7 Tools You Require To Succeed Online

7 tools you need to succeed online

Charlie Page is a successful internet marketer who has been making a full-time living online for the last sixteen years.

When he started he was barely able to afford the $40 membership fee for the Directory of Ezines. He ended up buying the company less than 18 months later.

Charlie now has more than 15 membership sites and serves over 23,000 paying members.

But this successful online entrepreneur and educator has an embarrassing little secret! He's addicted to buying marketing tools.

It's serious. He's an easy sale. 🙁

He wasted tens of thousands of dollars before he saw the light. And then he had an epiphany.

He realised he could run his entire business with only SEVEN tools.

He details these tools in the video below and shows how these are the core 7 tools you require to succeed online.

Tired of buying tools and resources and still not making the progress you thought you would make?

I want to share with you the seven tools you really need to succeed online.

I believe there are 7 core tools we all need to succeed online. Get them and learn to use them and the future is bright.

I know many people say, “You need this tool, and you need that tool,” but I'm a big believer in simplicity, so I want to share with you the simple solution to knowing which tools you really need to succeed online.

Happily, each are affordable and easy to use. Many come with free options.

Here's my list of the big 7.

Number One – You need a WordPress blog

You absolutely have to have a WordPress blog.

We all need a platform.

We all need a home base, a place where we can say, “Go here and see everything that I do.”

For me, it's CharliePage.com. That's my home base.

One place where we can send all of our traffic, we can track real results so we can establish our brand and build trust.

WordPress does this better than anything else.

WordPress is free or it's very low cost to have installed. Plugins add all the extra power you need. You really don't need anything beyond that and WordPress is very, very easy to use. Google loves WordPress blogs too, so you'll rank very well by having a WordPress blog.

Number Two – You need content for that blog

Getting a blog is easy, but filling it up with content is hard, right? Not really so much.

Content is much easier than most people think that it is. You really have three options when it comes to creating content easily for your blog.

Number one, you can write the content yourself.

If you like to write, you know right now that it's not a big deal for you. But if you're a person who looks at a blank piece of paper and says, “No. I'm not doing this,” then that's okay. Hold on. I've got a solution for you too.

Now, if you like to write, here's what I would say to you.

The more you write, the better you'll do it. So get started, doing it. Write every day.

If you write for 15 minutes a day every day within 3 weeks you're going to be writing so much better than you did on day one!

So you can write the content yourself.

You can write from research that you do, or from a base of knowledge you already have, or a type of expertise you have. There are many ways to do the writing yourself. It's really not that hard.

If you use a template, it will take about an hour really to create a great blog post.

You can create a short blog post in about 20 minutes.

If you want to create a longer, more authoritative blog post it takes about an hour. That includes putting images in it and things like that, so it's really not that bad.

The second solution and this is great if you don't like to write, but you do like to read and you like to research,  is curation.

You can curate the content from other sources. Curation means unlimited free content for your blog.

You find great content and you share it. That's what curation is.

If you can go to a movie and then see a friend and say, “Oh, I really like this movie and here's what I liked about it,” without giving away the punchline of the movie, without being a spoiler, then you can do curation online because that's really what it is.

It's like going to a restaurant, really liking it and bumping into a friend at church and saying, “Hey, I love this restaurant! I think you would too, and here's why.”

That is curation. That's content curation. You find great content and you share it.

If you like to read, if you like to research then this is for you. It's actually fun.

You comment on the content along the way. That's what you do.

You share small bits of somebody else's content ethically by providing a link to their website and you comment on what you like about it or what you disagree with about it. Very easy to do.

Option three is to get guest writers to post on your blog for you or use PLR content.

Often when I say this to people, they say to me, “Yeah. I don't have a reputation online. I'm not well-known online. Nobody's going to write for my blog.”

Here's the thing, it's the free way to get content and most people aren't even asking. So, put a link up on your blog today that says “Write for us,” and either offer to pay them a little tiny bit or don't offer to pay them at all and just say, “Hey, you could write for us.”

You'd be surprised how many people are out there right now who like to write, they want to promote themselves with their writing, and they're looking for places for their content to be displayed. Your blog could be that place and that means free content for you.

Plus, here's a little trick for you, if you get somebody else to blog for you, ask them to broadcast a message to their list or to their social media saying, “Hey, good news. I'm on this person's blog and go check it out.” You'll get free traffic too.

Number Three – You need an autoresponder

An autoresponder is the next tool you need and you just have to have this.

An autoresponder means email marketing. Email marketing has the biggest return on investment of any type of marketing and it's incredibly powerful. I've made a full-time living online for about 16 years and I just couldn't do it without my autoresponder.

An autoresponder is a must. It's simply a program that sends out email on a schedule. That's all an autoresponder is. So, you want a series of messages to go out. You don't want to do that every day yourself, you program them into this autoresponder and it sends it out on the schedule that you dictate. Very, very easy to do.

The top choices include:

Active Campaign. Really great service.

Ontraport is who I use. That's a customer relationship management service, as well as an email service.

Drip is very good. Drip is owned by the people over at LeadPages. Very good. Free to start.

Another great one is Convert Kit.

I know many people have opinions about which autoresponder is best. Here's the thing I would say, there are many on the market and all of them are really doing the same thing. Some of them are doing a great job.

Just always use a smart autoresponder.

Here's what I mean by smart.

If you have 10,000 people on your list, make sure you're only getting charged for 10,000 people not multiple times if they join multiple lists.

With some old-style autoresponders, if you've got 10,000 people and all of them are on three of your lists, you're paying for 30,000 people. You see what I mean?

So be careful with that. If you need any help on that, let me know.

Number Four – You need a lead magnet

A lead magnet is a must. You've got to have a great lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet?

It's a small piece of helpful content that you give away in exchange for a person joining your list.

You've seen this and probably participated in it.

You've probably joined a person's list because you wanted to get a free report. Then you downloaded it, you read it and you really enjoyed it.

That's a lead magnet.

That's all it is.

7 tools you require to succeed online

Great lead magnets include things like how-to guides, how to do a particular thing, resource guides, where can you get resources to do a particular thing, toolkits, cheat sheets, mind maps, checklists.

There's a long list of things that make for a great lead magnet.

Anything that helps a person take a step toward their goal will make a great lead magnet. You notice I said “A step” not “All the steps”.

A great lead magnet needs to be useful, but incomplete. If you give away the entire story, if you give away your entire knowledge base in a lead magnet, you will never make any sales.

A lead magnet whets a person's appetite so that they'll want to buy your product.

It does it in a really ethical way because you're giving them a preview of coming attractions.

It's a preview of what they're going to get if they buy from you. It works beautifully well.

Number Five – You need a page builder

What's a page builder?

It's a program that builds beautiful landing pages.

What is a landing page?

Believe it or not, a landing page is simply a page someone lands on. That's where they go when they click a link.

  • That could be a blog post.
  • It could be a sales letter.
  • It could be a squeeze page.
  • It could be a thank you page.
  • It could be a download page.
  • It could be a million different things.

Any page a person goes to when they click a link is considered a landing page.

You can use a service like LeadPages or Instapages. They charge a monthly fee. Perfectly fine.

I use and recommend Clickfunnels for building all types of pages.

Or you can use a WordPress plugin, and this is what I love about WordPress.

If you have WordPress, you really have what you need. You can use a plugin like OptimizePress or Thrive Content Builder or there are other ones out there that are very good too.

Number Six – You need tracking

Another thing you need is tracking.

Tracking gets confusing for people, so let's break it down and keep it simple.

There are basically two types of tracking that matter most, click tracking and visitor tracking.

Click tracking means how many people click a link that you promote.

You send out a solo ad, you promote something on Facebook, you post a free ad on Craig's list, you send out an email, and you're asking people to click a link.

That's where click tracking come in. What they do after they click is also tracked by that click tracker.

Visitor tracking shows how people behave once they reach your site.

How long do they stay on your site? How many pages do they visit? Do they take any particular action that's important like joining your list or buying something?

For click tracking, I use and recommend Wicked Reports.

Wicked Reports is advanced, but it's very, very powerful. I like it for click tracking.

For visitor tracking, I use and recommend good old Google Analytics, which is totally free, and it's easier to use than you might think. Google actually has some really helpful tutorials on how to use Google Analytics.

If you want something simpler for visitor tracking with a low fee, try Clicky.

Clicky works very, very well. I think it's $10 a month.

You just install it once on your blog and it tracks all of the pages and shows you what people do. It'll even give you a heat map.

A heat map is just a little graphical display of what people do when they're on your site, as far as, where do they click. It can be really helpful.

Number Seven – You need traffic

Next, you need traffic.

Everybody's chasing traffic.

That's fine because without traffic we really can't do all these other good things.

There are three types of traffic, basically. I don't have time here to go into a deep traffic analysis, but here's something simple that I think will really help you.

You've got cold traffic, warm traffic, and hot traffic.

Those are the three types of traffic. If you learn to think about them in that way it really would help you, because ultimately you want to build a capture system for each of these types of traffic.

These three types of traffic represent three types of people and they need to be related to differently.

You've got cold traffic, those are strangers who don't know you.

Warm traffic, they know you a little bit, but they don't really trust you yet.

Hot traffic, they trust you. They're ready for Freddy. They want to get to know you better, buy a product from you, have a conversation or take the action you want them to take.

Cold traffic is made up of people who don't know you yet and they often come from paid ads or free ad postings or social media.

They don't really know you, they see your ad, they are curious, and they click it.

Other types of mass marketing work that way too. If you do any kind of outbound telephone marketing or you do any kind of outbound direct mail marketing, the people who respond are all cold traffic.

Warm traffic comes from social media, people on your list, and affiliate marketers who are promoting for you.

The affiliate's promoting for a commission, so he or she is not promoting you as much as they are your product. For that reason this is warm traffic.

They know who you are, they're getting a recommendation from an affiliate, but clearly there's an affiliate relationship, so the recommendation isn't “Hey, this is my friend” as much as “Hey, this is a great product.” Warm traffic is really good. It's very important to have a warm traffic system.

Hot traffic comes from people referred to you from those following you closely on social for example. They don't just follow you on Twitter or on Facebook or wherever, on LinkedIn, they are actually conversing with you. Or it could be people who are on your mailing list. That's hot traffic.

These are the seven tools you really need to succeed online if you want to build a real business.

There's a huge difference between building a business and making a couple of dollars as an affiliate.

It's very important to focus on building a real business. You can finance it by focusing on the things that make you money now.

But if you only do the today dollar things forever, you'll never really build a lasting business because you have not built structure in there.

You want a real business that's durable and scalable, something you can sell, something you can pass on to your kids.

I used to think that wasn't real when people would say that to me. I learned many years ago that's very real. I could pass my business on to my kids right now and they'd do just fine.

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Let's recap.

Number one. You want to have a blog of your own.

That's the best way to have a home base, to have a platform from which you can tell your story, people can get to know you, you can build your brand.

Even if you're not an expert, you need to build a brand.

You need to stand for something.

The person who doesn't stand for something will fall for anything and people are looking for people they can trust online.

When you stand for something people resonate with that and they say, “Oh yeah. I want to follow this person.”

Number two. You need content for that blog.

That could come from your heart and it could flow out through your pen or your keyboard into blog posts that come from your heart, your experience, your research or your mind or it could be other people's content in the form of curation or guest posting. But here's the thing about content I want you to know. You've got a lot of options and it's not as hard as you might think.

Number three. You need an autoresponder

Once people come to your site and join your list, you want to be able to follow up with them automatically.

You want to be natural about it. You want to be personal, but you want to follow up automatically because you don't want to have to go send email every day.

Number four. You need a lead magnet

This is required in order to persuade people to join your list.

People need an incentive. It's a natural thing. You give them a great gift, they'll join your list, then your autoresponder can kick in.

You can ask them questions. You can make offers. You can do all sorts of things.

Number five. You need a page builder

You want beautiful landing pages.

We've all seen that thing that says “Ugly pages convert better than beautiful pages.”

That may have been true back in 2009, but it certainly isn't true today.

You really need a page builder, preferably one that uses beautiful and proven templates so you can just basically fill in the blanks and create really great sales letters, lead capture pages, thank you pages, that kind of thing.

Number six. You need tracking

You need to know what your results are.

If you're not tracking, you're guessing.

But tracking doesn't have to be high-level rocket science math. It can simply be some percentages of people who really click your link versus those that don't, how many people stay on your site longer, how many people bounce from your site, which means they come and they immediately leave, just some basic simple numbers you need to follow.

Number seven. And you need traffic.

Again, with traffic there's really three types and if you think about them that way, then you can begin thinking about how to get them.

So, that's our seven tools. When you've got these seven tools, you've got all you need.

You could buy a million fancy schmancy things that don't fall into one of these categories and that's fine, but if you want to build a real business, this is what I tell my kids, if you want to build a real business online, a durable, scalable business, these are the seven key tools that you've really got to have.

In this video and article Charlie Page has done a really great job in simplifying the seven tools you require to succeed online.

This should help you concentrate on what you actually need rather than being a marketing tools junky and wasting lots of money on unnecessary purchases.

Once you have your website setup it is very important to get ‘eyeballs' on it so that people can see the products and services that you have to offer. Traffic (visitors to your website) is essential to having a successful business online.

If you do not build a list of potential customers using effective lead capture pages and convert them into sales by following up with them using an autoresponder, then your online venture will not last very long.

There are two main ways of getting traffic – paid and free (also known as organic). A few of the paid methods are PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on Facebook,  Instagram, Youtube and Google Adwords.

The free method of getting traffic to your website is by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In reality there is nothing for free, so what you save financially by not paying for advertising campaigns, you pay for in time and effort when using SEO.

Before creating content for your blog you should research keywords relevant to the topic of your content and the products and services you are marketing.

Keywords are the phrases people are typing into the search-engines like Google and Bing to find answers to what they are looking for.

You can find out popular keywords by using Google's Keyword Planner which was formerly known as Google Keyword Tool. It's free to use but you have to setup a Google Adwords Account, although you do not necessarily have to create an account.

There are also paid keyword search tools you can use for a more comprehensive search of relevant keywords to use for your content. One of these is LongTailPro.

With this tool you can research long tail keywords (longer phrases people are typing into the search-engines) which makes it easier to rank your content  than the more competitive shorter keywords.

7 tools you require to succeed online

Doing effective keyword research using these tools, and creating unique, readable content containing the keywords, will make it more likely that it will rank higher in the search-engines. In this way more people will discover your content and be aware of the products and services you have to offer.

In the article Charlie mentioned certain specific companies that provide those tools. To help guide you, I have put together my own list and links to proven companies that provide the 7 tools required to succeed online:

  1. Create a Blog – Leadpages Site Builder
  2. Content for your blog – Textbroker
  3. Autoresponder – AWeber
  4. Lead Magnet – Designrr PDF Creator
  5. Web Page Builder – Convertri
  6. Tracking – ClickMagick
  7. Traffic – TrafficForMe

I hope this article clears up some of the confusion in what is required to start a business on the internet and assists you on your journey to online success.

You can read the original article RIGHT HERE.

Did you like this post and did you get value from it? If so I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below or like or share it on Facebook!

Charlie Page Owner Of Directory Of Ezines

Charlie Page is the owner of the Directory of Ezines and has more than 15 membership sites and achieved Amazon best seller status in less than 4 days. He's a successful online entrepreneur and educator teaches how to drive targeted traffic and build your lists with Ezine advertising, solo ads, article marketing, joint ventures and much more!




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A Video Tour Of The New Elite Marketing Pro Back Office

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3 Really Practical Ways To Quit Your Job And Travel The World Without Going Broke

How to quit your job and travel the world

We have all heard about the ‘laptop lifestyle’ where people are running online businesses from any where in the world so long as they have access to the internet.

But is this a reality? Can people actually run a profitable business while working online where they want, when they want, and how often they want.

This article by Sarah Peterson gives some answers. It’s based on her own her experience of travelling the globe and working from her laptop.

It's jam-packed with practical, real world advice. Her experience will inspire you and enrich your own journey.

So if you are disengaged and disenchanted with your work, roles and future… then this is a must read.


Have you ever wished you could afford to travel more?

Maybe you’ve dreamed of spending spring in the south of France or Christmas in London.

Or if you’re like me, you’ve craved learning Spanish in Argentina or trekking Machu Picchu in Peru.

You’ve found yourself searching flight prices and AirBNB accommodations and have even come dangerously close to booking…

Until you remembered your bank account. Yeah, I’ve been there.

But in February, I quit my job and booked a one-way ticket to Portugal. I spent several weeks wandering Europe with a friend. I devoured pizza in Naples, partied at the Carnaval de Nice in France and wandered the picturesque streets of Barcelona until my feet bled.

Most people react to this by saying something like: “you’re so lucky!” or “I wish I could do that!”.

But do you want to know something funny?

The people who say these things can do the exact same thing. 

I’m not special. I wasn’t born rich, I didn’t win the lottery, and I don’t have any advantages you don’t possess. In fact, I have a mortgage. I paid for a wedding last year. I live in one of the most expensive places in the Western hemisphere.

If I can travel whenever I want, you can too. You just have to conquer your money, quit that job, and book a ticket.

Here’s how.

3 Great Ways to Quit your Job and Travel the World

Make a Rock-Solid Plan to Quit Your Job and Travel

You probably can’t quit your 9-5 tomorrow, right?

Yeah, I couldn’t either. I have a mortgage to pay, and you probably have bills to pay, too.

But what you can do is make a plan so you can figure out when you can make your dreams a reality. There are three things you should make a plan for:

1. Your income: How much do you earn? How much do you need for your living expenses and the occasional treat? Make a current budget. Plan out how much you could save each month to make this dream a reality. Make a conservative plan and an aggressive plan. If you were to cut out most of the luxuries you currently pay for, how much closer would your dream of traveling be?

2. Your travel budget: Where do you want to go first? How much money would you need each day, week, and month you’re on the road? How long would it take for you to save up with the number you came up with above?

3. Earning more: What skills and abilities do you have that you can offer as a service or product? How can you earn more money and – ideally – continue earning that money while you’re on the road?

The better you plan, the sooner you can realize your dream of quitting your job to travel.

Create Location Independent Income Streams

One of the easiest ways to be able to afford travelling as much as you want is to get paid while you’re doing it.

Sound far-fetched?

Well, this may have been out-of-reach a decade ago, but now being able to make money from anywhere in the world (as long as you have a WiFi connection) is a reality for many millennials.

My entire career is location independent, allowing me to not only spend money while I’m adventuring, but earn it too. When I travel, I have several systems in place that help me earn an income no matter where I am in the world.

That’s the power of the internet.

In my case, I am a business and blogging coach, so I help people build online businesses. I don’t need to be at an office to do this; I just need Skype and a Wifi connection.

I also run a blog where I earn passive income through referrals to products that I use and love – even when I’m asleep or trekking in Nepal.

Finally, I use one of my marketable skills (content marketing) to offer a service (freelance writing) which I sell to clients. This allows me to remain completely self-employed and location independent when I choose to be.

What skills or expertise can you offer or make a product from so you can earn money from anywhere?

We all have them. You just have to dig deep to find them.


Discover The System Used by Regular People Making 6-Figures Monthly on the Internet and Living the Dot Com Lifestyle.

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Set Some Non-Negotiable Priorities

If I wanted to know what you prioritize in life, I’d take a look at your bank account.

If there’s one skill that we, as millennials, need to hone it’s the skill of carefully setting our priorities and structuring our lives to feed those priorities.

That means that if travel is important to you – if you want to be able to live a lifestyle of freedom and adventure – you need to prioritize it, and that means financially.

How can you do this?

Well, let’s start with no debt. Debt is a huge waste of money, and will hold you back from going anywhere – figuratively and literally. Living a debt-free lifestyle opens doors for you that you didn’t even know existed.

Another prioritization must is turning your back on consumerism. Every dollar you spend on stuff is a dollar taken away from seeing the world.

That $60 dress could have afforded you four days in many Asian and South American countries. Stuff isn’t important. You can’t take it with you, both when you leave this world and when you leave the country.

If you want to travel whenever you want, you can’t have anything holding you back. That includes debt and consumer goods.

What does your lifestyle say about you? How can you adjust it to reflect what you truly value?

You Can Quit Your Job and Travel the World

If you’re reading this, you probably have the ability to quit your job and travel the world. You just have to conquer your money, your time, and your priorities first.

So start making a plan. Start building those income streams. And start feeding your values.

Before you know it, you’ll be booking a one-way plane ticket and achieving that goal you’ve always wanted to achieve.


This article was originally published on Unsettle.org


3 Ways to Quit your Job and Travel the World

Sarah Peterson is an entrepreneur, traveller, and writer from Vancouver, BC Canada. She is the author of Unsettle.org, where she helps people stop settling for “okay” lives and careers and start acting on their ideas.






Justin Verringia Interviews Aaron Rashkin


You get great value when you have a 7-figure earner interviewing another multiple 7-figure earner.  And this is what you got when Justin Verringia interviewed Aaron Rashkin.

Justin Verrengia is internationally known as the “Hippie Jedi” because of his revolutionary entrepreneurial spirit. He and his wife D, previously lived in Costa Rica, and had been struggling to make money online for several years before finding success with Empower Network.

Aaron Rashkin is an experienced marketer and has made lots of money by using both online and offline marketing methods. His focus is in personal development, spiritual awakening and abundant living. He’s earned over a million dollars in three different companies in the past 6+ years since being full time on the Internet.

Listen and learn from these two successful marketers as they go deep down the rabbit hole. You can listen to the interview below.

 Justin Verrengia Interviews Aaron Rashkin

Justin Verrengia interviews Aaron Rashkin


Aaron, please share with our listeners a little bit more about yourself, your passions in life.

Aaron’s passion is setting people free. He loves personal development.

What’s the secret to building a massive organisation in network marketing?

Network marketing is one of the most challenging but rewarding professions to be in.

Don’t keep your business a secret.

Our products are not really our products, our products are people.

Learn more about people then you learn about the real product we market which is change.

What’s superior in your opinion, network marketing or internet marketing and why?

There are 2 things we do everyday, market and communicate with people.

The Internet work business model is a hybrid, leveraging tools and systems to communicate effectively with more people.

How has working out and eating healthy effected your business as an entrepreneur?

Aaron fractured a vertebrae in his back in school, became paralysed and started resistance exercise and weight training.

Then he became a personal trainer to give people back the gift of good health through fitness.

Big Reason Why

Aaron Rashkin’s father was a pioneer of an office coffee business.

From this he learned entrepreneurship, accountability, management, people skills, compartmentalising and different aspects of business – how to market, how to sell and close prospects.

Fast forward to 1995, working at a gym….

“I have a dream.” – I’m so focused on my dream which is to have freedom and never have to worry about money again.

Make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of headache.

Wanted a family of friends and close circle of business partners.


Discover The System Used by Regular People Making 6-Figures Monthly on the Internet and Living the Dot Com Lifestyle.

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Temporary Defeat

I don’t look at anything as a failure.

When you lose, don’t loose the lesson.

The setback is the come up for a come back.

The only thing that can defeat us is our own selves.

The strong man conquers those around him while the wise man conquers himself.

Create that nucleus and network.

What’s the Vision of Aaron Rashkin look like?

My vision for the future is to not only continue on my path helping others transform but take it to the next level – transformation industry combined with marketing.

Lead with yourself and value.

Tell us more about your “Day In The Office”

Three and a half years ago, Aaron was looking for office space so bought his neighbors house as his office. He now has had 20 events in the house thus far for his ‘Day In the Office Event'.

You can pick up some ‘golden nuggets' (or should I say boulders) from this value-packed interview. Aaron Rashkin is a proven successful internet and network marketer and in this interview he shared strategies and the right mindset that he has used to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

You can listen to the original interview conducted by Justin Verrengia here!

Aaron Rashkin and Justin Verrangia have achieved success in online marketing and network marketing…

And you can do it too. but…

You have to make the commitment and start with the first step.

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An Inside Look At Lead System Network

lead system network

Lead System Network or rather LSN is an inclusive marketing tool and management platform connected to an affiliate program that yields 100 per cent commission, all the time. Lead System Network gives its users the platform, tools and resources required to grow their businesses.

Marketers seeking to sell products and programs can benefit from LSN for all their transactions.

The Tools Offered By Lead System Network

lead system network

LSN comes with all the necessary tools to help marketers in their transactions. The tools include custom lead capture pages, capture page creator, custom email auto responders and custom text auto responders.

In addition, LSN provides custom voice auto responder, Lead management software, webinar platform, viral blogging platform, live chat among many others.

The above tools assist the user to reach out to potential clients, market his or her products, and respond to views, queries and compliments from his or her clients.

The Lead System Network Compensation Plan

LSN offers an amazing compensation plan because marketers get 100% commission on the sales they make by promoting LSN. Apart from the 100% commission, LSN provides team matrix compensation plans earned when marketers introduce new members to LSN.

The first level of the matrix begins with three members and from there all the new members join the matrix resulting in more returns.

The Benefits

lead system network

To begin with, joining LSN does not require any subscription or sign up fees and the tools offered by LSN enable marketers to run their businesses personally without the need to outsource thereby saving on money and time. The tools come at low prices so that even small business and starters can start comfortably.

Starting a business is challenging especially to new investors but with the adequate tools offered by LSN, anyone can manage his or her business. Secondly, the 100% commission on sales and the matrix plan come second to none and not many similar platforms can match LSN.

With the matrix plan, a marketer can easily double or triple profits because the matrix goes on and on offering an indefinite source of revenue.

LSN offers mobile apps allowing marketers to transact multiple businesses as they travel around because they can access their accounts from any location. Using LSN, marketers can customize their accounts and design them in their preferred unique styles by creating customizable templates.

The Limitations

Even though Lead System Network offers 100% commission, if a marketer fails to recruit new members, he or she does not get any returns.

Secondly, the 100% commission goes through deductions such as affiliate fees among other operational deductions leaving the marketer with about half the total amount of the commission.

Thirdly, LSN does not provide comprehensive information about the company such as ownership, registrars, and people behind the network such that potential clients cannot know the owners making it difficult for interested marketers to trust the program.

LSN provides a platform for marketers to maximize their return and promote their companies with ease. The tools offered make running a business easy where even starters can begin and earn big.

Working with Lead System Network can promote effectively any company a marketer works for from any part of the world.

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n Easy Way To Recruit Into Your Network Marketing Business – Rejection FREE