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Good blog post ideas are essential for any company, small business or solo entrepreneur. Any brand that ignores content marketing is probably missing out on a large share of potential traffic.

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to find an audience, build a relationship, and generate sales.

Blogging should be at the heart of your content, with a blog acting as the central hub for all your thoughts and ideas. However, many people struggle to think of blogging ideas, so their posts become increasingly sporadic.

The following blog post ideas can all be used to provide a consistently rotating plan of ideas:

Video Posts

The popularity of online video means it can't be ignored. There is so much quality video content being produced, but most people don't have the time to go searching for it.

If you can curate the content, your blog can become the source of all the important niche videos. You could also create your own videos, particularly if there is a subject that can be best explained visually.

WSV Blog - Online video is popular and should be part of your blog content


Most niches are highly active, with many bloggers having an opinion on the main issues. Bloggers will create posts that have varying traction with the audience.

If a blogger writes a post that receives a lot of feedback, use this as a starting point for your own post. You may disagree with the original source material, but you might just have something else you want to add. If the original post encouraged a lot of interest, your own response can build on this.


News posts are fairly easy to write, but they can be popular with readers. You can stay on top of relevant news by signing up to industry sites, adding Google Alerts, and becoming a go-to authority.

News does require you stick to a schedule, so you may prefer to be known as a blogger who comments on, rather than breaks, news stories.

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Lists can convey information in a simple format, allowing a reader to scan the article or read deeper. You can cover complex issues or light-hearted topics in a list, so you are not restricted by the format.

If you are struggling to think of new ideas, set up a poll on your site allowing readers to give their opinions. A poll of readers can generate a lot of conversation, with individual comments providing most of the text for your article.


While many posts will be time-sensitive, tutorials can often have a long life. There will probably be a number of topics that beginners are always interested in, so a detailed tutorial can be used to direct them to your site.

When you have provided exceptional value to your readers, they will usually begin to recognize you as a trusted source and come back regularly to your blog.

Rand Fishkin and the team at Moz do this very well by creating a weekly video series on SEO called Whiteboard Friday. They produce a comprehensive free education program catering to beginner-to-intermediate SEO marketers.

Great blog post ideas on the Whiteboard Friday posts attract visitors into the Moz community. They are then introduced to using the excellent paid tools that Moz provides. This is how they make their money.

This is a good example of providing very useful free content upfront before introducing visitors to paid tools and services that will help solve their problems.

WSV Blog - Comment on the latest news...


Text and video will always be effective, but infographics can add a different element to your blog. Infographics can be used to convey a lot of different information in an engaging format.

Lists of statistics might not grab the attention, but a stylish infographic can tell a story that is full of pertinent information. Infographics are also likely to be shared, so you can often experience a flood of new traffic from a post.


A frequently asked questions segment can help you keep close contact with your readers, but avoids the need to keep answering the same questions. You could have a monthly post that deals with commons questions, allowing people to submit their questions in advance.

An FAQ can become one of the most-visited parts of your site, with new audiences finding you through this section.

Best of the Week

Compiling the best posts of the week, or any period of time you choose, is a great way to target the casual reader. Not every person who visits your site is a frequent reader, so a quick guide to the popular posts can keep their interest.

You could create a simple collection of links, but a way to enhance this type of post is to add new thoughts or some insightful reader comments.

EMP - Content marketing - Seth Godin
By rotating these different post types, your blog can have a continual series of quality posts. Readers can often get bored with the same style of article, but a variety of styles lets you keep your site feeling fresh.

When an audience knows they can expect quality across a number of different approaches, building a strong following should be easy.


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