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I'm offering this brief article with the hope that you will realize just how effective article marketing for newbies (and everybody else) can be when you go about it the correct way. Article marketing is an effective strategy to increase readership, develop a following and improve your website visitors.
This short article will certainly provide a brief little tutorial on article marketing for newbies. If you're still interested, then keep reading …

There are 3 reasons for article marketing:

# 1 – Get many more backlinks
# 2 – Get much more targeted traffic
# 3 – Get far more authority

We’ll briefly look at these reasons in a bit more detail.

Article Marketing for Newbies: Acquiring many more Backlinks

Any type of article that you write to promote your website should be created around particular keywords or a keyword expression. Google offers a practical tool to help us discover keywords particular to your specific niche and that people are constantly looking for. It's called “Google Ads keyword tool“.

article marketing for newbies

This involves careful investigation. Newbies in internet marketing fail simply because they do not completely understand the high value of correct keyword use.

Usually, the more search volume a keyword gets, the more competitors it has. For those new to article marketing, it's best to go for the less competitive keywords.

These are search phrases that get a low search volume. What qualifies as a low search volume is searches of about 4000-5000 searches per month or less. Now that you simply have your keyword with 4000-5000 searches or much less per month, let's analyze your search engine competitors.

Type the following into Google: allinanchor:”your keyword”. The final results will show you how many times your keywords and phrases appear within the anchor text links of the pages indexed by Google.

If the number is significantly lower than the number of searches returned by the Google keywords tool, then you've hit a good keyword. Go on and exploit these words or phrases immediately by writing articles and blog posts with those keywords. Put them in the body of your text, the title (if possible), and in the anchor text, you use for backlinks.

Article Marketing for Newbies: Driving Traffic to your Sites

Whenever you submit well-constructed articles to article marketing directories, you will have the opportunity to leave a link to your website. Some article directories let you leave as many as 3 links. Don’t just link to your home page, link to the most relevant content on your website.

The best article marketing directories, like will scrutinize any article you submit. There will probably be a short wait between submission and publication, throughout which time a human being will read the article. It has to be of excellent quality, or it'll be rejected.

article marketing for newbies

Unfortunately, there are a sizeable number of low-quality article marketing sites. Many newcomers will fall into the trap of creating poor quality articles, or they will submit spun and incomprehensible articles to these low good quality internet sites.

Aim high often and try and use the most effective directories as they essentially get the most visitors.

Article Marketing for Newbies: Getting much more Authority

The entire point of submitting articles is always to get them read! Forget the search engines, always write very good articles with exceptional titles that people will want to read.

One crucial part of submitting articles to directories is so others can use your material on their websites. You'll develop a reputation and be seen as a professional in your field.

Most website owners generally agree to leave their content providers (you as an article marketer) a backlink for the article writers' website. In the event the readers like what you might have to say, it offers the opportunity to get them back to your own site via the backlink.

Research well and write articles that you know something about. In this way, over time you will grow to be looked on as a specialist in your field.

What you do, what you write about, how well you write, how regularly you write, etc., are all variables that can affect how your business is looked at online. If you want to be looked at as a provider of good quality content and have authority, then do the best you can – and after that do even better!

An oak tree does not grow overnight, and a diamond is not formed within a day. You are going to have to write hundreds of articles in your niche to start getting recognized as an authority.

If that seems like too much, then you should decide on a niche that you are familiar with and enjoy writing and engaging with other individuals about. Writing a good article requires research and investigation, particularly if it's really going to attract readership.

Monitoring each article that you write is also very important. Over a period of time, you might be able to notice a couple of patterns. These patterns may include what sort of title entices people to read and what your target audience is enjoying and wants more of, etc.

Article marketing for newbies then becomes a lot easier. After a period of time and the completion of good quality articles that people want to read – you will no longer be a newbie, but you will be looked upon as a professional and an authority in your niche!

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