Hi, my name is Merv Stevens. I want to thank you for visiting my blog!

I created this website because I wanted to create an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about digital marketing and personal-development and gain the necessary skills to start a side-hustle or set up their own home based business.

The goal for this blog to become a central hub filled with real, no BS, tips and strategies. These will help you grow your internet marketing business and grow as a person by engaging in effective self-development practices. This will give you the potential to start earning some spare cash and in time with the further development of the necessary skills, even a full-time income, giving yourself more flexibility and time-freedom.

So a little background on me…

Since a very young age I have ALWAYS known that I wanted to become an entrepreneur and to not have someone else control my destiny or my income. I thought I could achieve this by become a successful professional sportsman (track & field and boxing was my thing), making lots of money and investing this in various ventures to build my own business empire.

But, like the majority of budding professional sports people my dreams did not come to fruition through, injuries, becoming too old (over-the-hill) and being surpassed by those with a bit more talent.

Before I knew it was young man with a family and responsibilities. I can remember going through various jobs that did not pay well and I didn't enjoy. A stable form of good income was required to provide my family with a decent lifestyle.

With this in mind I joined the police service in London at a time when there were great tensions between the police and minority communities. This proved a challenging time, but provided me with skills in dealing with all sorts of people in sometimes dangerous and explosive situations.

My dream of becoming a business owner still remained although it was difficult to think of starting a business as it was discouraged by my employer due to possible conflicts of interests and corruption. I dabbled in real estate but the usual cyclical property crashes wiped out all my profits.

I was trading hours for money and missing my children growing up as I worked all sorts of times at very short notice. This was reinforced to me as I met owners of their own businesses and noticed the financial freedom and time flexibility they had.

The rise of the internet provided an opportunity to become an online entrepreneur and I jumped in and learned (and continuously learning) as much as I could.

Marketing on the internet provides the potential for ordinary people to create a substantial income for themselves and live a life filled with freedom and flexibility, and not one where you have to constantly ‘clock watch’ or answer to a boss who does not appreciate your hard work or abilities.

I firmly believe that if you consistently:

  • Provide quality products and services
  • Offer great value
  • Use proven marketing strategies
  • Have a winning mindset
  • Treat people with respect
  • Act ethically and with integrity

Then you will definitely be successful with your business (and all areas of your life).

It’s these values, practices and experience that I bring to my internet marketing business where I’ll introduce you to top quality information, products and services that will assist you in your journey to become successful online and in your network marketing business.

The internet and network marketing industry provides an incredible opportunity for ANYONE who has the drive and motivation to make a lot of money to do so. This blog is dedicated to YOU, a fellow internet marketer and network marketer and it’s my mission to see that everyone who comes into these areas of business, who wants to succeed, and is willing to do what it takes to succeed, does so!

I use a Simple Step-By-Step Success System to build my business and I believe it can work for you too.

You can Check It Out Here.

I hope you enjoy my blog and find it to be an extremely valuable resource for you along your internet and network marketing journey. Make sure to browse around, leave comments and stay connected.

Here’s to Wealth, Health & Success!

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Merv Stevens is an experienced Online Marketer and passionate about self-development. He is the creator of Wealth Success Ventures and a member of the Digital Marketing Education platform SFM. He firmly believes that learning online marketing provides people with the potential to earn a part or full-time income from anywhere in the world and live a life filled with more flexibility and freedom.

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