What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Can It Help Me?

what is affiliate marketing

So, what is affiliate marketing? Arguably, it is the quickest way for people with no prior experience to start earning online. All that is needed is a computer and Internet connection.

Compared to a traditional franchise business, which can require tens of thousands of dollars in upfront capital, affiliate marketing has remarkably few overheads. Moreover, although there is a bit of a learning curve, affiliate marketers can begin to earn an income relatively soon after starting.

Stuart Ross, successful online entrepreneur and co-founder of Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy talks about this in more detail in the video below.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to Become an Affiliate

On a daily basis, affiliate marketers refer new customers to online platforms like Amazon, in return for a percentage of the sale price of any products purchased.

Unlike an offline store, where you receive no commissions for referring other people to buy products, marketplaces like Amazon allow you to register as an affiliate, and earn money for generating them new business.

After registering as an affiliate with Amazon, you will be able to access customized URL links, which you use to direct potential customers to relevant products.

If a customer buys a product, the purchase will be tracked via the link, and a commission will be credited to your account.

Whenever you conduct a Google search for a product, there is a high likelihood that you will be directed to the vendor's website, via an affiliate link.

This is because affiliate marketers understand how to conduct keyword research, so that they can position their links in front of people looking for the products they promote.

One good thing about affiliate marketing is that you can base your business around something that you are passionate about. Whatever your interests, chances are someone will have already created a related product, so you can direct all your efforts towards marketing that product to a like minded audience.

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If you asked the average person what is affiliate marketing, they would stare at you blankly. While the Internet has been around for two decades, affiliate marketing is still a relatively new and unknown practice.

This is why many people stay working in regular nine to five jobs. It is only when someone asks the question, what is affiliate marketing, that the benefits of this type of business become apparent.

Many successful entrepreneurs, like Stuart Ross, who (along with Jay Kubassek) is the co-founder of Six Figure Mentors (SFM), took their first steps into online business with affiliate marketing.

In 2010, SFM was introduced as a way to help budding entrepreneurs from all walks of life achieve financial freedom, while working from home.

The SFM platform trains students on how to set up a PC based, cost effective office environment, which is available round the clock from anywhere on the planet.

This platform is packed with advice, business tools, resources and complete technical support.

If the concept of running an online business appeals to you, but you are unsure about where to start, affiliate marketing is highly recommended.

Once you get the right training, this is a business model that virtually anyone can see some level of success with. Better still, unlike a regular job, there is no limit to the amount of money you can make.

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Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online The Fast And Simple Way

make money with affiliate marketing online

How to make money with affiliate marketing online is a topic that a lot of people come to Stuart Ross with. Stuart is millionaire digital entrepreneur and co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA), a Premier Business and Entrepreneur Online Education Service and one of the fastest growing exclusive private communities on the internet today.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online

Find The Right Products To Promote

People tend to approach Stuart with a question like this, “Stuart, I’m thinking of getting started online. I want to live the internet lifestyle. I want to create my digital empire, but I just don’t know what sort of products to create?” What they’re saying is that they’ve been looking in the market place and can see there’s a variety of programs out there to make money with affiliate marketing online.

The question is usually, “Can you recommend any of the programs out there?” or “What types of products shall I be selling?” The mistake people often make when they first get started online is that they look for affiliate programs that have the highest commission payouts or are quite low cost. The reason for this is that they think that these are going to be the easiest products to sell because of their low cost.

They then go and sign up to any old affiliate program and go out and start trying to make affiliate commissions. The problem with this is that so often people are not that passionate or bothered about the products they are selling. I will tell you this straight – no course, training program or seminar is going to help you more than you just having the sheer belief in what you’re selling and promoting.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Online: Transformational Products

If you’ve ever been in sales you’ll know that it’s so much easier to sell something that you really believe in. So what Stuart suggests you do is thank about the last decade of your life and remember what products, services or experts have had a really big impact on your life. Anything that’s added huge transformational value to your life.

And if you can think of something, then that’s a good place to start. Find out if there are any affiliate programs you can be involved with there. Or think about the market that they are in. For example: did you lose weight, did you get healthy, quit smoking. Or did you learn some new skill sets that helped you take you career or business to another level.

Continue To Invest In Your Education

These are certainly good places to start when thinking about how to “make money with affiliate marketing online”. You may be in a situation that you can’t really think of anything that’s added a huge amount of value to your life or transformed your life that much.

Well, that may not be a bad thing. This can be looked at like having a big red flag being waved in front of you. What that red flag is effectively saying is, “It’s time to wake up and start investing in yourself”.

If you’re really serious taking your life to a whole new level then you should never stop investing in your education. You should never stop investing in experiences of learning from experts. Stuarts has spent $100,000’s every year or two in his education. Signing up with private masterminds, signing up for courses, attending seminars and learning from people who inspire him in different areas of his life that he wants to work on.

pay money in the sky

As an example he’s sold affiliate products on self-development and business type products that help you take you business to the nest level. Students of Stuarts business have often been so excited to go out and sell and promote his SFM and DEA products because of the transformational effect the products have had in their lives.

So the message here is to not to just sell anything but to really focus on thinking and finding the type of products you are going to sell. This will help you will make money with affiliate marketing online much easier and you’ll enjoy it much more if you promote and sell products and services you really believe in.

Another mistake people make is in thinking that selling low priced products is a great way to start. Because it’s cheap and low cost it should be easy to sell and so you can start making money more quickly. Stuart is not saying that this type of thinking is necessarily wrong or the wrong way to get started… but quite often it is.

The reason this is a wrong way of thinking is this – if you are getting paid $20 per sale for a product and you wanted to make a couple of thousand dollars a month to get started, you would need to sell 100 of those products every single month to make $2000. I don’t care how good you are at marketing or how much you believe in a product – for anyone getting started without a list of subscribers – selling 100 of anything will be difficult to do.

High Ticket Commissions and Residual Income

But say if you could find products where you could earn $1000 peer sale. These are high ticket products and are being offered by direct sales companies where you make bigger commissions for making a sale. These products relate to what was mentioned earlier and give the most transformational value and are quite expensive.

People are prepared to spend thousands of dollars for products that change their lives. There are ways to endorse and market these type of products and get paid high ticket commissions when a sale is made.

Another area you should be focusing on is residual income. Residual income will not usually tend to pay out the high commissions you get with selling high ticket items, but you will get paid a commission every single month. This happens when you refer a customer who pays a monthly subscription. Examples can be found in the off line world where you pay subscription services for things like the film service “Netflix”, or you pay for a newspaper or milk to be delivered to your home.

There are affiliate programs that pay residual income. For example, Stuarts business, SFM & DEA, own a web hosting company called Digital Business Lounge. Customers are able to build websites, track their marketing campaigns, build lead capture pages and really grow their online presence through that service.

There’s a fee for customers of $25 per month for all those services and tools. Stuart and his business partner Jay Kubassek will also earn a commission from the monthly subscriptions paid by customers of the Digital Business Lounge. They have a 7-figure yearly income that is comes purely from residual income. So they have a huge income that they receive whether they are working or not.

Typically it takes longer to grow that residual income as commissions tend to be smaller than those with high ticket products. So it tends to some time to grow this type of income but the earlier you start the sooner you’ll start receiving the benefits of the regular monthly residual income payments.

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Why High Ticket Products?

One of the reasons some people do not sell high ticket products is because they can’t understand why people are spending $1000’s on products. For example (let’s get a bit metaphorical here), if you were on a magical island where there was an abundance of wealth, and nice things happening all the time. On a neighbouring island there was a lot of poverty and people were struggling to live comfortably.

The people who were struggling could see the nearby magical island where everything was great and there was abundance of good things. They wanted to get to that island and improve their lives. But how were they going to get there?

They could get to the magical island by buying a set of flippers to swim across. This would take them weeks and they would have to endure the dangers of swimming across shark infested waters and the possibility suffer dehydration. A lot of people would choose this method and buy the flippers because they are affordable and it would give them a chance of getting to the magical island, albeit with the dangers involved and the long time it would take to complete the journey.

There is also the choice of buying a canoe to make the journey. This would cost five times the amount of the flippers but it would get them to the magical island quicker and with less danger.

The next notch up would be having the opportunity to buy a jet-ski to journey across to the magical island. The jet-ski would cost more than the flippers and the canoe but it would reduce the time to get there and also drastically decrease the dangers involved.

Now there’s also a speedboat for sale where you don’t even have to drive yourself – it’s almost a ‘done for you’ service. This would drastically reduce the time to get to the magical island but it’s expensive, much more so than the flippers, canoe and jet-ski’s and speedboat on it’s own. We are talking about 50 x more than the cost of the flippers. Now there are going to be less people that can afford the speedboat ‘done for you’ service and it will be a very specific market of people who will be in a position to purchase it.

The reward for the person buying the speedboat is they are virtually guaranteed to get to the magical island and improve their lives and those of their family in a much shorter period of time and without the dangers involved in some of the other methods of transport mentioned previously.

Finding Solutions To Peoples Problems

It’s the same when it comes to the question of how to make money with affiliate marketing online. People are constantly looking for solutions to their problems, much like the problems of getting across to the magical island and deciding which solution to use – the flippers, canoe, jet ski or speedboat.

In the world of digital marketing and promotion of products and services there is not usually the selling of flippers, canoes, jet ski’s and speedboats. But what you do get is the sale of information products, education, mentorship programs and seminars.

make money with affiliate marketing online

The point here is that there’s always a market for people who want to get somewhere faster, more effectively and with less danger along the way. They’re willing to invest and pay for the privilege of this more efficient service.

The difference in products and services in this scenario would be comparable to:

* Signing up to a free course where you can get eBooks and videos

* Signing up to a membership site with regularly updated training videos

* Signing up with a personal mentor

* Signing and attending a 3 day workshop with hands-on training with 6 – 12 months one-to-one support.

And of course there would be a difference in prices but what I’m sharing with you now is the exact business model of the Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) which provides eBooks and information, membership sites with video and training, one-to-one mentorship, seminars and workshops and also intense partnership programs.

The result for people who invest more in their education is that they do reach their goals quicker and without as many risks as those with lower priced products and services. It’s also done with less efforts as there is more leverage and more support with higher ticket items.

In the world of internet marketing it’s learning how to make money with affiliate marketing online the fast and simple way. There are lots of different products and services that you can go out and promote but what Stuart recommends is promoting a range of different products and services.

Find product lines and marketing funnels with an integrated product suite that has a variety of products at different levels and price ranges. Be in a market place where there is a growing range of products which enables you to earn more and more money for the sales that you’re making.

What you’ll find is that you are most passionate about selling the higher ticket products and services because you know the customer is getting the best possible value and the best possible chance of success. This is whether it be losing weight, self-development, getting better at business or learning how to make money with affiliate marketing online.

In the information age people are very willing to spend money to get good quality information, services, training, support and mentorship. Find the right company to teach you the necessary skills to build a very profitable online business and create multiple streams of income by selling products and services you are fiercely proud of.

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Find Out How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

make money with affiliate marketing

Learning how to make money with affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to gain financial freedom. This form of marketing allows people to establish their own business without having to pay massive start-up costs.

Rather than creating and producing products of their own, affiliate marketers use different online platforms to send qualified traffic to the sites of others. Each time these third-party sites are able to sell their goods or services to this incoming traffic, the affiliate will earn a considerable commission.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started

If you want to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, the first step is to create a blog or website that can host the links to the products that you are attempting to sell. Using web page builders and marketing funnel builders like Lead Pages and ClickFunnels is an easy way of doing this.

There are also low-cost or even free ways by using a program like Convertri Sales Funnel Creator. The goal is to use your pages to establish yourself as an authority in the various industries where you are promoting products and services.

make money with affiliate marketing

So, whether you are marketing physical products, digital products, services or ideas, you must supply your prospects and visitors to your website with valuable information that establishes you as a trustworthy source. When affiliate links is surrounded by free useful content, they are much more likely to get clicked.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Choosing Products To Market

The most challenging part of this process is choosing the right products and services that you will market. As an affiliate marketer, you can use affiliate networks to find products, services or information relevant to the niche in which you want to work.

You can choose from among the different options based upon your knowledge of these things and your perceived ability to market them effectively. Some of the top affiliate networks include Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction and JV Zoo. Many of these are ideal for an affiliate with a web site that markets digital information products, such as e-books, digital courses and software.

Google Adsense provides income for affiliate marketers on a pay-per-click basis. There is minimal involvement in the sales process aside from what site owners must do to ensure that they are drawing traffic from qualified prospects or the people who are most likely to click their ads.

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Although the use of your links will result in a payment or account credit from Google Adsense irrespective of whether a sale is made, affiliate networks that require clicks to generate sales will often provide site owners with a much more substantial amounts of money.

Creating Content For An Affiliate Site

With affiliate marketing, there are essentially two ways to create content for the related site. Review sites are common. These provide visitors to the site with information relating to the various products that are being marketed, including product overviews, pros, cons and conclusive consumer opinions.

This type of content does not need to be routinely updated and so, it's far less labor-intensive than the alternative. The alternative is to establish a resource site. These provide how-to posts and articles that must be routinely updated in order to remain insightful, fresh and relevant.

Learning How To Promote Products As An Affiliate

One of the primary goals of an affiliate is to move buyers through the normal purchasing process by answering common questions. This is why review sites and how-to articles are such an effective set-up for affiliate marketers.

Those who are new to this industry, however, should take advantage of the wealth of online forums that are dedicated to affiliate marketing. These offer many strategies and tools that can help you make money with affiliate marketing.

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Properties Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

best affiliate marketing program

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

The best affiliate marketing program should allow affiliates the potential to earn maximum income, through transparent tracking procedures of what has been sold through their affiliate links. The program should also allow easy and fast payments to affiliates for sales made under the agreed terms.

Online affiliate marketing happens to be one of the newest and most popular Internet marketing strategies for marketers today. The choice of a rewarding affiliate program depends on the product being promoted, the merchant and the network.

Parties to affiliate marketing

In order to understand what makes the best affiliate marketing program to promote, it is paramount to understand the processes and parties involved. It's important as a successful relationship between all those involved leads to more income for all concerned. Major parties involved include merchant, affiliate, network and client.

best affiliate marketing program

The merchant refers to the owner, brand or retailer of the product while the network refers to the platforms through which advertisements and links between the merchant, affiliate and buyer take place. This network, also, provides the necessary tracking features, cookies, etc.

In this way purchases through the affiliate’s links can be identified and the necessary affiliate commissions can be paid. An affiliate/ publisher refers to the person who sells the merchant’s product(s), to buyer(s), through an affiliate link provided by the merchant.

Characteristics of the best affiliate marketing program


Features are the platform through which the merchant and the affiliate interact. The features provide a variety of relevant promotional tools through which the relevant adverts get launched and gain traffic.

Additionally affiliate links and links to ads, not to mention ways of tracking those links, get managed through these features. The features of a good affiliate program should also include the accurate and comprehensive reporting and effectiveness of the links and the income earned.

Easy navigation

Regardless of the task at hand, or the purpose of the program, ease of use is always a good thing. Affiliates constantly need information on the product, terms of service, their commissions and their progress in their promotional efforts. The easier this information can be accessed and seen, the better.

best affiliate marketing program

This is where any affiliate marketing program worth its salt, must ensure an interface that has tabs, links and other tools that enable users to get as much information as they wish.

Customer support

No matter how many features and tools an affiliate  programme has, the ease with which affiliates can access customer support is very important. The network/ service provider must provide customer support to clients in the form of emails, telephone numbers and other contact information. This serves to quickly solve any potential unforeseen issues that clients might face.

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To most people using the best affiliate marketing program translates into potentially much more income for them. Such a program must allow affiliates to easily search the products they wish to promote, including the details of commissions they earn and the effectiveness of their advertizing campaigns.

Additionally, the program must be easy to navigate, provide real-time reports on how much commission a person has made from what sales, and provide assistance on any issue, through customer support.

That said the aim of promoting the “best affiliate marketing program” is to make money. This should not be forgotten and must be achieved through effective online marketing or all the other features will not mean much.

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Earn A Living And Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

make money with affiliate marketing

With all the many Internet-based businesses out there many people are skeptical about the possibility to make money with affiliate marketing. Those who are new to the industry and are dealing with the struggles that most beginner Internet marketers go through are asking themselves this question numerous times a day. While you may doubt the ability to earn a decent living you can make money using affiliate marketing strategies.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: How Does It Work?

Questioning whether or not you can make money using affiliate marketing online is acceptable in today's new digital economy. This type of marketing technique is designed to maximize your marketing efforts although it is not as easy and quick as it appears to be.

It does take time to learn the art of affiliate marketing and it can be a slow, difficult process that may not produce the desired results you want to see right off the bat. It is important to be open-minded and patient, and knowing that making money is only a click or two away will help keep you motivated and eager to learn about the most effective process to achieve success.

Money With Affiliate Marketing: Why So Little Faith?

Many people doubt the process of this type of marketing because they know someone who knows someone who tried it and it didn't work. But in fact, it IS possible to make money with affiliate marketing.

make money with affiliate marketing

It's also possible to make it your full time job allowing you to work from home without anybody looking over your shoulder. Also, it is possible to go from an industry newbie to a full time business entrepreneur with this type of marketing process as many of the ‘new rich' in this booming digital economy have proved.

While the process is not always easy or quick there are ways to be successful using affiliate marketing. What it comes down to is commitment, consistency, hard work, dedication, and taking action. Most people struggle making money online because they go full force into it with unrealistic expectations.

Maximizing Your Efforts

Just as holds true with any profession, getting educated on affiliate marketing is a must. There is a learning curve; just as you can't become a doctor or a lawyer without going through college and hands-on training, the same holds true for online marketing.

Patience is a must. A doctor didn't get their degree in a few hours or a few days. It took years of education and training to be able to hold the title of “Doctor.”

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Even though fast results are possible and can happen, it is important to take your time to find out how affiliate marketing works and to figure out your true potential for getting your desired results. One way to help you see the true success this type of marketing has, is to stop looking for secret strategies or shortcuts.  Keep your focus on building a foundation for your online business, especially if you want to make money using affiliate marketing.

By learning the basics of generating traffic with Facebook advertising, email marketing, video marketing and blogging, you will be able to get a clear picture on how you can make money with affiliate marketing.

Once you focus on building a solid foundation and a plan on how to go about marketing your online business, you will be able to work effectively towards earning a living in a relatively short period of time. This will save you countless hours on all the “tricks of the trade” and secrets, giving you more time to focus on your real business and increasing your cash flow!

If you want to discover a new way of earning more so that you can escape the ‘Rat Race', live anywhere and join the ‘New Rich'… Click Right Here!

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How Do Affiliate Programs Work?: A Basic Explanation

how do affiliate programs work How do affiliate programs work precisely? That is a terrific question and it's really critical to understand the ins and outs before you make the decision to truly invest the time and effort needed to achieve a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Does the name Amazon ring a bell? Amazon delivers one of the oldest, most trusted affiliate applications on the internet. You just need to complete a brief application and within minutes you'll be an authorized Amazon affiliate. You will have to provide them with your Social Security or EIN number for tax purposes.

As an Amazon affiliate you'll be given your own unique affiliate ID and you'll have the ability to begin selling anything and everything little thing shown for sale on the Amazon website.

Before you ever sign up as an affiliate, it's an advantage to own a website or blog that targets a specific niche market place. Once this is done, it's then time to go and find the products and services to promote as an affiliate. The products and services you are marketing should fit nicely with the niche of your blog or website.

how do affiliate programs work

You should also make sure that you are only promoting products and services with some good value and worth. If you can promote affiliate products that you have knowledge of and you like then your enthusiasm for that product will be reflected in the content you have on your internet site.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work: Promoting the Products?

The moment you become an approved affiliate, most companies offer a marketing section where you access to an assortment of pre-written offers, emails, banners as well as brief video presentations. In a lot of cases you should simply copy and paste your unique “affiliate code” on your own website and inside the marketing materials.

In this way when when a potential buyer clicks the banner or responds to the e-mail offer containing your affiliate ID, any sales made will be able to be tracked back to you. The company makes the sale, collects the cash, ships the product and pays you a health commission.

Always check the promotional links and confirm they contain your affiliate ID and they are working correctly.

How Do Affiliate Programs Work: Getting Paid

Many times when people ask, How to affiliate programs work?” what they really want to know is “How do I get paid for my efforts?” The answer is going to be explained in the affiliate agreement of each business.

In most cases commissions are paid by direct deposit via Paypal or Payza either weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly. You also need to check for a refund period in the instances where buyers decide to return the products. If a business provides a 30 day refund period and pays monthly, you might not see your first check until the first payday after the refund period.

Frequently you will find high-priced products only giving you tiny percentages of the sale. As an example, a HD Camera might go for $499 but you only get about an 8% commission for the sale. Now this still equates to about $40 which isn't that bad.

Numerous affiliate companies also offer their affiliates a dashboard where you can monitor how many clicks your advertisements are getting and how much money you've made. Some will also give you conversion rates and other beneficial in-depth data.

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It really is important to test different advertisements and offers against one another for effectiveness. Numerous times you will identify a particular banner that may possibly outperform another banner by 2 to 1 or even much more.

So carefully testing click to sale conversions on a per offer basis is an effective approach that can drastically boost profitability. If a particular product or service doesn't sell at all after a large quantity of visitors then eliminate that product out of your website and offer another one.

So how do affiliate programs work? Very well in the event you treat your new business like a real business. Plan your work and work your plan. Take consistent action over an extended time period.

Test almost everything and optimize your marketing making use of the tools supplied by your affiliate company. Do these things and you will tremendously put the odds of success in your favor.

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