How To Stay Motivated As An Online Entrepreneur

How to Stay Motivated as an Online Entrepreneur

There is no shortage of information helping online entrepreneurs to start and operate a business. From setting up a website to building complex sales funnels, you can find assistance with nearly all aspects of business.

One of the biggest problems you will face, though, is how to stay motivated. As an online entrepreneur, you have to push yourself each day, facing all types of challenges that test your resolve.

Thankfully, there are various methods and approaches you can take, allowing you to find enough reserves of motivation to strive to reach your goals.

Start with the Most Important Tasks

People only have a limited supply of motivation each day. You can work hard for a period of time, but gradually the dedication, focus, and quality of work will slip.

It is, therefore, important to focus on the most important tasks first. An effective method is to create a checklist on the previous evening.

Look at what work needs to be done, putting the vital tasks at the start of the day. Structuring your day effectively ensures critical tasks get done and other work can be rescheduled if necessary.

Use a Focused Approach

There are countless business opportunities available to online entrepreneurs. You could start a digital agency, get into affiliate marketing, build an info product, use drop shipping services, and many others.

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It is common for online entrepreneurs to experiment with lots of different methods, getting excited by the challenge of a new project. Unfortunately though, this method usually leads to inferior work that lacks focus.

It is far better to commit to a business idea and dedicate your time and resources to it.

Know When to Move On

Dedicating your time to one business first ensures you give it the attention it deserves. There will be, however, some businesses that just don't work.

You can't make every idea become a successful endeavor, with industry changes or mistakes during execution leading to an unprofitable venture.

Focus your attention on your business, but always be prepared to cut your losses if you make the decision that it won't work.

Study Successful Entrepreneurs

Every successful entrepreneur learns from others who have come before them. Studying what successful people do and how they achieved success will give valuable knowledge and motivation to drive forward.

While it is good to have mentors you can speak to in person, you can also benefit from analyzing the top businesses in your industry.

There are many spy tools that can uncover sales funnels, ad copy, and SEO strategies, so you can get a good picture of what is being done.

Don't Get Stuck in a Research Phase

How to Stay Motivated as an Online Entrepreneur

Researching and studying is an important part of business. Getting started with no knowledge of an industry would be a mistake, potentially leading to dramatic losses.

However, many online entrepreneurs go too far the other way, dedicating all their time to research. You can spend vast amounts of time watching videos, studying courses, and trying to work out every small detail of business operations.

The most successful entrepreneurs, though, know that you have to execute ideas quickly, adapting to changes when you have gathered data from your work.

Outsource Work You Dislike

As an entrepreneur, you often have to cover many different roles in the business. Tasks you enjoy might come easy to you, but less desirable tasks can lead to procrastination and inferior quality work.

In many cases, though, you can outsource these tasks, finding experts who can perform the work to a high standard.

Elements like design, content creation, research, and many more can be outsourced, ensuring you focus on the work that brings in best results.

Use Productivity Tools

Productivity can be a difficult thing to measure without tools. You might think you are working hard, but focus can slip and productivity can fall.

Entrepreneurs need to be self-starters, putting in the work to achieve goals that might seem distant to most. Productivity tools can be used to monitor the work being done, helping to organize everything in an accessible manner.

Evernote lets you make notes and store items from any page on the web.

Slack can be used to communicate and share documents between team members.

Timely is a time tracker that will uncover areas where your time is being mismanaged.

Finally, Dashlane stores all your passwords, logging you into sites directly.

When it comes to online business, most discussions will involve strategy and tactics. People typically want to know how to find traffic and make sales, with a focus on the factors that bring results.

However, almost all online entrepreneurs will struggle with motivation and productivity. Many businesses are started at home, so there are always distractions getting in the way.

It can also be hard to work out what are the activities that will bring in the most rewards. When you can effectively tackle motivation issues, you should be able to deal with any problems that come your way.

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Lifestyle, Self-Care For Entrepreneurs And Metallica

Jeff Walker is the creator of the ‘Product Launch Formula' and his strategies have literally transformed the way stuff is sold online. Along the way he’s become one of the top entrepreneurial and marketing trainers in the world.

He made this video after listening to a podcast with James Hetfield (the singer and rhythm guitarist for Metallica) and was amazed at the similarities between staying sane as a rock star and staying healthy as an entrepreneur.

This may sound like he’s bragging, brag, but the thing successful digital entrepreneur, Jeff Walker, hears most often from his peers in the online marketing business is… they wish they had his lifestyle.

There’s a lot of leaders in business who TALK about lifestyle, but so many of them are more killing themselves with work than living the dream.

But lifestyle is one area that Jeff Walker has actually got dialed in…

In fact, recently he got back from a backcountry ski trip with his wife. They skied into a cabin deep in the Colorado wilderness and stayed there for four days.

The cabin is at 11,000 feet, and there isn’t a road within miles. No internet, no mobile coverage… the only electricity from a couple of solar panels.

For Jeff and his wife it was awesome. 🙂

Similarities between rock musicians and entrepreneurs

Not long ago Jeff listened to an interview with James Hetfield (lead singer and rhythm guitarist for Metallica), and he was talking about how to stay sane while playing music for hundreds of thousands of people…

And it struck Jeff that there are a lot of similarities between that crazy rock star lifestyle, and the crazy entrepreneur lifestyle.

There’s a lot of demands, and it’s easy to work yourself ragged.

Bottom line, you have to be INTENTIONAL about your lifestyle and your self-care.

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Being intentional about your lifestyle and your self-care

As online marketers, we get to build our lifestyle as we build our business. But it’s all too easy to lose sight of building and maintaining your lifestyle as you get caught up in the business.

Here are some of the tips and insights on how to cultivate an amazing work/life balance:

  • Running an online business offers so many freedoms: when to work, how much to work, who to work with, who we serve. It’s our choice to capitalize on these freedoms – or neglect them (1:07).
  • We are creators – we get to create our business, our lifestyle, and much more (1:32).
  • If you’re going to be a creator, you have to take time to recharge. Being in “full-on” mode constantly will cause real problems… including a challenge that many entrepreneurs share with members of the band Metallica (1:44).
  • How to grow your business by practicing ever-increasing levels of “self-care” (3:08).
  • The vital role that self-care plays in the longevity of your business success and how to avoid flash-in-the-pan “success” and go the distance instead (3:42).

You can read the original article here.


Jeff Walker is the creator of the Product Launch Formula and his strategies have literally transformed the way stuff is sold online. Along the way he’s become one of the top entrepreneurial and marketing trainers in the world. He’s also a  #1 New York Times Bestselling author and has coached all kinds of experts such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Rich Schefren, Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi, Yanik Silver, Greg Clement and dozens more “gurus.”












Advice From Top Entrepreneurs On Starting Your Dream Business

On this episode of The Pursuit, Kelsey Humphreys produces a short ‘power episode.’  That's because if you’re busy building your business you won’t have time to watch long videos or listen to podcasts all day.

Kelsey has compiled into one episode, some of the most powerful answers given by top entrepreneurs to the question: “What’s the number one piece of advice you would give to entrepreneurs starting out on their dream?”

Entrepreneurs Give Their Answers

Chalene Johnson: Physical fitness authority, choreographer, New York Times Best Selling author, and entrepreneur.

Read and be a student of personal development and business development. It’s most important to connect with people who have been there and listening to their advice.

Natalie Jill: Sports Nutritionist, functional fitness trainer, businesswoman and weight loss consultant.

Be a student. Every entrepreneur out there leaves trails of stuff. You can always find what we did. We have products, we have blogs, we have videos. We leave all that information out there.

Lewis Howes: Author, entrepreneur, and former professional Arena League football player. He hosts The School of Greatness Podcast.

You’ve got to say, “How can I make money doing this.” Figuring out everything from scratch. Watching what other successful people are doing.

Crystal Paine: Author, and speaker. In 2007, she founded MoneySavingMom, a site that has since grown to become one of the most popular blogs on the web, currently averaging over 1.5 million readers per month.

I said to myself, “What are they doing and how can I implement that in a way that works for my blog.”  Then you say “What are they doing well.”  You don’t need to do exactly what they’re doing but you can get ideas from them which can also work for you.

John lee Dumas: Entrepreneur and podcaster based in Puerto Rico. He is the founder and host of EOFire, a daily podcast that interviews entrepreneurs 7 days a week.

The smartest thing that I did in my biggest early success was making that realisation that I needed a mentor. So I looked out there to the podcasters that were currently where I wanted to be.

That’s so critical. I think so many people go after mentors just because they’re successful at something. They need to be successful at what you are wanting to do. They need to be where you want to be.

Marie Forleo: Life coach, motivational speaker, author and web television host. She is the owner of Marie Forleo International, B-School and MarieTV.

Not being in a race. Being patient and being willing to being small and scrappy and not know what you’re doing. Build it slowly over time. I had a side job for seven years and meet people who go: “Oh my god! It’s four months and nothing.” I go, “Are you kidding me.”

Brendon Burchard: Author on motivation, high performance, and online marketing. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger, and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive.

Never let your small business make you small minded. Too may peoples vision is caged in their current circumstances or their current competencies—-what they’re capable of. I always say you have to raise your ambition beyond where your capable of now.

Grant Cardone: Motivational speaker, New York Times best-selling author, businessman and sales expert. He works with small companies and Fortune 500 companies to grow sales.

The biggest mistake I made in my career was that I thought too small for too long.

Life doesn’t have to be so hard Discover the Secret to Having Good Luck

Scott Williams: Author and a popular leadership blogger at He is an accomplished international speaker, and a sought-after consultant with his consulting company Nxt Level Solutions.

It’s all about commitment and asking the right question. I had a number of friends that were doing things simultaneously with me, and the next thing you know they had closed up shop. Or they would say “I tried it”. The next thing you know is, they’re working a nine to five.

So for me the question they were asking is: “What if this doesn’t work?” I always start with the question: “What if it does.” My question all along the way is: “What if this does work?”

Michael Hyatt: Author, blogger, speaker, and the former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Get comfortable with fear. Whenever you’re starting to feel fear, uncertainty and doubt, reframe that as positive indicators that you’re moving outside of your comfort zone. And as an entrepreneur that’s essential.

Donald Miller: Best-selling author and public speaker. Currently, he helps people live a better story at and helps leaders grow their businesses at

Especially for these young entrepreneurs. The two things they need is:

1. What is profitable and where is your revenue stream really coming from?

2. What are your passions. What are you going to be able to drive for a long period of time?

Chelsea Peretti: Stand-up comedian, actress and writer. She is known for portraying Gina Linetti on the Fox comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It’s important to try and find your voice and it’s OK to make mistakes. Just keep making stuff. Being passive is the hardest thing because you’re waiting for someone to spot you. It’s easier to write your own stuff.

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Jeremy Cowart: Starting out as a painter first and then later founded his own graphic design company, Pixelgrazer. Photography became his true passion and switched to it full time. His clients, mostly entertainment based, include ABC, FOX, A&E, F/X, Discovery Channel and ESPN.

If you’ve got an eye and an amazing vision and bring a unique approach to the game, then you’re set. It’s not about all the stuff (and the stuff is fun and I love stand I have endless sponsors). The stuff ultimately it doesn’t matter. It’s all about your heart and your vision.

Al Roker: Television personality, weather forecaster, actor, and book author. He is best known as being the weather anchor on NBC's Today.

Try to be as curious as possible about everything. Be yourself. At the end of the day that’s all you’ve got. They can take everything else but they cannot take that.

Fawn Weaver: Former business manager-turned hotel general manager-turned USA Today and New York Times bestselling author (Happy Wives Club) and TED speaker.

The number one piece of advice for entrepreneurs that are just starting out: Be prepared to serve.

Bob Goff: Author of the New York Times Best-Selling book ‘Love Does’. Bob also provides senior leadership at Goff & Dewalt, LLP as the founding partner.

The Mark Twain thing, “The harder I worked the luckier I got.” It’s just a lot of hard work.

Gary Vaynerchuk: Entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. Now runs VaynerMedia, one of the world’s hottest digital agencies. A prolific angel investor and venture capitalist, and co-founder of VaynerRSE, a $25M investment fund.

Work, patience and the biggest one of all that you can’t leap frog… self-awareness. You have to know who you are.

Everybody's got ideas. A billion ideas are going to be thought through by people today that could be hundred million dollar businesses in six years. But only about four are going to execute on them.

Jamie McGuire: Author who paved the way for the New Adult genre with the international bestseller ‘Beautiful Disaster.’ She’s also topped the New York Times bestseller list with her Maddox Brothers series.

You have to work every day and keep going. Just keep going. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Alicia Shaffer: Discovered a love for making bohemian-inspired headbands and accessories. Founded the ‘Three Bird Nest,’ a shop for women's bohemian clothing & boho fashion.

It’s not all glamorous. It’s a lot of hard work. It’s not fun all the time and it’s a lot of long days.

Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott: The identical twin brothers star in the reality television series Property Brothers where they help home buyers to purchase and renovate “fixer-uppers.”

For us it was that constant effort. Always being told to put in that hard work. When you start growing your brand within your community, within your city and maybe from there expand to something cross the country.

Now with the internet you can get your brand out there and it doesn’t have to cost a whole bunch of money.


1. Learn as much as you can

2. Believe in yourself and your vision

3. Be willing to try things and make mistakes

4. Work, work and more work. Which includes being patient and more work

You can watch Kelsey’s full interviews at


Kelsey Humphreys The PursuitKelsey Humphreys is an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. Aside from hosting and producing the Pursuit, she creates videos, writes and speaks about success, entrepreneurship, and pushing oneself to greatness. You can find her work for major publications like Entrepreneur, Success, the Huffington Post, LifeHack and EliteDaily.





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Building A 15 Million Dollar Business: 10 Lessons Learned On The Journey

10 Lessons Learnt From Building A $15 Million Dollar Business

Would you like to skip years of trial and error?

As I am sitting on my comfy chair, staring out of the window of my penthouse, I feel a wave of supreme calmness envelop me.

It’s deeply satisfying to experience this feeling in a world where we are all constantly running around.

I must say that the last 6 years of my life have been an exhilarating ride.

A ride that I NEVER thought I would be taking.

A ride that has changed me as a person from inside out.

A ride that has given me a lifestyle that I never EVEN IMAGINED was possible.

6 years back, I was in a dead end job making tea for construction workers with no clue as to where my life was headed.

But as of today, I have founded 5 separate million dollar companies and made over $15 million through all my online ventures.

Not only have I produced great revenues but I have also built a great team who are working behind the scenes to take my company to the next level ($100 million).

If someone had told me that I would be at this level 6 years back, I would have laughed at them.

But here I am today, looking out of my window reflecting on everything that I had done to go from ground ZERO to building an 8 figure business in around 6 years.

There were several key lessons that I had learnt in my journey.

These lessons cost me a LOT to learn.

Some I paid for with money.

Others I paid for with soul crushing failure.

But in the end, it was worth it as it was these lessons that allowed me to get to where I am today.

Lesson 1 – Hard Work and Talent are over-rated traits. What you need INSTEAD is something else


Don’t be.

You know in our schools and colleges, there is a lot of focus on these 2 attributes.

But real life is different.

When you walk out of college, you would see countless hard working and talented people wasting away their lives in obscurity.

Take my own example.

There are so many traffic experts, website developers, old school copywriters who are WAY more talented and hard working than me.

Yet I make 10X – 100X of what they make.

What happened to all their talent and hard work?

I don’t mean to be a jerk but you need to know the truth.

While talent and hard work are GREAT qualities to possess, they are NOT the holy-grail for success.

What is really needed for success are these 6 critical attributes.

Attribute #1 – Vision

You need to have a larger purpose for what you want to achieve in life.

Without a vision, massive success is just not possible.

When I got started online, I had no vision. I just wanted to make $100,000 per year.

However during my journey, I understood the power of having a deep rooted vision which is what allowed me take my business to great heights.

Attribute #2 – Inclination to seize good opportunities and GO FOR IT

Most people are forever stuck in the “I am yet to decide” mode.

You can analyze an opportunity 20,000 times but you can only succeed when you take a call and go for it.

Sometimes after the basic analysis is done, you can ONLY find out if something works or not by DIVING IN.

If you want real results in life, then you need to develop a GO GETTER attitude.

This is NOT optional but totally essential for your success.

Attribute #3 – Goal setting and planning

Once you decide on a venture, the next step is all about setting SPECIFIC goals along with the timeframe needed to achieve them.

Then you must put together a detailed plan of action to achieve your goals.

This is what separates the MEN from the boys.

Anyone can watch a few videos and get pumped up.

But those who put their heads down and work out an actionable plan are those who are going to achieve success.

Always remember that.

Attribute #4 – Execution

Execution is something that is SO DIFFERENT from hard work.

Spending 3 hours a day thinking and writing the perfect email is HARD WORK.

Spending 15-30-45 minutes crafting a good email and then moving on to the next job is SOLID EXECUTION.

Spending 5-10 hours to get the perfect looking presentation is HARD WORK.

Spending a few hours putting together a good quality presentation without needlessly worrying about whether it looks perfect or not is SOLID EXECUTION.

Are you seeing the point?

It does not matter how hard you work each day?

What matters is HOW MUCH YOU EXECUTE each day.

People who are successful EXECUTE a lot.

And you know what, when you start executing tasks in a streamlined way, you don’t have to work so hard.

You just have to find out what kind of work is needed to get the most results and just laser focus on getting it done FAST.

Attribute #5 – Proactive Approach

The ability to take a proactive approach is a very very under-rated attribute.

Once you set a plan in motion, you will run into issues.

No question about it. It will happen for sure.

You WILL run into problems.

If you want your plans to succeed, you need to be making constant proactive changes so that your small problems don’t turn into big ones.

This way you can avoid major setbacks and be on track to achieve your goals in the set timeframe.

This is something that 99% of the marketers don’t do and they sadly pay the price for it.

Don’t ever let things get out of control before tackling them.

Be always wary of small problems as they could turn into BIG unmanageable problems if not given the proper attention.

Attribute #6 – Brutally honest analysis of your results and corrective action when things go wrong

Sometimes even with the most solid plan and a proactive approach, we may not get our desired results.

This is where a brutally honest analysis is needed.

Sometimes you may have to change up your strategy completely.

Sometimes you may have to change your product offering.

Sometimes you may have to rework your entire funnel.

Doing a brutally honest analysis of your flopped campaigns is not hard.

Accepting the reality IS.

But those who want to succeed accept the reality fast and take corrective actions.

I can’t tell you how many flop moments I have had in my business.

But I just get up, brush it off and ask myself “what’s next” and get on with that.

So to recap:

Attribute 1 – Vision

Attribute  2 – Go Getter Attitude G

Attribute  3 – Goal Setting & Planning

Attribute  4 – Execution

Attribute  5 – Proactive Approach

Attribute  6 – Brutally Honest Analysis & Corrective Action

Successful people from all walks of life possess all of these attributes.

Sure in some cases, talent makes a LOT of difference (like in sports) but generally its an over-rated trait.

What matters are these 6 attributes.

If you work on yourself and develop these attributes, you would get results faster than anything else.

Surprisingly, NONE OF THESE ATTRIBUTES get talked about in schools and colleges.

What a joke.

Lesson 2 – Choose The Right Products To Promote


If you really want to build a multi-million dollar business, you need to choose the right kind of products that can help you get there.

You need to choose products that provide TRANSFORMATIVE VALUE for your customers.

When your product can provide that, you can charge big bucks like $1000 or $5000 or $10,000 or more for it.

And when you have the ability to make $1000 or more from each sale, you will find it FAR MORE easier to profit from your paid marketing campaigns.

This makes SCALING your campaigns fast and easy.

Ideally speaking, its better to have a series of high quality products ranging from $10 to $50,000+.

This allows you to penetrate the widest segment in your market and maximize revenues.

Lesson 3 – Know Your Business Numbers

Do you know what’s your average customer value?

Do you know what’s the MAXIMUM amount you can spend on a lead after which you would start losing money?

Do you know the EPC (earnings per click) of your campaigns for a particular traffic source?

These are business numbers that you need to be knowing.

Here’s why its so important.

In MOBE, my average customer value is $1500 odd.

That means if anyone buys any of the MOBE products, he is worth $1500 to me over the course of time.

That means I can spend even $250 or $300 or even $500 to get an MTTB sale (which is worth $49).

Since I know my business numbers, I can confidently keep paying that amount to acquire a customer (because I know I would get a handsome ROI on that eventually).

This KNOWLEDGE allows me to scale with confidence and get results EVERY TIME.

Here’s another stat of mine.

My list size is around $120,000 odd.

Every month, I pull in around $800,000 odd.

That means my average subscriber is worth $6 per month to me which translates into $72 per year.

What does that tell you?

It tells you that EVEN if I pay $10 or $20 per subscriber, I can make GREAT PROFITS.

I don’t have to pay that amount but I can because my business numbers are THAT good.

Since my business numbers are THAT good, I can confidently splash a LOT of money on advertising to get massive traffic and grow my business fast.

Do you now see the power of knowing your business metrics?

Its NOT for showing off.

Its for knowing whether you are on track or not.

Its for knowing how much you can spend to acquire a customer.

These stats are the backbone of your business.

So start running campaigns and calculate your business numbers.

Lesson 4 – Systems, Processes, Templates & A Great Team Help You Grow Fast

In your initial stages as an online marketer, you would be doing everything on your own.

Driving traffic, creating funnels, answering questions, etc, etc.

But as your business starts to grow, you NEED to put in plans and take yourself out of the equation (as much as possible).

So you need to start hiring the right people.

They are the ones who are going to run your business for you so that you can focus on the BIG PICTURE.

While you are hiring people, you need to put together solid systems & processes for various operations.

A process for buying traffic.

A process for calculating various stats.

A process for developing funnels.

A process for managing different campaigns.

A process for content marketing.

A process for handling customers and clients.

How does every McDonalds franchise run so smoothly?

Its because EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of that business is SYSTEMATIZED and the same template is used by every franchise.

Systems & processes create predictability and consistency.

This is what helps you GROW FAST and SCALE.

Lesson 5 – Keep Driving Traffic Everyday. Don’t EVER Stop.

This is something that should be obvious yet people don’t get it.

They generate traffic sporadically but expect consistent sales.

It doesn’t work like that my friend.

If you want to make CONSISTENT SALES, then you need to drive CONSISTENT TRAFFIC.

Every business in the world has to do that.

I make around $800,000 every month and I generate 500-2000+ leads every day.

What happens if I don’t generate ANY leads for a few days?

My income DIPS.

Plain and simple.

You have got to keep driving consistent traffic to your pages and keep collecting leads.

You can start off by generating 20 leads per day.

Then move upto 50 leads per day.

Then 100 leads per day…then 500 leads per day and so on.

If you want a multi million dollar business, then keep driving traffic, keep optimizing your campaigns to make profits and keep INCREASING your traffic volume every month.

That’s the core essence of it all.

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Lesson 6 – Build An Email List And Create Your Own Little Empire

Your email list is your MOST VALUABLE ASSET.

Even more valuable than your home or car (once your list reaches a certain size).

Let me explain why:

Every single day, my online business produces $28,000+ in revenues.

And unlike other marketers whose income fluctuate wildly every month, mine remains consistent.

Well, I am sorry for that statement.

My income is NOT consistent.

I lied.

It GOES UP every month.

And the reason why my income keeps growing is because I have built an email list of subscribers for whom I write emails EVERY FRIGGING DAY providing them with insane value.

This in turn gets them to buy my products and turn into lifelong happy customers.

Most marketers spend a couple hundred bucks getting a couple hundred subscribers, send out a few emails and when they don’t make a bunch of sales, they declare that email marketing doesn’t work.


Email marketing works.

Bloody damn well.

However you have to be CONSISTENT in your efforts.

Start emailing your list daily.

Your emails must deliver value and sell at the same time.

As long as you keep growing your list DAILY, here’s what will happen:

Your sales at first will be slow.

But you MUST keep emailing no matter what.

Soon your sales would start getting a wee bit more consistent.

Keep emailing daily. Don’t EVER stop.

You would soon start making sales everyday.

Then multiple sales everyday.

Then LOTSA sales everyday.

Then you would wonder why the hell didn’t I do this before?


Look, there is no need to complicate your online business.

Build a damn list.

Email daily selling good products.

Make insane profits my friend.

Then go and have fun.

Lesson 7 – Do high value webinars for massive PAYDAYS

As much as I love emails to make boatload of sales every day, I have to acknowledge the power of webinars.

There is NO marketing method out there in the world that produces AS MANY high ticket sales in a short time as a webinar does.

Webinars work so well because,

  1. You can educate your prospect THOROUGHLY before pitching your product as the ultimate solution to their problems (mails are great for relationship building and consistent sales, webinars are great for educating prospects and getting them all primed up to buy your product right away)
  2. You can answer the questions posed by your prospects during a webinar (when all the other prospects see a lot of questions getting answered, they feel confident about purchasing your program and this helps you make more sales)

Webinars are the ultimate tool for massive instant sales.

If I ever want to make a quick $100,000 in my business, I just launch a new webinar, deliver a killer presentation, make a time sensitive offer and rake in the sales.

Webinars are JUST MAGIC.

Make sure you incorporate webinars into your marketing funnel and watch your profits SOAR.

Lesson 8 – Spend Some Time By Yourself Every Day

Every single day, I spend around 30-60 minutes ALONE reflecting upon various things.

This very blogpost is a result of one of my “alone” sessions. Haha.

When you spend some time everyday to reflect upon various things:

You start understanding yourself better.

You start understanding what your flaws are.

You start understanding where you need to be improving.

You start becoming more confident while being humble.

Your self esteem grows.

You get to a place where you don’t care about irrelevant opinions.

Your attitude towards success and failure changes.

You start learning to respect yourself even when you fail and you stop believing your own hype when you succeed wildly.

Self mastery.

That’s what this is all about.

The more you think and reflect, the more you GROW as a person.

So go ahead and spend some time alone every day.

You will grow as a person by leaps and bounds.

Lesson 9 – People LOVE to buy cool stuff. Give them that experience.

Imagine the time when you bought a cool car.

How excited you felt.

You felt GREAT even though it cost you an arm and leg.

We humans JUST LOVE to buy stuff.

The experience of paying a premium price to buy something cool feels GREAT.

That’s how we humans are wired.

Your prospects are NO different.

So make them FEEL GREAT about buying your products.

Make them feel exhilarated when they send you money to get what you have to offer.

For that to happen:

  1. You need to always choose GREAT products to promote. Products that have transformative value for your customers.
  2. When you choose great products to promote, your belief in them would be SKY HIGH which would reflect in your marketing. If in case you don’t believe much in your product even if its high quality, then work on your mindset first and then start promoting.

Your prospects are people who need solutions to their problems.

They want to BUY but they want to be sure that they are making the right decision (because no one wants to look like an idiot).

So give them a GREAT EXPERIENCE through your marketing. Make them feel how their life would be better off when they get hold of your product.

Do it right and they would love you for it and buy from you.

This is my secret for making tons of product sales.

Lesson 10 – Don’t have fear of success

As crazy as it may sound:

People FEAR SUCCESS way more than they fear failure.

Most people cannot handle success or the possibility of success.

It’s a mindset issue and a subconscious one at that.

I have seen people subconsciously sabotage their success when they are moving in the right direction.

How does that happen?

When you start doubting your path for no reason…when you stop taking action suddenly….when you start procrastinating after a great start…its ALL because of the fear of success.

And the most dangerous aspect about fear of success is that it gets UNDERESTIMATED A LOT.

Think about it.

How many people would admit they are afraid to fail?

Quite a lot.

How many people would admit that they are afraid to succeed?

Virtually zero.

The only way to overcome it is by RUSHING and DOING what you have to do anyways.

At first, it may look scary but soon you will be alright.

You are CAPABLE of incredible things.

You CAN achieve success even if you have failed countless times in the past.

What others say about you has no bearing on your future actions.

Heck….6 years back, where was I?

Making tea for construction workers.

Today, people from all across the globe come up to me and happily pay me anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000+ for my private coaching.

Do you think anyone COULD have predicted this?


We all are capable of achieving great things in life.

But the belief must start from us.

After all, if we don’t respect ourselves, how can we expect the world to do it?

So screw fear of success.

And go ACHIEVE your dreams.

You CAN do it.

Me and countless successful people in this world (who came from NOTHING) are living proof of that.

I wish you all the best.

Go and scale the peak, TIGER.


You can read the original article right here.


Shaqir Hussyin: Has built 5+ million dollar by the age of 27.Shaqir Hussyin has built 5+ million dollar businesses by the age of 27. He teaches entrepreneurs how to start and grow businesses online. He utilises his time by praying reading, travelling and adding value to peoples lives and making random people smile. He wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.




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15 Top Characteristics Of Effective Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs have become highly desirable in the businesses world, especially in Silicon Valley where venture capitalists are trying to find the next Mark Zuckerberg or Travis Kalanick.

However, finding an entrepreneur among the millions of people who desire to venture into business is often difficult. Still, most successful entrepreneurs share some key characteristics.

Some of the characteristics of effective entrepreneurs include:

1. Action-oriented

According to Barbara Corcoran, a Shark Tank investor and the founder of the Corcoran Group, people who can conceptualize business ideas without necessarily having a detailed execution strategy are likely to be good entrepreneurs.

In fact, Corcoran recommends inventing as you go rather than wasting time and money putting together a detailed business plan and strategy.

15 Top Characteristics Of Effective Entrepreneurs

2. Insecurity

Corcoran believes that most entrepreneurs have insecurity issues that may not be visible to all.

For instance, nervousness and sensitivity to failure are good entrepreneurship markers because people who possess such traits are likely to be highly focused on success.

3. Resourcefulness

Contrary to popular belief, an entrepreneur does not necessarily need a lot of money to start and run a business.

What matters the most is the resourcefulness you exhibit when faced by seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Zappos founder and CEO Tony Hsieh says that he admires the way the main character in the TV show MacGyver would use readily available resources, street smarts and innovation to solve problems.

4. Cashflow obsession

If you love obsessing over cashflow, you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. One successful entrepreneur who espouses this trait is Joe Gustafson, the founder of Brainshark.

Gustafson says that he obsessed over cash during his early entrepreneurship days because cash is necessary for fighting business battles even when you are running the best company in the world.

5. Constantly getting into trouble

Individuals who constantly get into trouble are likely to have the entrepreneurial bug. This is according to Stephane Bourque, the founder and CEO of Incognito Software.

Bourque reckons that true entrepreneurs are more likely to find themselves in situations where they have to ask for forgiveness than permission. This is because they are never satisfied with the status quo.

6. Risk taker

Entrepreneurs are generally fearless because they often see potential where others only see risk.

In fact, Robert Irvine, a chef and the host of Food Network's Restaurant Impossible says entrepreneurs remain optimistic at all times and believe that their investments will eventually pan out.

7. Impatience

Unlike ordinary people, effective entrepreneurs have a lot of unbridled enthusiasm and energy that enables them to keep on slogging long after everyone else quits.

This inability to sit still and the desire to make things better differentiates entrepreneurs from most people.

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8. Change agent

People who focus on a single acceptable outcome are unlikely to succeed as entrepreneurs. This is according to Rosemary Camposano, the president and CEO of Halo Blow Dry Bars.

Camposano believes that smart entrepreneurs are malleable and open to change. This is in addition to tweaking their business models to reflect market feedback.

9. Self-evaluator

Effective entrepreneurs generally evaluate themselves. Laura Novak Meyer, the founder of Little Nest Portraits, says that her company surveys all clients in order to identify areas that require improvement.

Moreover, Novak herself has used the services of a business coach to identify personal traits that she needs to improve.

10. Challenge driven

True entrepreneurs have a tendency of being motivated by challenges to succeed, according to Jeff Platt, the CEO of Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park franchise.

For instance, Candace Nelson the founder of Sprinkles Cupcakes, forged ahead with her business plan despite naysayers who questioned the wisdom of starting a bakery business in the early 2000s.

Presently, Nelson's business has spread to eight states.

11. Outsider

If you fancy yourself as a rebel/outsider, you have entrepreneurial pedigree. This is according to Vincent Petryk, founder of the JP Licks ice cream shop chain.

Instead of copying the business model followed by other ice cream shops, Petryk forged his own path and has flourished while all but one competitor have closed down.

12. Quick rebounder

Entrepreneurs do not dwell excessively on failures. Instead, they regroup and move on to the next business opportunity.

13. Need solver

Although many people can identify unserved market niches, very few can actually turn those insights into business opportunity according to Jennifer Dawn, partner at Savor The Success, a business network for women.

14. Seeking advice

Effective entrepreneurs seek advice from others and rely on solid market research to make informed decisions.

Jessica Alba, co-founder and president of The Honest Company believes it is important to surround oneself with smarter people and listen to their ideas.

15 Top Characteristics Of Effective Entrepreneurs

15. Work hard play hard

According to Fiverr co-founder Micha Kaufmann, an entrepreneur will start all over again even after failing until he/she gets it right. He snowboards and sails in addition to running Fiverr.


Effective entrepreneurs often espouse unique personal traits that enable them to succeed in the highly competitive world of business.

More specifically, effective entrepreneurs are generally action-oriented, resourceful, risk takers, obsessed with cashflow, impatient, insecure, outsiders, need solvers and change agents.

Additionally, they are great at seeking advice and self-evaluation. Of course, these are just some of the key characteristics of effective entrepreneurs.

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Richard Branson’s Top 10 Rules For Success

banner-screw-the-traditional-9-5-625x104Richard Branson is one of the worlds best known and most admired entrepreneurs. He's the founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic airlines, and many other successful business ventures. In this video he gives his top 10 rules for success.

Top 10 Rules For Success


Consider Richard Branson's Top 10 Rules For Success Below:

1.Find the Courage to Try

New business ventures require vision. Branson is successful because he has the courage to think up new ways of operating existing businesses, in many different industries.

A concept may seem to far fetched or different from the standard operating procedures, but that doesn't mean its the wrong approach. Consider the possibilities and which directions the idea may go.

2. Delegate

Knowing who is at the top in his or her specific field is critical, in hiring the right people for various roles or jobs. Managers with specific expertise that is well beyond what Branson possesses is the key to managerial success, in his view.

He has chosen managers for various aspects of his businesses, based on experience and reputation within their respective fields or specialties. Knowing when to let go and take a hands off approach to a project requires patience and wisdom.

3. Keep Things Simple

Simplifying business models and processes helps leaders stay on top of progress and monitor day to day changes or challenges. Complicated procedures and processes require more intense monitoring and make it more difficult for managers to maintain successful operations.

Focusing on the most important goals and reasons for new undertakings allows leaders to keep abreast of what's going on at all times, whether in industry trends, new competitors, or changes in consumer markets.

4. Be a Leader

Being a leader means setting the tone for behavior and how the business is perceived. It also means setting an example, through ethical and legal considerations.

If a leader wants to encourage a particular culture within the organization, he or she must display behaviors that encourage that culture and find managers who are likely to support those behaviors and attitudes as well.

A leader who is concerned about ethical behavior will not hire managers who behave unethically or have reputations for such behavior.

5. Don't give up

An idea may seem too difficult to conceptualize or may have several obstacles to implementation. However, by thinking about all the possibilities and routes to achieving the objective, there are likely to be solutions to get past any obstacles.

This is where hiring managers with industry expertise can be helpful. But, those managers must also possess some creativity, to find unique solutions to common business challenges.

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6. Shake things up

Often, an idea or concept is not a new one, but simply a different way of competing in a particular industry. Offering basic services at lower rates, without the frills or bells and whistles, is one successful approach used by Branson.

There are always consumers who want to save money and are willing to utilize more basic, no frills services. Such services can be less complicated, making utilization appealing to many different market segments.

7. Treat people well

Treat people with respect and dignity and they will serve you well. This is an aspect of conducting business that many leaders tend to forget.

A leader can possess power without abusing it. This is one of Richard Branson's Top 10 Rules For Success that many competitors will fail to understand.

They may still be considered successful, but will face many challenges, in terms of establishing a positive corporate culture and getting others to do what is necessary. Getting things done at all costs can result in losing customers, projecting a negative corporate image, or in failing to motivate others within the organization.

8. Expect skepticism

Skepticism comes with any new concept or business idea. Those who are considered experts believe they have formulas for success that can't deviate in any way.

They may not have tried a different approach, as it has never been done and may not be considered the tried and true approach in the industry. However, skepticism comes from opinions.

Often those opinions are based on limited experiences or on fear of competitors becoming successful. Successful entrepreneurs are able to rise above the skepticism, to see their ideas through.

9. Affect lives positively

This means treating people with respect, whether they are employees or customers. By thinking about how business operations affect customers and people involved, decisions are made, which contribute to the company's positive corporate image.

All businesses do not operate with the mindset of considering how various actions affect consumers, employees, and other stakeholders.

10. Do things differently

Doing things differently does not mean ignoring standards, rules, or guidelines. It means thinking differently about how some processes may be improved, how processes may be streamlined, and taking a chance on trying something new.

Various fare structures, pricing strategies, or marketing tactics are examples of areas in business that can benefit from a different approach. Richard Branson's Top 10 Rules For Success are guidelines that anyone can use, for those considering becoming entrepreneurs.

Branson is easy to talk to, has a good idea of his strengths and weaknesses, understands what people want and how to deliver it to them. He is able to effectively apply concepts or ideas in a way that works for his business ventures and this has made him one of the worlds most successful and respected entrepreneurs.

Evan Carmichael has created some great videos about successful people. You can find out more Right Here.

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