute Workout
A high quality product line is generally a strong determinant of a company's potential success and longevity. While success in network marketing depends almost entirely on your personal efforts, aligning forces with a quality company with quality products is simply a must.

Considering the health and wellness industry is the fastest growing in the infomercial world today, I think it is safe to say that theNOW Lifestyle program is, in itself, an incredibly appealing and marketable product.

NOW Lifestyle Business Opportunity

The NOW Lifestyle business opportunity is laid out in network marketing format. This multi-level binary compensation plan allows members of the program to earn from their own personal sales volume, as well as from the volume generated by recruited members.

Because of this unique marketing makeup, it is possible to make an incredible amount of money in the network marketing niche.Success in network marketing strongly depends on your ability to consistently attract leads and recruit them into fellow associates.

While most network marketers attack the market offline, there are proven online marketing strategies that can boost business in no time. By learning a few proven internet marketing strategies, you can begin to accrue qualified leads for your NOW Lifestyle business from the comfort of your favorite chair at home.

The NOW Lifestyle business opportunity offers its resellers access to a complete online marketing tool kit. This includes lead capture systems and personal affiliate pages to collect leads and sales for your business. Banners, articles and an autoresponder is also included. There is also a private conference call link to send your prospects to, where a NOW Lifestyle coach will close the call for you.

All the online tools and resources provided by NOW Lifestyle will help you start a great income-generating business from home.

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