banner-screw-the-traditional-9-5-625x104This short motivational video highlights one of the most valuable lessons you can learn on how to achieve true mastery and long-term success.

The Drive To Achieve True Mastery

To “achieve true mastery” of whatever goal you set yourself you need a single-minded focus point to give you a constant drive and energy that will take you to the top. Having something specific to strive for gives you purpose.

Your goal may be something like starting your own online business or getting healthier and feeling more youthful.

Whatever it is, it gives you something to work towards and will get you out of your armchair on those days when you feel lazy. So firstly find out and identify why you want to reach that goal you have set yourself.

Keep that in the forefront of your mind daily. This will be your fuel that will lead you to the ultimate prize and achieve true mastery at whatever your are trying to accomplish.

It really matters what you are trying to get motivated to do.

There is a difference. Are you trying to get motivated to do something positive or negative?

Are you trying to get motivated to do something that is very boring and mundane and easy to execute in terms of simple.

It’s something that’s not easy to motivate yourself to do as it may be painful and not much fun.

Or is it something that requires creativity and unique input.


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The point I want to make to you is that by imposing punishments, rewards and incentives upon yourself, you can get to a pretty good level at most things.

But, if you want to get to greatness and achieve true mastery you need to find something deeper than that. You need to finds a real reason, a real drive inside yourself. A real cause. A real purpose.

Without that you are not going to have that same level of spark where you are going to think about it or work on it where you don’t have to. Or above and beyond.

Stay Motivated and Achieve True Mastery

What is it you need to do to get leverage on yourself. How to get motivated. How to stay motivated.

Not only just put in the hours, but putting in the hours to the best of your ability. You need to be constantly feeding yourself positive information and maintain a positive attitude.

Finding ways to make progress.

Finding ways to make it motivational.

Finding ways to find growth and achievement in what you are doing on an ongoing basis.

To be striving for something new. To be doing something that pushes yourself but also something you can handle.

To achieve true mastery does not come from a few hours on the weekend or a little spurt of effort here and there.

It comes from being truly dedicated and focused all the time.

Most of the people that excel do not have any other option. And that single-minded focus is what it takes to get great and achieve true mastery.

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