Starting a New Business and Dealing with Negativity from Your Spouse

In this video successful entrepreneur and educator Stuart Ross, answers a question from Becky in Vancouver around negativity from your spouse when getting started in business.

Here's Becky's question: “My partner is not very supportive around my online business goals. In fact, he thinks I'm in Dreamland, and any time I talk about the business, we end up arguing. Do you have any advice for individuals like me, who experience negativity from their spouse?”

Well, I think it goes without saying that almost anybody that I've ever spoken to who's gone out and started a new business, (especially something that goes against the normal way of doing things) experiences negativity or individuals who, let's just say aren't very supportive in their venture.

I think there's many different reasons for it. Some people are just assholes, and you just have to accept that.

Negative people are sometimes questioning their own lives

But more normally, and I think it's important to understand, it's just because you're really challenging people in a way where they're questioning their own lives.

Maybe it's triggering some of their own insecurities or their own disappointments.

I actually remember when I first came across this idea of starting an online business as an affiliate marketer, and I shared the affiliate business model and my ideas with an uncle of mine.

I'll never forget how he just completely shot me down with his pessimistic views and opinions.

The more he did it, the more I told him about, “Well, there's all these people that I've found and seen, and they're doing this, and they're doing that.”

He said, “That sounds like a scam. If that was possible, more people would be doing it,” and lots more negative stuff.

This is back in 2008. I remember it really deflated me. In many respects, it did knock my confidence.

He is 20 years older than me. Had some experience in business, nothing to shout about, but I do remember thinking am I making a mistake? He really did make me question my own sanity.

Good thing is is that didn't last very long. I got re-inspired as I continued to educate myself and follow other individuals who were a little bit more aspirational in my life than what he was. It all turned out okay.

Starting a business and having a negative spouse

Talk of big goals and dreams can trigger negativity in people

I think the important thing to know is this: that whenever you talk about big goals and big visions and big dreams, it's going to trigger a lot of people… because a lot of people are stuck in their own ways.

If you think about it, a lot of people do really just drift. One job, anticipation of working 40, 50 years in that same job.

The hope of a successful retirement down the line. All of the things that we think are normal are what a lot of people are stuck in.

That's their tunnel vision. So if you were to, as an example, talk about:

  • Building an online business
  • Creating a business around your passion
  • Traveling as much as you want around the world,
  • Having way more free time
  • Making more money…

It makes people skeptical and really and deep down — whether they even know this or not — really question their own choices in their own lives.

So it's very natural, as humans, to be defensive around anything that questions our own decisions in life.

I've only really found one thing that is almost guaranteed to work in this situation, whether you're experiencing negativity from a spouse, friends, colleagues or acquaintances.

Very simply, it's to just not talk about it.

For me, the moment I started to stop shouting about all my dreams and goals and the things I wanted to achieve, was the moment I didn't really have to worry about other people's negativity and reactions.

Find a community who inspire you

I think it's really important that you do find your community. Find people who are inspiring you.

Get to events or seminars or online communities.

Make sure that there are people that you can connect with and comfortably talk to about dreams, aspirations and strategies.

Witness their transformation, because that, at the end of the day, is what's going to keep you going, keep you moving forward, and stop you from questioning your own sanity.

But more importantly, it also stops you from getting sucked into other people's lack of awareness about what's possible…

Or dampen your aspirations of what you want to achieve in your own life.

new business and negative spouse

Should I leave my negative spouse?

One of the things that I do get asked a lot is, “Should I leave my partner?”

People do ask me, and I always say, “Look. I am definitely not a relationship advisor.”

I think when you have a negative spouse, it's one of the hardest things to deal with when you're not being supported by them.

It can really, really discourage anyone from moving forward, when you're in that situation.

This is what I will say on that, and this is again just partly from my own experience, but more of what I've witnessed.

I think that if you keep quiet, and maybe you have a conversation, “Look, I'm doing my own thing. I've got my own goals. I'm going to give it a go, see how I go.” Just keep it low key.

You then go on, and when they see you get results, they're going to see you and your business differently.

When they start seeing that you've made a bit of money, you've got a successful business going, stuff's starting to happen, they will start to support you.

If they don't, here is what I would say: I think one of the most important things around a successfully, happy, fulfilling relationship is having a good degree of shared values and vision.

If you're somebody with huge aspirations…

And you have the aspirations for freedom and abundance…

And to live the good life…

And you are in a situation where, where your spouse or those people around you are completely the other way…

You have to ask yourself, “Is it worth staying in that situation?”

Because you're only going to get disillusioned or dragged back from your own goals and your own vision.

So you really have to question, if it gets to that point, whether you're in the right relationship, whether that be your husband, your wife, your partner…

Or whether it be the friends that are in your circle of influence.

I've now got a different circle of friends today

I got to tell you, my circle of friends today are a completely different circle of friends than those I had 10 years ago.

Now somebody on the outside might judge and say, “Oh, he left all of his broke friends, his friends that are depressed in their jobs, and has moved on to all of his wealthy, successful friends.”

The reality is, I couldn't care less whether my friends are financially successful or not…

Whether they are geographically free, successful entrepreneurs or not.

But I absolutely do care about how I feel when I'm in their space, when I'm in their company.

I have to ask myself, “Do I enjoy being around them?”

If the answer is no, and you just happen to have grown up in a way that it's very different to your school friends or your original circle of influence… then sometimes you just have to accept that you're not the same person anymore.

You've moved on. You're now connecting and choosing to spend your time with people who are more like minded.

I only have maybe two friends from my childhood.

All of my buddies I really enjoy spending time with, and the couples I like to spend time with… they're in great relationships, they're happy, they're positive.

The same with my business colleagues and my friends. My best friend is my business partner, Jay.

Most of the time I spend in my social life is with either people who work with us in our business, for us…

Or are people that are similar in mindset around:

  • Life
  • Abundance
  • Freedom
  • Fun
  • Impact
  • And doing something bigger than the 9 to 5 grind.

I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

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Surround yourself with positive people

Be open to growth. In my experience, a lot of people will not only accept it, but will join you in the journey.

Just ask yourself, if it gets to the point where things are really starting to happen for you…

If there needs to be a shift in your surroundings, because when you look at your life, it's very likely that the five people that you spend the most of your time with are going to:

  • Be in similar situations
  • Have similar income goals
  • Have similar health goals
  • Be in similar relationships

At the end of the day, you do become like the people you surrounded yourself with.

If you're surrounded by happy, positive, fulfilled, motivated, driven, successful people, you're going to to tend to flow in that space.

If you're surrounded by more pessimistic, negative, cheaters, people that are disrespectful, rude… chances are that that's going to rub off on you in some way or another. So just be very selective on that as well.

But I think the ultimate answer is, especially in the beginning stages, is just talk less and do more.

  • Talk less and do more.
  • Focus on your business.
  • Focus on your goals.

Your negative spouse, partner, family or friends will either come around or they won't. Then it's up to you, what you do once the success is there.

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How should I deal with my negative spouse?

Stuart Ross started his journey into the digital and entrepreneurial world with nothing more than perseverance, a laptop and a dream. To date, he's created a multimillion dollar lifestyle business in the education and technology industry that he absolutely LOVES. His driving passion is sharing the know-how and mindset that lets others feel the same way. The reason they call him ‘The Freedom Entrepreneur' is because he refused to accept the constraints of traditional employment. Having successfully found a better route, he's committed to showing others how to live life on their own terms too. CLICK HERE to find out more about Stuart and his business.



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Making Success In A Home Business Effortless

success in a home business

How do you achieve success in a home business? Top internet millionaire and “King of Traffic” Daegan Smith recently produced a video regarding this topic and how you can make that success effortless. It was shot in his new office in the capital of the USA, Washington D.C.

If you had told Daegan back in 2005 when he started dabbling online that he would become a millionaire and have an office just around the corner from the capital of the United States… he would have called you crazy.

But such are things in the weird world of online marketing world. And successes like this happens if if you’re focused and determined enough to just GO!

But almost everyone gets this wrong… and it’s making it so much harder than it needs to be. If most people knew just how close they really were. They wouldn’t… Well, watch. You’ll see.

How to Make Success in a Home Business Effortless

Daegan has spoken to a lot of people about being successful online. Others have come to him with question after question, year after year asking him how to achieve success in a home business. He’s found the one thing that holds people back is that little voice saying, “I don’t know what’s going to happen. Can you just tell me?“

At the end of the day NO ONE knows what’s going to happen. Even Daegan with all his success and experience in the online marketing world, does not know what’s going to happen when others get started on the internet. But, sometimes that’s the fun of it.

Success in a Home Business: Start Thinking the Right Way

One reason why people fail is the wrong way they think about their business. It’s a very counter-intuitive thing. This can be made clearer from a small part of Daegan’s own story.

When he first got started in the home business industry he was totally enraptured by the power of leverage. It just made a lot of sense.

He wanted to build his business online but the business he got involved with and the person he got involved with did not agree with using the internet as a way of marketing. Being the ever flexible student that he was Daegan agreed to do whatever his sponsor said.

This ended up with him walking through the mean streets of Washington D.C. speaking the scripts taught to him by his sponsor: “Have you ever thought about starting a home business?” “Do you keep your options open to making some extra money?”

He can’t count the hours he did this and at the end of that period he had NOTHING to show for his efforts. And that’s all fine. It happens… that’s life! But then Daegan took a step back and asked himself the question, “What do I need to do to make it work?”

He sucked at calling potential prospects on the phone and approaching people in malls and on the street. So he decided he need to have something to do this part of the work for him. Through some research, study and observation he identified exactly what he needed.

This wasn’t like the answer just popped into his head. There were several months where he had no idea that the “thing” the “concept” ben existed.

But one day he was in an online forum and clicked the link in someones signature file and BOOM… it came to him. Point by point exactly what he had envisioned.

Now, had he not taken a step back and said to himself, “What do I need to succeed?” He would not have identified what that “thing” was when he saw it.

This is one of the important points. If you don’t take a step back… because there are always things that people will tell you, “You should do this… You should do that… .“ But if you don’t take a step back and think about what you need to do to achieve success in a home business – no one will do it for you.

success in a home business

No one is going to evaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are and advise you on the best way forward. That’s something you can do and it’s most important that you think about it and do it.

When Deagan identified what he required to be successful in his business he jumped on it immediately. What he then realised that when he started to think that way, asking himself the question, “What do I need to be successful?”

Once he identified what that was and the setup required, he could then focus on what he had to do. Ultimately in Daegens case he identified that what he needed was traffic. Controlling his own flow of quality traffic.

And so by luck he came to the idea of ’Newsletter Marketing’. He found a newsletter, paid some money, found someones ad to copy (he didn’t know anything about writing effective ads at that time), placed it and went off to work at his regular job as a Pharmeceutical Sales Rep.

When he came home from work he found he had 70 leads and 11 new people in his business. All as a result of placing the ad in the newsletter.

Now, here’s the point – when he wasn’t succeeding what was he doing? he was walking through the streets of Washington D.C. practicing and practicing.

Than at night for hours upon hours he was cold-calling people and “getting kicked in the nuts.” That’s what rejection can feel like, right.

He kept going, kept trying the same thing. So much so that he was saying to himself, “I have to get good at this.”

As a result he would buy more expensive course on his credit cards on cold-calling people so that he could bring them into his opportunity. But, he never got any better results.

What was the difference? Success was placing an ad in a newsletter. Failure was attempting to be the best by increasing his ability. We fail to realise that when we're trying to succeed, more often than not, success is a lot CLOSER than we think.

It’s not about us mastering something. It’s not about getting better. It’s much more about identifying your weaknesses, the wall, the resistance in your path to success.

Then you have to ask yourself the question: “How can I get that out of my way?” And as soon as you do and get rid of those obstacles success starts to come your way.

Are you working too hard? Are you trying to master something that you don’t need to. Could “success in a home business” be a lot closer than you think it is. If you would just take some time and ask yourself what is holding you back and find a way of getting over, around or under it.

Success is far more about removing complexity and simply controlling the things that are necessary. Calling people on the phone is not necessary.

And there’s something that you are probably doing at the moment that is not necessary. What is it and why are you doing it? Get rid of it.


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Remember, once you get on the path and hitting that wall, you can’t get past it. You try to get better and go down the path of trying to master the problem.

But this ‘mastery path’ often does not lead you to mastery. And this will cause you to continue to spend money until you finally run and even in extreme cases go bankrupt.

A wise and experienced marketer once said, “A problem aged is a problem intensified.” Is that what’s happening to you? You’re letting your problems continue and stick-around. You keep on hitting that wall and making no progress.

Simply get rid of the problem. Remove the barrier and you’ll find success is almost instant. It’s not about force. It’s about removing the hurdles in your way.

And that takes thinking and changing your mindset. And unfortunately a lot of people want someone else to tell them what to do.

Are you going to be the person that thinks… steps back for a minute and says, “What is wrong with my situation and what are ways to change it for the better.” Or are you always going to say, “I need to find someone else to tell me what to do” and look for external validation.

This is not about hitting the wall and trying to break it down. It’s about getting rid of it by going over, under, round it or in a different direction.

Or it may be that the wall you’re hitting is not the real problem. So take a step back and think about these things because if you do you’ll be very close to success in a home business and the thing(s) that will get you there will become effortless.

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The Top Three Effective Tips On How To Start Your Own Business

how to start your own business

If you've ever wondered how to start your own business, you should first discover the importance of network marketing. Similar to brick-and-mortar businesses, you can use strong online marketing efforts to build a solid brand, attract potential customers and maintain a presence in the industry.

How to Start Your Own Business: Getting Going

Network marketing provides business owners multiple opportunities to earn income. This model of marketing leverages the time and effort of individuals that you recruit to increase your business revenue.

For example, if you select to be member of a company that sells lamps, you can earn a commission or portion of sales that you make. But, if you recruit new people and they also sell the lamps, as their sponsor you will also earn a commission on each sale they make. This is the basis of network marketing.

how to start your own business

In order to be effective as possible and know how to start your own business, you will need to find a stable network marketing company that sells products that interest you. Once you identify a business, research the company to learn as much as you can.

Ask questions about the compensation structure, the initial start-up costs and how much you can expect to pay out in expenses each month. You can find out more about various network marketing companies fron the Direct Selling Association (DSA) or MLM Rankings.

Top Tip: Invest at least 30 days in training new members. Many sponsors neglect supporting and training new recruits, which leads to “orphan” recruits who eventually quit the business.

Training will boost their staying power, increase retention and duplication  and so improve your ability to earn more income.

Establishing Your Online Presence

Aside from performing the basic business registration tasks, such as selecting a name, identifying a business structure and registering with state and local government entities, you should determine how you plan to design and implement your online presence. Establishing a strong brand requires that you complete some preliminary work before getting started.

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Delivering products and services requires that you establish a strong brand. To get started, you should select a business name that conveys the strength of your company's offerings.

Consider working with a brand engineering professional who can help you develop the appropriate collateral, including your logo and tagline.

Once you establish the official name of your business, you need to conduct research to determine what domain name you will use. In addition, you should ensure that your logo does not infringe on another company's trademark rights. You can obtain domains from company like Namecheap.

Once you select a domain name, begin researching website hosting companies. You should select a company like Hostgator, GoDaddy or BlueHost that delivers a high percentage of uptime, strong customer service and products that fit within your budget.

Top Tip: Try to secure hosting for at least five years; the search engines favor websites that have a longer registration period.

How to Start Your Own Business: Automating the Process

Once you establish your online presence, you will need to capture information from visitors. The visitors will include individuals interested in purchasing your products, potential recruits or combination of both.

how to start your own business

Leverage the power of the Internet by automating the process. For example, use an autoresponder service like Get Response or AWeber that capture email addresses so that you can consistently follow up with potential recruits or customers.

Top Tip: Create digital courses, newsletters and other valuable information to establish a relationship of trust with your visitors and begin the sales process.

If you want to learn how to start your own business, you should invest time in understanding the different types of income models. Network marketing delivers a firm opportunity to create additional income.

With a willingness to get out of their comfort zone, to work hard and smart and be teachable and coachable – over time  many network marketers will build a successful and profitable business.

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Why Your Home Business Is Like A Big Hunk Of Meat

your home business

Is your home business like a big hunk of meat?

It's an interesting analogy!

One of my mentor's and friend, Joel Peterson, recently sent me a video clarifying this and it makes for very interesting watching. You can  take away some valuable nuggets of wisdom to help you in your home business.

Your Home Business Is Like A Big Hunk Of Meat

Have you ever sat down and wondered why some people are successful in their Home Business?

Well… it may come down to a BIG HUNK OF MEAT.

No really… I'm being serious.

Have a look at the video above to see what I'm talking about and everything will be explained.

It was recently the birthday of one of my mentor's, Joel Peterson. His family got him a top of the line smoker charcoal grill. He likes his meat and he had been hinting that he wanted one for sometime.

your home business

To put the smoker to use he decided to use it on his birthday and cook a large piece of beef brisket. Now this was a huge hunk of meat that is gnarly and very tough.

You have to cook it right way if you weant it to turn out well and  be tastey. And cooking the ‘right way' means cooking it in the smoker for 14 hours.

Yes! You read it correctly… 14 hours.

The smoker has all the top of the line features… independently controlled heating element, large wood chip container, infa red heating source, produces clean, cool smoke for hour, comprehensive instructions, etc.

Now, how many people buy one of these smoker cookers and it just sits on their deck without being used. It's put to one corner of the yard and the rain and snow comes and rots it away and it can no longer be used.

Or if they decide to actually use it they will buy a large piece of meat and realise that it will take 14 hours to cook it, if you want to do it right. They'll say to themselves,” I don't have 14 hours”. They'll take that meat and throw it in the microwave instead.

20 minutes later they try to eat it and find they've got some horrible tasting meat. Or they'll go to a normal BBQ and throw it on the grill for 30 minutes and find they end up with tough, gnarly, piece of chewy piece of meat.

your home business

The  smoker came with instructions stating that if you wished to cook a large piece of meat like a beef  brisket then you would have to follow certain procedures and it would take 14 hours.

After a while you will start to smell the meat being cooked. You'll have to keep monitoring it for the 14 hours of cooking – following the intructions, making sure it stays plugged-in, feeding it more woodchips, checking the temperature.

Following the instructions and taking the necessary actions will ensure that at the  end of the 14 hours you have a piece of tender, juicey and tastey  beef that all the family will enjoy.

Follow Training and be Patient in Your Home Business

Now let's see how this relates to “your home business”. A good home business is like a top of the range smoker. It will have all the neccessary tools and resources to help you effectively market and create great promotional campaigns. Things like great products that people want and need in this new digital economy, and that can be delivered easily – marketing funnels, capture pages, etc.

Also importantly, it will come with instructions, the training showing you how to use these tools and resources effectively. But you have to be patient and follow the training and be persistent and consistent before you see results.


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You see, a lot of people will get a home business and then do nothing with it – just put it to the side to gather dust. Maybe they'll look at the instructions and review some training and realise that there will not be instant results.

Effort will be required and it will take some time. But in trying to take shortcuts they do want some do when realising that it takes 14 hours to cook a hunk of beef brisket – put it in the microwave for 20 minutes or throw it on the grill for 30 minutes.

But they will not end up with the results they want – in the case of the smoker cooker, tough and bad tasting meat and with a home business, a small amount of customers, little profit and large outgoings.

With a good home business you'll get all the tools, resources and training – but you have to follow them and be patient to achieve success. There are rarely overnight success stories.

So get a good business, be patient, follow the training and be prepared to learn new skills and roll up your sleeves and take consistent action. After some time (a bit like the smoker and beef brisket) you will have something that the whole family can benefit from – your home business that is thriving, enjoyable and profitable.

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your home business












The First And Best Things To Do In Your Home Business And What To Avoid: Day 1

One of my mentors, Joel Peterson has recommended an awesome new book by Margie Aliprandi and Martha Finney. It’s called “Best, Worst, First: Everything You Need To Know To Build The Business Of Your Dreams”.

It’s a collection of the best advice from seventy-five Home Business experts about the worst thing you can do in your business and the most important first thing you should to do in your business. There are so many great tips in the book.

The Best – Worst – First Thing You Should Do In Your Business 

Joel recommended the book because he knows many of the people who have written the articles and so knew that the information given was genuine and proven to get results. The advice can be applied to any home business, whether it be network marketing, affiliate marketing or any form of online marketing.

The Best Thing To Do In Your Business

In the video Joel shares some advice given by one of the contributors in the book, Tom Alkazin. Tom’s best advice revolves around staying passionate about your goals and building initial spark you have when starting out into a raging cauldron of fire.

Another thing I love about what he says is that aim for progress and not perfection. If your are consistent, over time you will get better and better, be more successful, help more people and so earn more money – but it just does not happen overnight.

The Worst Thing To Do In Your Business

One of the worst things Tom talks about is unplugging from your support network. This can be the team you have built in your home business, accountability partners, or supportive friends or family. If you stop coming onto the regular team calls, stop reading the emails, stop attending events and just go back to regular life then you will ultimately fail in your business.

You need to stay plugged in and keep taking action.

Things To Do In Your Business

Another mistake a lot of people make is trying to do things their own way. If you have a system to follow that has been put in place by your leaders and group, then follow that system.

There’s a reason for that – it’s been proven to work and it’s easy for people to copy and so creates duplication. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.


Finally, An Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE

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The First Thing To Do In Your Business

Extending meaningful invitations is something Tom recommends you do early on when starting your business. Nobody will buy and product or service you have to offer if they do not see it and don’t know it exists. Invitations can consist of things like ads – email, Facebook ads, Google, classified ads etc., or a personal invitation from a friend or colleague.

Having a system that sends out meaningful invitations to prospective clients and which provides them with useful and honest information about what truly works, can be very powerful in growing your business. These are just some of the most useful things to do in your home business to keep you on track, increase your client base and boost your profits.

Summary of today's tip comes from Tom Alkazin

Best – Stay passionate about your goals

Worst – Unplug from your support network

First – Extend meaningful invitations.

Did you like this post and did you get value from it? If so I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below or like or share it on Facebook!

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simple lead capture page creator













Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities With Prospects

affordable home based business opportunities

Take a look on the Internet and you will find plenty of affordable home based business opportunities. Many of us dream of working from home. After all those who run an online business can be their own boss and work when they choose to.

So running a business from the comfort of your own home sounds pretty idyllic. But anyone who works from home in order to earn their living will tell you that home based business owners probably work twice as hard as anyone else.

If you are trying to locate a legitimate way of making money online then begin by starting a small home based business.

Small Affordable Home Based Business Opportunities

Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow. There is no point in investing huge amounts of money in an online business if the return is minimal. When we talk about starting up an affordable online business we should consider ideas that require little or no investment.

affordable home based business opportunities

Take an overall look at the area that you live in and consider supply and demand. Do residents in your locality need cleaners or gardeners? If you are an accomplished gardener or a cleaner then you could set up a website and advertise your services.

You may not be physically working from home but your operating costs will be low so you should be able to maximise your profits.

Home based businesses that Allow You to work within Your Own Home

Every entrepreneur had to start somewhere and all of us have hidden talents that we never bring to the forefront. Maybe you make wonderful gift cards, handmade jewellery or cute hand-crafted goods.

If that is the case then use your skills to make an income. Accomplished cooks could try their hand at baking and selling celebration cakes, hence you make money from working at home doing a job you enjoy.

The Home Party Business Industry is Booming

If you are a great host and you have the gift of the gab then you should try earning a living from home party plan systems. This is one of the many affordable home based business opportunities that can be profitable.

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A high percentage of firms that claim to have the ideal way of earning an income from home ask for a substantial start-up fee. Run a home party business and you may well have to purchase a party plan starter kit but that is usually relatively affordable.

Are There Any Internet Business opportunities?

Anyone who has access to the Internet and a few hours to spare has the potential to earn cash from home. Look online and you will see that many companies are advertising for customer service handlers, article writers and data entry workers.

Listed above are a few ways of earning money from home and all of these ideas are affordable. The majority of people seek online work to boost their income and it is up to you to find a business opportunity that matches your skills and interests.

There are many affordable home based business opportunities in this world and some of them will bring great personal and financial rewards.

Did you like this post and did you get value from it? If so I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below or like or share it on Facebook!

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affordable home based business opportunities