Want To Build Your Personal Brand? Answer These Three Questions First

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How many of the following slogans can you complete?

“Have a Coke and a _____.”
“Nationwide is on ____ ____.”
“M&M’s – melts in your mouth, not in ____ _____.”
“KFC – it’s finger licking’ ____.”

Apologies if you now have one or more of those jingles stuck in your head.

Especially the Nationwide one w/ Peyton Manning… AAACK… AAARGH!!!

(sorry, I just had a sudden, violent convulsion)

Anyway, the reason you might know these slogans (and corresponding jingles) is because these are large companies with millions to spend on advertising.

We see and hear their commercials over and over again and their slogans and jingles get tattooed into our brains and consciousness.

And that’s just great… for them.

But what happens if you’re a small start up company or probably like you…

… a solopreneur??

I’m willing to bet you don’t have millions to spend on advertising or the means to hire a large ad agency to create an advertising campaign for you.

If this sounds like you then pay attention.

Because slogans and jingles aren’t the way you’re going to build your personal brand.

You see, unlike Coke and KFC, you’ve got to build your personal brand in a more cost effective and efficient way.

And you’ve got to build your personal brand by speaking to your customer at the core level…

… and engaging them in the conversation already going on inside their head.

So how are you going to do this?

By answering the 3 questions detailed in this blog post by Content Marketing Specialist, Bill Pescosolido.


When most people think about personal branding…

Things like a sharp logo, fancy title, catchy tagline, and professional photography all come to mind.


These are the LAST things you need.

Which isn’t to say branding isn’t important, because it absolutely is.

After all, how else are you going to stand out from your competitors in today’s crowded marketplace?

That’s right—

Your brand is the key

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Because let’s face it, if you’re a network marketer, you’re not the only distributor on the block.

And if you can clearly communicate the unique value of joining your team…

You’ll have folks lining up to buy specifically from you.

However, most business owners aren’t taught how to properly position their brand for profits (instead of simply aesthetics).

So today, I’m going to reveal three questions you must answer to begin building your personal brand online.

This is where you start.

Now, the first two questions are personal and you need to honestly answer these for yourself.

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So, what do you stand for?

It’s a simple question.

If you want to create an online brand and you want people to get to know you, you’ve got to state loud and clear what you stand for.

  • What’s important to you?
  • What are you standing up and saying?

You need to be able to clearly articulate:

“This is what I’m about and this is what I’m going to do for you.”

That’s how you create a brand and a presence.

If you want people to follow you, and to like and trust you, they’ve got to know what you stand for.

If you want them to ultimately become a customer and to buy from you this is the first step.

I’ll give you an example.

One of the things my wife Michelle and I stand for is this: we don’t promote or endorse any product or service we don’t fully believe in ourselves.

It’s very important to us and we make that clear.

We never promote something just for the sake of making money

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We never promote a system, like Elite Marketing Pro, unless we personally believe in the system.

Speaking of which…

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We won’t create a course, or be an affiliate of someone else’s course, if we don’t firmly believe what is being taught is of the highest value, quality, and integrity.

We’re never going to promote a product launch or a book launch unless we trust the product.

We would never email our list if we ourselves hadn’t actually purchased and used the information, and we know and believe in the person behind it.

That’s one of the things we stand for.

In contrast, there are plenty of marketers out there who don’t give a flip and they’ll promote anything to make a buck.

We want to distinguish ourselves from those types of marketers because it’s just who we are and we want to stand behind anything that we’re promoting.

Plus, we want to separate ourselves from the people out there who will promote anything and everything and do it just for the sake of making some money.

Our brand, and our image, and our integrity are far more important than making a couple bucks.

Okay, I think you’re with me so far, right?

Let’s move on to the second question.

So in addition to knowing what you stand for from a brand-building standpoint, you also need to ask…

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What is it out there that you see that just repels you?

What is out there that you know is going on that you just can’t stand?

What do you stand against?

And this is almost as important as articulating what you stand for.

You must…

Distinguish yourselves from those who you disagree with

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Your audience wants to hear you say…

  • “You know what, I don’t like when I see this happening.”
  • “I can’t stand that some people do this, and I stand against it.”

It could be a lot of different things.

It could be something very deep and personal.

And talking about these personal feelings and thoughts of what you stand against will make you seem more real to your audience.

There’ll be certain people that disagree with you and that’s great because if you say…

  • “I stand against x, y, and z.”

And there are people out there that say…

  • “Eh, you know, I’m actually for x, y, and z, I don’t know why you don’t like that.”

Well, guess what, they’re probably not the people that you want to follow you anyway.

They’re probably not the type of people that you want to eventually become brand evangelists for you.

And, importantly…

They will probably never buy from you anyway

So why do you really care?

If they’re never going to support you, or be a brand evangelist, or be a teammate or a customer, then who cares?

What you’re doing is drawing a line in the sand and distinguishing yourself from a lot of the clutter and the noise out there.

That’s good because you’re separating yourself, you’re making yourself not blend in to the crowd.

You’re making yourself stand out and rise above certain things.

And that’s exactly what you want from a brand standpoint.

You don’t want to be the same as everyone else!

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If your brand is to blend in and be just like the next guy or gal, that’s…not a good brand.

You might as well name your company ACME or General Standard, Incorporated.

You’ll never stand out.

I’ll give you another example of standing against something.

Michelle and I stand for being in the trenches.


  • In the trenches every single day doing things to build our business.
  • Always learning new stuff from a marketing standpoint
  • Trying and testing those things that we learn
  • Applying them into our own business and we share the results with others

And…we’ve had some pretty good results to boot!

It’s not like it came easy, it was difficult, but we worked at it and we’re in the trenches doing this every day.

We’re always investing in our learning and knowledge.

We’re investing in our skills and we get in the trenches and take action.

We actually do this marketing stuff.

So, because of this, we take a…

Stand against marketers (or ‘gurus’) who teach theory

These marketers teach vague, vanilla concepts.

If you watch one of their trainings, you would walk away thinking…

  • “I didn’t learn anything from that.”
  • “I don’t know what to do with all this theory that they just taught me.”

We stand against those people who are just ‘fluff’ and teach theory.

They aren’t in the trenches themselves actually doing this marketing stuff.

That’s what we stand against.

And I see it a lot.

I see a lot of people who don’t have ANY idea what they’re talking about.

Yet they create some course on Facebook marketing, for example, and you watch it, and you think…

“God, this is such crap!”

But they sell a course for $297 and make a whole bunch of money.

Then they have a lot of dissatisfied customers because they only taught theory.

I recently did a training for the Elite Marketing Pro community about prospecting, and how to turn your leads into customers and distributors.

I gave strategies, tactics, and specific things to say.

First I explained how and why these work, and then I showed exactly how to do it.

And I could teach this training because…

I spent four years picking up the phone every single day calling leads

Thus, I can teach training on prospecting and feel good about it, because I did it for so long.

I was in the trenches day after day picking up the phone calling leads, striking out, messing up, figuring it out, doing some calls better than others, making some drastically horrible mistakes and realizing that…

  • “Boy, Bill, that was a knucklehead thing to do. Don’t ever do that again.”

Then I revised, optimized, and tweaked to the point where I could profile the different people I was speaking to.

I discovered three distinct categories, based on a couple of things they would tell me in the first few moments of our conversation.

Now, I could never have taught a training class like that if it was purely theoretical, and if I had, that training would’ve sucked!

That’s what I’m talking about and that’s what we stand against…

People who teach theory they learned in a classroom.

Don’t know about you, but…

I want to learn from someone who’s actually out there doing it themselves

Someone who built a rock solid business, and brand, and who made a lot of money—because that’s the result of a successful business.

I want to learn from someone who has done it, so I can do it too.

That’s what we believe in and we stand against the people that teach theory.

Now, after you’ve decided what you stand against, then weave that into your message.

That’s what’s going to build your brand.

Not a logo, alright?

Logos shmogos.

This is about REAL stuff.

Okay, the third and final question is…

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You probably hear this a lot within the Elite Marketing Pro community.

You hear a lot about your “target market” and your “customer avatar.”

And the reason why I talk about knowing your avatar all the time is because it’s wicked important.

It is extremely important to…

Identify the pains, struggles, goals, and aspirations of your customer avatar

It’s very important too that you understand their “state” AFTER they’ve…

  • Had a taste of victory
  • Become stress free
  • Have more time freedom
  • Have more financial freedom
  • Have the ability to do things they couldn’t do before
  • Stopped worrying about bill collectors knocking at their door or the IRS chasing them down

This is going to be unique to your business, based on your avatar, your product, your service and your offer.

Does that make sense?

You’ve got to know them intimately.

You need to know more than, “they have three kids and a Chevy Nova and a 2,800 square foot house.”

That stuff’s just demographics.

You need to know their “before” and “after” state so you can position your product or service as the transition between the two.

The bottom line is this…

When you really know who you’re speaking to…

That’s when things will take off for you.

To recap, you’ve got to…

  • Know what you stand for
  • Know what you stand against
  • Know who you’re talking to

After reading this blog post you should now have a firm grasp on how to…

  1. Stand apart from your competitors so you won't become lost in a sea of other marketers and companies
  2. Clearly communicate your value to your audience which means you'll have people lining up to buy from you
  3. Create a brand and a presence that people will Know, Like, and Trust so you can build a long-term, profitable business and get off the hamster wheel of chasing down dead beat prospects

So what are you waiting for?

To learn more, I strongly encourage you to sign up for Elite Marketing Pro’s FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp.

They will teach you how to build your business online using proven strategies that work so you can attract people to you and never have to chase down deadbeat prospects ever again.

This isn’t theory!

You’ll see how my friend Ferny Ceballos, CMO of Elite Marketing Pro, passively generates 300–500 leads per day, 30–50 customers per day, and recruit 70–100 new serious business-builders into his business each month.

You’ll have the tools to build your business automatically—where prospects come to you on a daily basis—ready to sign up and get busy.

So if you’re ready to get started…

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And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!

You can read the original article by Bill Pescosolido at the Elite Marketing Pro blog


Let Me Send You a Free Recruiting Course!Bill Pescosolido is a Certified Content Marketing Specialist and is in charge of the content and email marketing for Pescosolido Marketing, LLC. Prior to joining his wife Michelle in their digital marketing business Bill spent 16 years in Corporate America in sales and consulting roles.




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Get Authoritative Using An Attraction Marketing System

attraction marketing system

An effective attraction marketing system requires you as an internet marketer to offer information that will attract potential customers with an aim of establishing your expertise in a particular niche. Customers rely on information to make a decision, which means you will be better placed in case you offer what they are looking for.

This type of marketing will help you pass the message across that you are an authoritative voice in your niche and people can trust you. Mike Dillard and Ann Sieg were two of the first big name marketers to promote this type of attraction marketing using the internet – Mike through Magnetic Sponsoring and Anne with The Renegade Network Marketer.

So, what are the steps that will make you “attractive?”

Attraction Marketing System: Understand Your Target Audience

Your target audience represents the people who are may need your products. You need to understand them when setting up an attraction marketing system.

attraction marketing system

For example, if you deal in business phones, then your target audience will be business owners and corporate managers. Well, go deep and find out what type of information your audience needs to make educated decisions.

Make sure you know what motivates them to purchase your products and what more you need to do to satisfy their needs and wants much better.

You can understand the needs of your customers by finding a way to interact with them. This can be face to face, via phone or more efficiently through email or social media. Encourage them to ask questions and answer them as clearly as possible.

Provide Relevant Information

If you wish to make your customers aware of what you offer, you need to provide useful information that will assist them to make decisions. This will boost your attraction marketing system. When you know what your audience want, you need to make sure you provide it fully.


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Make sure the answers you provide are as factual as possible and concise. The information you provide needs to be understandable to your customers. You can provide the answers and information in form of blog posts, forum discussions or articles.

Attraction Marketing System: Build your credibility

When it comes to building a reliable attraction marketing system, you need to build your reputation based on trust. Make sure the information you offer your clients is factually accurate and demonstrates everything that relates to your business.

Try to be simple yet comprehensive so that your audience get everything they need from you. To make yourself an expert in a given niche, you need to keep your information as updated as possible. Make sure you provide contacts for more information or clarification.

Get Feedback from Potential Customers

The ‘attraction marketing system' is a process that is on-going in your business. You need to provide avenues through which customers can provide feedback about your products and services.

attraction marketing system

Let them comment on your posts so that you can fine tune your information to the requirements of your customers. The platform you provide needs to allow your customers to get to you without incurring any expenses or a lot of effort. You will serve your customers better if you know what they require specifically.

To make sure you get everything from your attraction marketing system, you need to leverage the power of information in your business. Make sure you understand your audience and what they want in terms of information then go ahead and provide it.

Go ahead and use an effective attraction marketing system that will make you a credible source of information and get the feedback that's necessary to make you a better businessperson.

If you want to discover a proven attraction marketing system to help grow your business by attracting targeted potential prospects… then Click Right Here!

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network marketing secrets











Reviewing Mike Dillard’s Building on a Budget

Building on a Budget is an internet marketing product developed by Mike Dillard. The product is designed to teach average internet marketers with a small marketing budget how to succeed online.

Building on a Budget focuses on showing marketers how generate their own leads and consistently build a prospect lead list. Doing so efficiently is definitely a much cheaper alternative to other popular marketing techniques; such a PPC.

The foundation of Mike Dillard's Building on a Budget product is the idea of magnetic sponsoring. If performed accurately magnetic sponsoring will result in people coming to you instead of you aggressively marketing your products to them.

The goal of magnetic sponsoring is to quickly build a level of interest and trust with potential leads and have them contact you. Let's take a closer look at Mike Dillard's Building on a Budget.

building on a budget

Mike Dillard's Building on a Budget: How Much Does it Cost?

As you may have guessed from reading the name of the product, Building on a Budget is fairly inexpensive. The internet marketing course is 55 pages long and costs only $30.

The course is a book that focuses on helping young internet and network marketers build a business on a budget of $500 or less. Considering Mike Dillard's well-known success, it seems incredible that you can obtain his entire lead generation system at such an inexpensive rate.

While I say incredible, it's definitely not unbelievable. Due to the structure of the internet, it is possible to dramatically increase the exposure of any given business on a small budget.

Those who take the time to learn how to do so will definitely see it pay off. Education and effort can be far more efficient than a massive marketing budget. As they say, “it's better to work smart than hard.

Building on a Budget: Free Marketing Does Exist

For those who are new to the marketing industry, you may think that becoming a profitable marketer requires massive overhead investment. Even though you've sought out more information on “Building on a Budget”, free marketing still seems like a bizarre concept to you.

Mike Dillard's product is filled to the brim with all of the information you will need to market inexpensively in today's internet dominated business realm. The free marketing techniques shared by Mike Dillard in this product are sure to generate a profit if carried out efficiently.

By learning a few basic internet marketing strategies, you can increase your business's audience exponentially. The key is in education. Considering how inexpensive the product is, it is one heck of an investment.


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Building on a Budget: This is YOUR Business

It is important to note that Building on a Budget spends a considerable amount of time preaching the importance of self-branding and attraction marketing. All successful network marketers and internet marketers have mastered these techniques in one way or another.

Mike Dillard's Building on a Budget explains exactly how to build these necessary attributes without breaking the bank. If you are intrigued by the idea of becoming a successful online entrepreneur, it is always important to take the time to learn from experienced and proven marketers. “Building on a Budget” is one of many great pieces of training material available online today.

If you want to discover how to start an online marketing home business in your “spare-time” and achieve financial and time freedom by participating in the Digital Gold Rush…. Click Here Now!

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Proven Attraction Marketing Methods Disclosed

attraction marketingWhat's attraction marketing and why should you even care?

Attraction marketing is a sophisticated way of presenting useful and helpful information regarding the products, services or business opportunity to customers actively looking for that kind of support.

It's is exactly the opposite of hounding people by having unwelcome as well as annoying marketing in the unclear hope that somebody might be interested.

The difference is wanting to attract those who have absolutely no interest in what your offering versus attempting to attract those who have expressed interest in what you are promoting.

The difference is attempting to shoot an arrow blindfolded versus being able to clearly see your target and hitting it every single single time.

The Key to Attraction Marketing

You have got a product or service for sale and you've got a lot of options available to advertise and promote your business. You can run ads both online and offline.

You can build an e-commerce store and drive targeted traffic to your website using a spread of paid traffic models like Google Pay-Per-Click, mobile marketing, paid index inclusion and even set up an affiliate program to get other marketing consultants to plug for you.

All these direct marketing strategies work, but they fall into the class of interruption marketing. Meaning you are hoping to interrupt and catch the attention of potential prospects as they are going about the business of doing something else at the time.

Attraction marketing on the other hand, is obtaining out how you can make your content material seem to individuals who are actively pursuing it.

In comparison to direct marketing, attraction marketing will instantly lower the expenses of marketing and boost your sales. Think about it: It's much less difficult to sell an individual on something they currently want compared to somebody who has doesn't even have a thread of interest within your details or product.

Attraction Marketing is Target Marketing

Let's say which you won two tickets to a football game. Unfortunately, your not in a position to attend and believed it may possibly be a superb concept to sell these tickets.

One way you may have the ability to sell these tickets and present them to an audience would be to advertise these tickets. However, the costs for performing so will take a great slice out of your earnings. Or, worst case scenario, they do not sell at all.

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An additional option will be to go to the stadium where the game is taking spot and try to sell your tickets to those standing in line waiting to purchase tickets before the game starts.

They benefit by avoiding the line, and you benefit by getting your tickets sold with quite little costs. And given that it cuts less into your earnings, you might even have the ability to offer your customers a discount or rebate to make the deal seem just a little more sweet.

Online Attraction Marketing

The key, then, to attraction marketing would be to locate your ideal target audience or industry.

Making use of study tools like Google's External Keyword tool to discover those folks who are currently waiting to purchase your product or service, and how they may be searching for the product or service.

Then meet them where they are. Supply the information they are looking for by publishing this info on your internet site or blog. Then promote your content to rank high on the search engines, social media sites and video platforms so it can be simply found.

Do it right and you'll find attraction marketing a very simple and very profitable way to do business.

Did you like this post and did you get value from it? If so I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below or like or share it on Facebook!

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