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You're here on my blog today because you are wondering if bHIP Global is a legitimate money-making opportunity. If bHIP Global is legitimate, is it possible to make a full income?

Or is it just used to make some extra cash on this side? By the end of this review, you will be equipped with the knowledge to answer each of the previous questions.

Without wasting any more time, let's check out the company bHIP Global and the potentially profitable business they are promoting.

A Backdrop for bHIP Global

Before we progress any further, it is important to point out that bHIP Global is a completely legitimate company/business opportunity. When considering a network marketing business opportunity, many people are wary about being scammed or ripped off.

If this applies to you, you can put your mind at ease. If you check out any number of bHIP Global reviews and testimonies, you will find that it is a legitimate and globally recognized company.

bHIP Global is a network marketing company based in the United States that distributes nutrition products; with their flagship product being energy supplements/drinks. The company was launched in 2007 by a man named Terry LaCore.

Mr. LaCore remains the company's, Chief Executive Officer. In just 30 months following bHIP Global's launch, the young network marketing company expanded into more than 30 additional countries.

If this ‘expedited' expansion isn't convincing enough, bHIP Global has reported multiple 9 figure sales years since 2010.

bHIP Global Product Line

Network marketing can be a seriously profitable business model if you learn how to market. The money generated by network marketers essentially comes from two sources; product sales and distributor enrollments.

Because of this, it is important to consider the quality and marketability of a network marketing company's products before committing your money and time to their business-building efforts. Let's take a glance at the bHIP Global product line.

As I mentioned before, bHIP Global distributes energy products. While this is the case, energy drinks are just the tip of the various items distributed by the company.

bHIP Global

The company also formulates and manufactures products in the weight-loss field, DNA repair, health and wellness, and personal care. Like I said before, marketability is incredibly important.

That being said, you should know that health and wellness is one of the fastest-growing industries in today's economy.

bHIP Global: Can I Really Make Money?

bHIP Global uses a binary compensation plan. The company says that they provide six different ways for distributors to make money.

While this is true, bHIP Global distributors really just need to focus on generating product sales and signing up new distributors for their team. When a network marketer enrolls a new affiliate, he will then earn a percentage of the sales volume generated by that individual as well.

Because of this, it is actually far more efficient for bHIP Global distributors to focus their efforts on recruiting. Sure, product sales can generate some income, but that is not the area where the real money is made.

Assuming you can commit yourself to learn how to market, it is possible to build an incredibly profitable home-based business with bHIP Global.


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