Article Marketing For Newbies: What You Need To Achieve Success

article marketing for newbiesI'm offering this brief article with the hope that you will realize just how effective article marketing for newbies (and everybody else) can be, when you go about it the correct way. Article marketing is an effective strategy to increase readership, develop a following and improve your website visitors.

This short article will certainly provide a brief little tutorial on article marketing for newbies. If you're still interested then keep reading …

There are 3 reasons for article marketing:

# 1 – Get many more backlinks
# 2 – Get much more targeted traffic
# 3 – Get far more authority

We’ll briefly look at these reasons in a bit more detail.

Article Marketing for Newbies: Acquiring many more Backlinks

Any type of article that you write to promote your website should be created around particular keywords or a keyword expression. Google offers a practical tool to help us discover keywords particular to your specific specific niche and that people are constantly looking for. It's called “Google Adwords keyword tool“.

article marketing for newbies

This involves careful investigation. Newbies in internet marketing fail simply because they do not completely understand the high value of correct keyword use.

Usually, more search volume a keyword gets, the more competitors it has. For those new to article marketing, it's best to go for the less competetive keywords.

These are search phrases that get a low search volume. What qualifies as a low search volume are searches of about 4000-5000 searches per month or less. Now that you simply have your keyword with 4000-5000 searches or much less per month, let's analyze your search engine competitors.

Type the following into Google: allinanchor:”your keyword”. The final results will show you how many times your keywords and phrases appear within the anchor text links of the pages indexed by Google.

If the number is significantly lower than the number of searches returned by the Google keywords tool then you've hit a good keyword. Go on and exploit these words or phrases immediately by writing articles and blog posts with those keywords. Put them in the body of your text, the title (if possible), and in the anchor text you use for back links.

Article Marketing for Newbies: Driving Traffic to your Sites

Whenever you submit well-constructed articles to article marketing directories you will have the opportunity to leave a link to your web site. Some article directories lets you leave as many as 3 links. Don’t just link to your home page, link to the most relevant content on your website.

The best article marketing directories, like will scrutinize any article you submit. There will probably be a short wait between submission and publication, throughout which time a human being will read the article. It has to be of excellent quality or it'll be rejected.

article marketing for newbies

Unfortunately there a sizeable number of low quality article marketing sites. Many newcomers will fall into the trap of creating poor quality articles or they will submit spun and incomprehensible articles to these low good quality internet sites.

Aim high often and try and use the most effective directories as they essentially get the most visitors.

Article Marketing for Newbies: Getting much more Authority

The entire point of submitting articles is always to get them read! Forget the search engines, always write very good articles with excellent titles that people will want to read.

One crucial part of submitting articles to directories is so others can use your material on their websites. You'll develop a reputation and be seen as a professional in your field.

Most website owners generally agree to leave their content providers (you as an article marketer) a backlink for the article writers website. In the event the readers like what you might have to say, it offers the opportunity to get them back to your own site via the baclink.

Research well and write articles that you know something about. In this way over time you will grow to be looked on as a specialist in your field.

article marketing for newbies

What you do, what you write about, how well you write, how regularly you write, etc., are all variables that can affect how your business is looked at online. If you want to be looked at as a provider of good quality content and have authority then do the best you can – and after that do even better!

An oak tree does not grow overnight and a diamond is not formed within a day. You are going to have to write hundreds of articles in your niche to start getting recognized as an authority.

If that seems like too much, then you should decide on a niche that you are familiar with and enjoy writing and engaging with other individuals about. Writing a good article requires research and investigation, particularly if it's really going to attract readership.

Monitoring each article that you write is also very important. Over a period of time, you might be able to notice a couple of patterns. These patterns may include what sort of title entices people to read and what your target audience is enjoying and wants more of, etc.

Article marketing for newbies then becomes a lot easier. After a period of time and the completion of good quality articles that people want to read – you will no longer be a newbie, but you will be looked upon as a professional and an authority in your niche!

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Good Article Marketing Tips To Enhance The Visibility Of Your Website

If you want to be a successful blogger or online entrepreneur, you need to ensure that you make use of good article marketing tips when crafting and publishing web articles. Article marketing refers to the use of well-written and informative articles to establish credibility in your area of expertise.

In this way you can attain a search engine presence that enhances the visibility of your website. Fortunately, by using the following good article marketing tips, you can become more efficient in marketing your site using quality articles.

Good Article Marketing Tips: Create Well Structured Articles

If your articles have a good structure, they are more effective in terms of offering your customers valuable information. As such, ensure you make use of features such as sub-headings and bullet points to make the content in your articles clear, easily accessible and interesting.

good article marketing tips

Additionally, ensure that the keyword usage in your articles improves the structure of the articles. If you use relevant keywords in your articles properly, you can improve your visibility since your articles will appear first on your target users' browsers.

While structuring your article, make sure you use your main/primary keyword in the title to improve the chances of your articles appearing first when a user performs a search.

Watch Your Word Count and Use Attractive Title

Besides good structure, other good article marketing tips you ought to consider include making your titles attractive and identifying the right article length for different types of articles. While crafting titles for your articles consider using prefixes such as how to, why, top 5 and top 10.

Such prefixes are generally more effective in capturing the interest of readers. In terms of word count, a good length for a blog or website articles is between 300 and 1000 words.

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If your articles are shorter than 300 words, it is difficult to build credibility with readers since you cannot communicate much information. On the other hand, articles that exceed 1000 words can easily bore reader.

Ensure Your Articles Contain Useful Information

If you are looking for good article marketing tips, you can start by ensuring that all your articles offer your readers actionable information. In the opening line of any article, ensure you narrow down on the focus of your article.

Readers will then know that your article contains the right content that can answer their questions. Moreover, ensure that the body of your article offers valuable instructions or advice and make sure that you do not deviate from the tone you set in the title and opening paragraph.

Back Link Your Articles

Once you write quality articles, ensure you use other good article marketing tips such as back linking your articles in order to achieve your goal of improving your site's visibility. After you publish your articles on your site, you can start using these articles more efficiently by publishing them on other websites using back links.

good article marketing tips

Back linking involves posting the URL of the articles on your site on other authoritative websites that offer related content. By doing so, you can improve your visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

Good Article Marketing Tips: Conclusion

The use of good article marketing tips while designing an advertising strategy for your website is one of the most effective ways of boosting online traffic and the credibility of a website. If you do not have the time or experience to write and publish quality articles, consider hiring a professional article writer to write the high quality content articles you need.

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Exactly What Is Article Marketing? A Brief Explanation

what is article marketing

When asked what is article marketing I usually reply that it's an incredibly powerful way of broadening your reach for your target audience and establishing credibility.

Successful article marketing also drives visitors back to your internet site.

What is Article Marketing? How does it Perform?

When content is written to become distributed to article directories, the benefit is the fact that you might be allowed to leave, at the very least one particular backlink, to your personal web site.

Great high quality article directories also attract thousands of visitors every day searching for particular data and answers to their questions.

Once you submit an article you select which category into which it best fits. You also get the opportunity to build a bio box or resource box.

These can typically include a photograph which makes your profile a lot a lot more appealing and individual, plus you can explain a bit about your business and your life which assists to construct relationships and establish trust.

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Article directories are frequently overlooked by site owners as very good sources of content. The only downside with utilizing an article from a directory is the fact that you must include the data regarding the writer.

If you're stuck for content this can be only a minor dilemma. We'll talk about how Google treats duplicate content (which is what this will be) somewhat later in this article.

By supplying beneficial information to other individuals within your niche or field you are able to establish a very excellent reputation within several of the prime article marketing directories. People will then naturally wish to pay a visit to your web site and learn more about you as well as your business.

What is Article Marketing: Advantages with SEO

The approach to ensure that people find your articles is by employing exactly exactly the same practices as in case when you were writing the article for your personal web site. It must be SEO optimised and really importantly it must be formatted in a way that people will want to read it. Use phrases that people are searching for online and attempt to use them in the starting of your title.

what is article marketing

Every directory will specify how many words minimum it needs. 500 to 700 words is optimum and the article must be well structured to become easily readable. Include bullet points and sub-headings wherever possible, and make paragraphs brief.

Remember article marketing is about delivering support and information to your target audience. In case you make your article too ‘salesy' it will be a large turn off. You may even be asked to resubmit it without any references you had initially created to certain products. is by far probably the most popular article marketing directory although there are at the very least 50 other individuals well-respected directories. If you're unsure about a directory's reputation, you are always able to verify their Alexa ranking and Google page rank.

What is Article Marketing: Is it all Duplicate Content?

By now you need to understand that search engines are trying to find original content. So if you are going to submit your article to dozens of directories then you must make sure that you just have exactly the same link pointing back to the original article.

I'm not a fan of automatic submission tools. You are able to get a lot far better outcomes by taking the time to manually submit articles to just a couple of off the prime directories.

Some automated submission applications also offer to spin articles so they are original content when they get to each and every individual directory. The dilemma is that immediately after 1 spin your well- thought-out and well-written article will be gibberish AND it's going to still have your name attached to it. Not some thing you'll be proud of!

So what is article marketing? It's an incredibly beneficial way of getting the word out about you, your product and your web site. However, what you submit should really be of high-quality and not only blasted out to the online world in order to acquire a few worthless backlinks.

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Easy Article Marketing: Directories and Automation Tools

Easy Article MarketingIf you've come across this blog post today, it is probably because you are looking for an easy article marketing strategy. Article marketing is great way to increase traffic to your blog or website.

Doing so appropriately can also rewards your page with some additional SEO juice. Because creating backlinks is such an important aspect of article marketing, this process is a primary off-page SEO strategy. Keep in mind that diversifying your article marketing strategy to include social media platforms can drastically improve the odds of your content going viral.

Easy Article Marketing: Ezine and Article Directories

One of the best easy article marketing strategies is using article directories. Some of these directories are high PR websites.

This means that backlinks originating from these pages are highly valuable in the eyes of Google. Perhaps the most popular and valuable of these high PR article directories is Ezine Articles.

Ezine Articles is a highly frequented article directory that provides bloggers with valuable backlinks. With each article posted to Ezine, authors are allowed to include 2 backlinks.

These backlinks can be to anything including your blog, website, other articles, capture pages, etc.

When using high PR article directories, there is something important to keep in mind. Each article posted to Ezine is reviewed by an Ezine staff member.

This means that this high PR website is no place for low quality, automatically spun content. As always, high quality content is king. Consistently creating high quality content is an easy article marketing strategy in itself.

Easy Article Marketing Strategy: Is Automation an Option?

While article marketing can be an incredibly helpful traffic generation and search engine optimization strategy, this process can be rather time consuming. Article marketing can be time consuming because there are literally thousands of article directories.

While not all of them are high PR websites, Google pays attention to not only the quality of backlinks, but the quantity. Luckily, automation tools make for an easy article marketing strategy .

While there are various automation tools, Article Marketing Robot is the most efficient I've come across. AMR allows you to scrape the internet to find new article directories weekly.

Not only will AMR find the directories, but it will automatically sign you up for them. This alone can save you hours and hours weekly. Like I said before, there are thousands of article directories. By using AMR you can create thousands of backlinks weekly.

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Easy Article Marketing Strategy: Backlinking Tips!

When using an automation tool like AMR, it is important that you are not slamming backlinks to website that is not an authority. If your blog or website does not have authority status, be sure to schedule AMR to create about 50 backlinks a day.

This easy article marketing strategy is called dripping. Google red flags any young website that is slammed with a bunch of low quality backlinks.

While AMR can be incredibly effective, it is vital that this automation tool is used appropriately. Adopting an easy article marketing strategy and creating unique, quality content can help your blog, website, or business immensely.

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Easy Article Marketing: Is there really a way?

Easy Article MarketingIs there really a method for easy article marketing? That depends on your efforts! Marketing requires knowledge of the people and what appeals to people.

Marketing shouldn't just be limited to real life. The internet is a very powerful way to network with people.

There are many proven methods, strategies and E books on how to market your articles and business.

There are so many different article marketing tools out there to purchase. Tools that can put your business where you want it to be.

Easy Article Marketing: Tools of the Trade

Article Marketing is a great way to increase traffic to your website and or business. Some of these article marketers have short term success and end up being at the bottom of Google rankings and their articles being flagged as spam.

There are proven tools you can purchase to avoid such circumstances like these. Some of these tools have been around for a long time, while new improved tools are constantly being created.

There are millions and millions of users on the world wide web. The best chance you have to be successful is to reach out to as many people as possible. You have a lot better of a chance to get leads the more you educate yourself on different tools you can use. The more you learn about SEO and backlinks the more popular your topics will be.

Easy Article Marketing: Google Rankings

Your Google Rankings will have a tremendous impact on the traffic you build to your website. Backlinks play a major role in these rankings. Each backlink is counted as a kind of “vote” for your website.

Some votes count more than others. Some votes don’t even have an impact at all. These votes determine your PageRank of your web page.

Although backlinks are extremely helpful, you will need more than just these. You need to use SEO backlinks to be the most efficient.

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Easy Article Marketing with Squidoo

Squidoo is a very popularly used article marketing tool. Squidoo is a web 2.0 publisher platform used to share interests by writing good content for the web. Some article sites are just used to provide backlinks for your article and nobody will ever see them. You can achieve easy article marketing by mastering tools like Squidoo.

Squidoo is more than that. This service is so commonly used because of the simplicity to build an article or page. These pages or articles on Squidoo are known as “lens”. Squidoo allows users to publish content in many various ways as long as they stay in the guidelines set up.

I’m not saying whether this service is for you or not. Some people like this service while some don’t. This is a service designed for people who like to write. You can write about whatever you want. You literally can write about food then turn around and write about your favorite sport.

This is just one of the many of tools that makes easy article marketing possible.

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