Energy + MLM = Ampegy

by Merv Stevens

ampegyEnergy and network marketing now have something in common: Ampegy. This is a legal MLM (multi-level marketing) company that was started by Steve Smith who's also the founder of Excel Communication (the youngest company to ever join the NY Stock Exchange).

Based in Houston, Ampegy is a division of Spark Energy, which was founded in 1991 by Keith Maxwell. Currently this opportunity is focusing on servicing 7 deregulated states: California, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Ampegy Opportunity Overview

Introducing Ampegy's Compensation Plan

Ampegy has two entry levels: $49.95 and $399.90. Both require you to buy the Business Building Kit (a one-time fee of $49.95) and pay a $19.95 monthly fee for marketing support. In turn you will be given two websites (one for sponsoring your down line and one for customers) and be able to earn commissions (starting at 0.25 cents/KWh and growing from there).

You can also earn a $100 fast start bonus in one of the following ways:

1. Enroll three new customers, including yourself, within your first 30 days
2. Enroll 10 new customers within the first 30 days
3. Sponsor someone who then goes on to enroll 3 new customers within their first 30 days

Determining the Demand and Lucrativeness of Ampegy

Ampegy has two main products: electricity and natural gas. Since these products are considered necessary, they're always in demand regardless of what may happen. While this is good news, as with any other type of MLM your income is going to be determined upon how much time and effort you put into building your business.

The more you invest, the more you'll make. It really is that simple. You'll also find that their marketing and compensation plan are equally as simple.


There are only three things that you'll need to do: enroll customers in the system; sponsor others who'd like to have their very own Ampegy business; and help those who enroll under you get customers for themselves.

With these simple activities you'll be earning immediate (more commonly known as Fast Start Bonuses), recurring and unlimited income. All of this then combines to earn you a nice paycheck each month.

Ampegy's Marketing Strategy

It's important to understand the strategy that Ampegy is using. This is a Network Marketing system that offers you training, product information campaigns, news releases and plenty of information.

There's also a very solid marketing system in place that attracts a lot of people so that you'll be able to build a nice income for yourself. These things all work together to ensure that Ampegy really is a good opportunity that's based upon a good company.


Only you can determine whether or not Ampegy is the right opportunity for you. Now that you have some more information about this company, the decision should be easier for you to make. Since this definitely looks like one MLM that's here to stay, if you find that it fits in with your business plan, it's definitely time to consider working with them.

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