How Did I Land Up Here? A Simple Lead Capture Page Creator, Made Simple

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What is a Lead Capture Page and Where Can I Find A Simple Lead Capture Page Creator?

Are you wondering what a lead capture page is, how it can benefit your online marketing communication efforts and where you can find a simple lead capture page creator? Well, you have certainly come to the right place, as I would be happy to answer these questions for you — and to ultimately help you find an easy way to create a great lead capture page.

So, exactly what is a lead capture page? A lead capture page, or a landing page, is a page that will appear to your potential clients when they click on an SEO link, a link within another webpage/social media site or an online advertisement.

So, in simplest terms, a lead capture page needs to do just that: Capture clients information after convincing them that your business is worth taking a closer look.

Simple Lead Capture Page Creator: Increase Your Potential Client Base

To the above point, there are two types of lead capture pages that you can create. The first is a reference lead capture page. The purpose of this type of landing page is to provide relevant information to the visitor.

simple lead capture page creator

If you are — for example — an online provider of a certain service, you may use the lead capture page to give potential clients more information about the product or service in question.

From a marketing perspective, the benefit of a reference lead capture page is not immediate, but you capture their contact details (usually at least their email) and then establish a relationships with them to build trust and your brand image.

The second type of lead capture page you can create, which is most useful as part of your online marketing strategy, is a transactional landing page. Quite simply, the purpose of such a lead capture page is to convince potential clients to take action by completing a personal information form.

Such a form would include such as their email address and other communication and service preferences. Once you've got these details  you can then send more specific or comprehensive information about your products and/or services via an email service provider like AWeber.

To obtain the contact details of potential clients you need to offer them something in return. This is usually termed a “lead magnet” or “ethical bribe”.

It could be a free report or  video or something the visitor to the capture page feels is valuable enough to exchange their contact information for.

Once you have obtained the contact information and delivered your “lead magnet” or “ethical bribe” you can go on to communicate with that person giving them more information about the product and services you offer and possibly make a sale or sales in the future.

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Simple Lead Capture Page Creator: An Easy Setup

A lead capture page is arguably one of the best ways to kick-start communication and an exchange with prospective clients. How then do you create an effective lead capture page?

Here at Six Figure Mentors, we offer you a simple lead capture page creator, that will help you create a great lead capture page in under 5 minutes! We offer you an easy solution for building and setting up a landing page that will successfully generate leads for your online business.

A well-made lead capture page, with the emphasis being on the page being as professional yet appealing as possible, is the future of list building and the way to create a profitable integrated online marketing business.

If you have a moment, we would love to tell you more about our simple lead capture page creator. It will not take up much of your time, and you can create an account for free!

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Successful Website Building With The Digital Business Lounge

Not many business owners or marketers are aware of online solutions like Digital Business Lounge, which is a shame because this is the best way to take the mental ache out of building a website. If you strip it down to the absolute base levels, building a website can be quite complex; especially with the inordinate amount of coding knowledge required to get the job done.

This, of course, does not include the aspect of registering a new domain, finding appropriate hosting and learning how to use the website to its full potential. The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) has designed the perfect package that takes care of it all.

What is the Digital Business Lounge?

Essentially, this package is an all-in-one website building powerhouse. This solution enables users to create WordPress websites with ease and have them up and running in an hour.

Quick and simple tutorials guide users through the creation process, limiting the amount of stress that one would normally have to deal with. For those people who might be struggling with the creative process, SFM has a team of ingenious content writers on call; people who can bring your web-vision to life.

This package also takes care of the domain hosting issue and also assists with multiple site hosting on one domain.

How to Boost your Marketing Success with Digital Business Lounge

The Digital Business Lounge package offers clients lead page templates that are guaranteed to boost the growth of profitable mailing lists. There is a certain amount of business science involved in creating successful lead pages; and there are a fair few advertising and marketing agencies that will charge heavy fees for the same service.

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This package enables people to create their own online marketing campaign without enlisting additional services. There is certainly something to be said for the ability to build a fully functional, successful website on one's own.

Is There a Possibility of Tracking the Website's Success?

Instead of going through the nightmare of using complicated testing algorithms, the “Digital Business Lounge” offers clients the use of something called “Simple Trakk.” This tracking program enables website builders to view their marketing schemes and keep an eye on how successful their efforts really are.

Digital Business Lounge

This is probably the best way to get rid of dead weight marketing efforts; providing people with the information they need to patch up any flaws in their online endeavors. No prior skills are required to run this tracker, which comes complete with funnel tracking and split-test functions.

Is this Solution Expensive?

The good news is that the SFM team has created packages that start from the $1 mark. Clients can pick and choose which packages will suit their needs most — there is no need to pay for any tools that will not be used.

The premium package costs under $50 and, with so many functionalities, is a real bargain. There is no need to download excessively huge files, which reduces overall costs as well. The Digital Business Lounge is an example of true value for money.

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DS Domination Review: Is Drop Shipping The Key To Success?

DS Domination review

This DS domination review will explain the program that was put together by Roger Langille. It is the first Internet platform that lets a person harness the power of famous brands in order to gain individual success. Here is a closer look at the program.

DS Domination Review:  What is it and How Does it Work?

DS Domination is a program that uses a drop shipping method to gain income. Drop shipping lets a person purchase a product from another site and sell it on Ebay or similar platforms for a lower cost while maintaining a profit.

This service is easy to follow and is totally automated. The basic premise of DS domination provides training on the best ways to earn income through Ebay sales and Amazon purchasing.

A person will need to pay $19.95 each month to begin the service. However, a person can earn discounts by referring new members.

After a person reaches a certain income, it is possible to subscribe to a more expanded plan. This can cost up to $120, but it will bring more training and support.

How To Make Money With DS Domination

The simplest way to make money through this system is to become an affiliate and take part in the affiliate network. This network helps a person earn commissions on referrals.

DS Domination review

Level One referrals usually provide 50 percent commissions. Level Six to 10 will earn a one percent commission.

Money is also earned when a certain sales volume is reached during the month. When sales are driven, a person has the ability to earn up to $1000 a week.

Who Should Consider This Program?

Unlike other gimmicks, a “DS Domination review” should explain that this program is perfect for everyone. Any individual who wants to begin an online business to earn income should consider this system. There is no need to build up a brand or perfect marketing skills.

DS Domination Review: The PROS of this System

A person does not have to recruit others to join this program. This means that a person earns income on individual merit. Drop shipping has many positives as well. A person will not need to physically take control of large quantities of product.

CONS of This System

If you want to earn money as an affiliate marketer then you will have market the DS Domination program using your affiliate link. You will person need to recruit people and build a team to establish a successful downline.

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In order to make money on a site like Ebay, a person will need to form a competitive business. Competition is the biggest disadvantage of drop shipping.

Testimonials For This System

A DS domination review should mention that most people who use this system have found great earning potential. Although most people have upgraded to the Elite level, people at the bottom have enjoyed success as well.

One woman loves the fact that she can make money without leaving home. Also, there are no boring meetings and no need to chase employees or recruit. Another user claims that motivation and determination are the only things needed to earn a solid income.

Final Recommendation

This DS Domination review should end with a recommendation to people who are looking for a relatively simple way to make money online. Most people choose this program because it allows money to be earned immediately.

Finally, it's not necessary to recruit affiliates to earn money. If you wish you can just generate cash flow by selling products on Ebay as taught in the DS Domination members area and go on to build a very healthy income.

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Auto Backlink Generator: The Inside Secrets

auto backlink generator

Backlinks are essential for getting a site ranked in the search engines and gaining site visitors. Here we’ll go into several reasons why making use of an auto backlink generator tends to make excellent sense for your business.

Generally backlink campaigns consist of manually adding links within directories, blogs and websites within your niche. You are likely to find hundreds or a huge number of internet sites inside your niche. To add links manually would be time-consuming and illogical considering the number of back link generators we have at our disposal.

With an auto backlink generator you'll be able to:

* Create and keep backlinks with a simple click of a mouse button
* Save thousands of hours
* Save money by not needing to outsource ever again
* Rank higher in the search engines
* Get more traffic to your site(s)
* Make even more money!

Beat your Competition by Making use of an Auto Backlink Generator

Before going into a brand new niche or setting up an affiliate website, there is a lot research that needs to be carried out. Savvy internet marketers check out everything – including the amount of backlinks their competitors have. Why?

auto backlink generator

Because the place where you will make the most money is by being highly visible in the search engines – on Page One in particular. Most people looking for information will never go to websites listed beyond the second page.

Keyword selection is of course vitally important, but the quantity of backlinks you have certainly comes a close second. In case your major competitor is already at the top of the rankings in the search engines and has 2,000 backlinks, then you will want to implement a system that can swiftly beat that number and rank your site higher.

Using an auto backlink generator will help you achieve this. You might be thinking, “Well that's amazing! That saves me time, money, and manual labor! No more requirements to contract out the manual backlinking work!”

So the best thing to do is to automate the job as much as you possibly can. Leverage your time and deploy an auto backlink generator to hop, skip as well as a jump ahead.

The chances are your competitors are doing just that. Using software to get many backlinks automatically. What if you could use the same tools as your competition, plus a couple more, and obtain 5,000 or much more backlinks in a push-button fashion?

Why use an Auto Backlink Generator?

The Backlink Automator is different from the majority of backlink generators. When you register for it, your registering with a network of thousands upon thousands of sites, all of which can be utilized for backlinks.

auto backlink generator

Whether or not you have one particular WordPress website or one thousand – you’ll be able to take advantage of other sites by automatically making backlinks inside the network.

The software gets up & running in seconds and does all this:

* find high authority sites by keyword automatically
* show all target sites with their Google PR
* open any site in 1 click right inside the software
* post backlinks in just a few clicks
* save 10 profiles for 100% unique backlinks
* use spintax for even more unique backlink combinations

auto backlink generator

Your pages get indexed quickly, and will rank high in a much quicker time. There lots of people who use and love Backlink Automator and will give exceptional testimonials.

Nevertheless, if you are skeptical, just try it and see. For those of us who have been through the manual work of backlinking – it is very monotonous stuff. Utilizing an auto backlink generator like Backlink Automator to obtain a top page ranking in the search engines is quick, very easy, and can put you way ahead of the game.

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20 Minute Payday Review – Is It Right For You?

If you have ever dreamed of making big money online, this 20 Minute Payday Review can answer some important questions for you. Whether you are new to the world of internet marketing or you have been struggling for several years to begin making any significant amount of income online, learning the secrets of making the big money is something that eludes anyone without the right system.

20 Minute Payday Review: What is included?

When you join 20 Minute Payday, you are given access to some very powerful and lucrative affiliate opportunities.

The system includes:

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) – this is probably the biggest money maker in the system because it allows you to promote a big ticket items, which has already demonstrated the ability to provide superb conversion due to its success. The use of the proven sales funnel is definitely an important factor in dramatically growing your online income. It also provides a comprehensive digital marketing education to assist in growing your online marketing skills and has a supportive and interactive community .

Pure Leverage – is an e-mail auto responder that offers webinar platforms and other tools that you can use to market your business and grow your list. An important component of marketing success is having a responsive email list, so learning how to effectively build a list that converts well is definitely an important aspect of the program's success in helping you to generate a significant online income, quickly.

DotComSecretsX – This is an actual product that you will use to promote and succeed in the system. This product will help you master the right marketing strategies in order to increase traffic generation. There are daily lessons, as well as videos, that cover a variety of traffic generation strategies that are key for building your list and earning a substantial income online, using this system.

20 Minute Payday Review:” What Makes the System a Winner?

This 20 Minute Payday review focuses on how the system promotes all three of these opportunities, creating a successful sales funnel that can help just about anyone be successful at earning big money online. The step-by-step system created by online millionaire, Russell Brunson, guides even the newest internet marketer through the steps necessary to become one of the top earners in the internet marketing world.

20 Minute Payday review

Of course, having the right tools and products is definitely important and the 20 Minute Payday System offers the multiple income streams that provide the reoccurring income that is so vital to the success of your online income, especially if you want to make the big money.

Reoccurring Commissions are Key to Online Success

All of these programs earn you money on an ongoing basis. The reoccurring commissions you generate can help you build on your success every single month by allowing you to reinvest back into your own business.

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The 20 Minute Payday is an entire system that is put together to work as independent components complementing one another to help you achieve success in the shortest amount of time possible.

In fact, when you join, you can automatically get entered into the co-op rotation to receive free paid traffic. This is something that you never find with other programs. This 20 Minute Payday review can reveal that the system offers members a free part of the $10,000 advertising budget that Russell Brunson uses to buy traffic. This means that members can get free traffic to their affiliate link which will help them to grow their business quickly. This is a phenomenal bonus.

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How To Succeed Online With The Plug In Profits Site

Plug In Profits site

If you are struggling to make it in Internet marketing, or just trying to get started, you may have heard of the Plug In Profits site, and wondered if it could help you. It certainly seems to have helped a lot of people, and is becoming increasingly popular throughout the online community.

However, you obviously need to have the facts about the system, before committing yourself to joining it.

Plug In Profits Site: What Exactly Is This Program?

The Plug In Profits site is a WordPress-enabled affiliate website with a complete training package, created by the Internet guru Stone Evans.

The site is predesigned and fully operational, already loaded with five affiliate programs for you to promote. You can customize the site if you know HTML or are able to use a web page editor, and obviously it is to your advantage to do this, so your site won't be identical to everyone else's.

Plug In Profits site

Although the site itself is free of charge, you do have to pay for the domain name and hosting — you actually have to use the provider's own hosting service. You also have to pay to sign up to the affiliate programs that are loaded on to the site, in order to promote them.

You are not actually obliged to sign up for any of them, but obviously you will lose the profit opportunity for any program you pass up on.

Plug In Profits Site: The Training Package

The really distinctive feature of the Plug In Profits site is the 30-day training module, which is developed in a way that makes it very easy for you to learn. It uses a step-by-step approach, in which you are encouraged to take one simple action each day, and build on this the following day.

Plug In Profits site

The topics it covers include methods of promoting your site, obtaining quick leads with free and paid-for solo ads, and article marketing. This training was developed personally by Stone Evans, and simply reflects what he does himself in his own marketing, so you can be sure it teaches you what actually works.

Plug In Profits Site: Work Done For You

For many users, the most powerful feature of the Plug In Profits site is the provision of the 400 articles, which are already created on your WordPress blog. If you have had any experience of trying to do article marketing, you will have some idea of the colossal amount of time it would take you to write this number of articles.

This represents a huge amount of work which you don't have to do.

There are all sorts of ways you can use these articles. For instance, you can load them on to an autoresponder and use them as part of an e-mail campaign, when customers opt in to receive information from you. However, you can use them even more effectively by tweaking them to make them individual to yourself.

Plug In Profits site

You can then either submit them to article directories, to help drive traffic to your site, or use them as great content for your website, to help it achieve higher search engine rankings.

The important thing to remember is that Stone Evans' purpose in designing the Plug In Profits Site was to help you set up your own Internet marketing business, not to do all the work for you.

With the Plug In Profits site you have all the ingredients for success, but the success itself depends on how badly you want it to work, and how focused you are. As with every enterprise, if you are persistent, motivated and work smart, you definitely can succeed.

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