A ’Caveman Simple Way’ to Run INSANELY Profitable “Ads” on Social Media WITHOUT Advertising

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What I'm about to reveal to you, could be exactly what you need to create a breakthrough in your business.

We all want more traffic, right?

However, truth be told, the rules of engagement have changed. A lot.

Getting traffic is not a problem. It's making it profitable, that is the challenge every single internet marketer faces.

You see, some of the traffic generation techniques that worked well in the past are simply obsolete now. And then there are strategies which work extremely well, and produce massive profits.

One of these strategies is what Ferny Ceballos writes about in this blog post…

“A ‘Caveman Simple Way' to Run Insanely Profitable “Ads” on Social Media Without Advertising”

It's something he’s personally used to turn 20 bucks into a whopping $141,246 in sales. And he’s giving you the whole scoop in this blog post.

You'll discover the psychology of why it works so well while other methods fail miserably. And you’re even going to see the ad that Ferny used.


There’s a term in the advertising world used to refer to someone who’s learned to ignore ads on websites and social media to the point where their brain literally refuses to see, acknowledge or process information in banner ads.

The term is “banner blindness.”

It’s the one type of blindness we are all grateful to develop, even those of us who are internet advertisers. Afterall, marketers are people too and we don’t want to be distracted or interrupted either.

With that said, the uphill battle banner advertisers deal with is pretty interesting…

For example, on this heat map study tracking eye movement of Facebook users, you’ll notice that the majority of users pretty much ignore the “Right Hand Side” ads:

(Source: DigitalGrowth.com)

(Source: DigitalGrowth.com)

Another eye tracking study tracked eye movement for a news site (similar to a blog) and notice how the banner on the left is completely ignored, relative to the content in the middle:


Over the years, mentors of mine taught us about ‘banner blindness’ and conveyed the importance of doing whatever you could to snap website visitors out of that state of ‘blindness’ and to notice your ad.

Even if you had good ad copy, it wouldn’t really matter unless you could ‘break the blindness’ issue and literally attract eyeballs.

For that reason, a couple years ago, we experimented with the most obnoxiously colorful and seizure inducing flashing ads, but the effort always seemed futile, because even if you got someone to notice your ad… it was only a matter of time before the audience of a website, as a collective, added your obnoxious ad to the brain file of ‘things to ignore.’

And so we’d restart the “creative process” and produce an even more obnoxious ad.

With this type of traffic generation, I wasn’t too excited about marketing, believe it or not, because the game was less about influence and more about being the “loudest” ad on the website and if you know my personality, I’m not a loud guy.

So for years, I kinda went on a traffic hiatus and let my business partner and team handle the traffic part of our business while I focused on conversions, copywriting and offers.

Now fast forward to today…

How I Turned $20 Into $141,246.00 in Sales by Pushing This Little Blue Button…

As many of our members know, last year I purchased 100% of my No Excuses & SEO Networker business from my former partner and then merged all my business assets with Elite Marketing Pro, to the benefit of our community.

Having the opportunity to be a significant share holder of THE marketing system and community, where I got my start as an Internet marketer in 2006, was quite literally a dream come true. But this dream also came with responsibility and as Chief Marketing Officer of EMP, I needed to re-engage with the world of traffic, as it is the life’s blood of any online business.

So as I did my research into all viable traffic sources, I did find many awesome traffic strategies which included PPV, YouTube (free & paid), Instagram, Twitter PPC, and many others.

However, the one traffic source most dominant in the minds and businesses of the most successful marketers today was in fact Facebook, but I didn’t really know how to approach it.

For years, I had spent $20 here and there boosting the occasional post on my Fanpage, but had no idea what to do beyond that.

However earlier this year, I wrote a blog post about my experience at a network marketing event I went to in Vegas and boosted it for $20 on Feb 28th targeting an MLM audience. That day, I had also landed in Orlando for one of our EMP Acceleration Mentorship Workshops.

I didn’t think I would make much if any money from it, even though I did offer an opportunity to join my AMF Bootcamp newsletter at the end of the post. But I thought the post was way too long and didn’t think people would be likely to read that far — especially if they are reading on their smartphones. (Boy was I wrong!)

All I wanted to do, is to simply share the content with as many people as possible, provide value to people in the network marketing space and maybe a couple folks would opt into the AMF Bootcamp newsletter.

The first day, I got some pretty good interaction on it and said to myself, “Wow! People seem to be digging the content,” so I boosted it again and again every 24 hour period. I had previously never made a sale (or at least not that I knew of or could track) from a boosted post, so I didn’t expect things to be any different.

For me, it was simply a vanity thing, seeing people enjoy, share and comment on what I had written.

Fortunately, the EMP system does allow our affiliates to share any page on our elitemarketingpro.com domain, including EMP blog posts, using affiliate tracking, so I did do that just in case, but I still was not expecting any sales.

However, I started noticing commission notifications on my EMP account starting to come in and happening more frequently. I was like, “Well that’s kinda cool. The EMP system must be closing some old leads,” which happens all the time, so I didn’t think anything of it.

(HELLO!!! McFly!!! Anyone home!?!)

Incredibly, for the first 48 hours, it hadn’t occurred to me that the sales in my EMP account were as a result of my boosted post. Then on the 3rd & last day of the Acceleration Workshop, after watching Kate McShea do some FB Ads training for our workshop attendees, the light bulb went off in my head!

“Could it be?!?”

“THIS boosted post… was making me money!”

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.06.44 PM

But I wanted to verify, so I went into my backoffice under the “My Prospects” area and noticed that there was a flood of new leads that had come in over the past 3 days into my EMP account and the data showed that they had all opted in to AMF list, after visiting my boosted blog post.

(BTW, another cool thing about EMP is that the ‘My Prospects’ section shows you the URL of the page your leads opted in through, in case you need to manually go back and check that.)

Now realizing what was happening, yet without any formal Facebook Ads training, I simply continued to boost the blog post so it could be shared with as many people as possible.

After about 5 days, I had spent a total of $200, was generating up to 100 leads per day and had already made over $2,000 in commissions with my EMP account.

Damn! Let’s Pour Some Gasoline on It!


While still not knowing quite how I did it, I didn’t want to let this “honey hole” pass me by so I just ramped up my ad spend on the boosted posts from $20 per day to $100 per day and then at one point to $300 per day. (I don’t recommend you be this aggressive with a new FB account.)

From Feb 28th thru March 31st, I spent a total of $2,997.99 and I had generated over $21,212.50 in sales! That’s an ROI of 607% in just 1 Month.

All because of this little blue button:

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.45.01 AM

But that’s not all!

Over the next 6 months, through continued advertising of about $50 per day (total ad spend of $9,524.90) and the compounding effect of the EMP Follow-Up system including 1-on-1 mentorship provided by our Ignition Coaches and the support from our community, the new customers I generated through that ad, would pretty soon upgrade into our higher ticket coaching programs resulting in $141,246.00 in total sales.

Let me say that again…

$9,524.90 in ad spend over 6 Months, resulting in $141,246.00 in sales! An ROI of 1381%.

But Enough About My Results! It’s Your Turn!

It’s safe to say that once again, I was pretty stoked about traffic and I made it my mission to dissect what I had done here, not only for myself but for the betterment of our community.

Now throughout this process, I’ve been sharing with our community what I’ve been doing here and there. But in the coming days, we are finally going to unleash the most comprehensive & bad ass traffic training we’ve ever done, based on the secret sauce I discovered AND featuring the best traffic experts available anywhere! (Can’t tell you their names yet, but it’s BIG!)

For now though, I want to breakdown the principles which made my boosted post work and how you can experiment with your own versions of these ads to sell whatever you want.

Principle #1 – Location, Location, Location!



Remember what I said about “banner blindness” earlier? Well, principle #1 is all about NOT having your ads placed in the traditional banner locations on ANY website. Instead, your calls to action should actually be in the middle of the page – PERIOD!

Whether it’s a blog, Facebook or any other site, the prime real estate is right smack in the middle. I’m not saying that side bar banner ads don’t work, because they certainly can.

What I’m saying is that you’ll get tons more traffic if you can put your “ads” in the middle of the page, because that is where most of a reader’s attention is focused on.

How is that done you may ask?

Principle #2 – People Hate Ads, So Don’t Tell Them It’s an Ad!


In recent years, Facebook has allows advertisers to place ads in the News Feed, to the dismay and annoyance of Facebook users!

There was a time when my former business partners use to take the obnoxious ad approach and apply it to the News Feed driving people to a capture page and it worked for a little while, but unfortunately Facebook got some blow back so they came up with a system, which basically allows users to complain about your ads even if you weren’t necessarily doing anything wrong.

News Feed ads became a catch 22. Facebook wanted you to buy ads, but they didn’t want your ads to be perceived as advertising by it’s users.

Um…what?! You want to sell me ads, but you don’t want me to post actual ads?!?

Basically, Facebook and it’s users are forcing us to deploy an old ad strategy, which has existed for over 100 years in Magazines but is only now catching fire online.

It’s the rebirth of the ‘Advertorial.’ You know, the article in the magazine which isn’t really an article, but a clever way of engaging you with content and lead you towards a product sale.


(Universal Media Syndicate ad in local newspaper)

In the online marketing world, this is also referred to as ‘content marketing’ or ‘native advertising.’

I like to use the term ‘native advertising’ because the ‘native’ literally means that it belongs there!

You see on Facebook, people are accustomed to having their friends and business colleagues share interesting articles, videos and other content. That type of stuff belongs in the News Feed and your goal in using Principle #2 is to make your ad not look like an ad.

In fact, all principles of traditional ad copy go out the window in this case.

What you should be doing when advertising on Facebook is leading/sharing valuable content, which your target audience would likely be interested in and let the content do the selling for you. That’s why my blog post earlier this year performed so well – people didn’t perceive it as an advertisement.

It was just great content they enjoyed reading and learning from.

In terms of medium, some folks use video, but I’ll leave it to the Kate McShea’s and Michelle Pescosolido’s of the world to teach you about that type of native ad.

The medium that’s worked for me has been a written blog post.

Principle #3 – Content is King and People Still Hate Ads


Now just because you got someone to click on your News Feed ad, doesn’t mean it’s time to hammer them with a sales pitch. In fact, just because they left Facebook and are on your website, doesn’t mean they won’t go back and file a complaint against your ad.

Which is why, for the most part, we don’t recommend leading people to capture pages from your News Feed ads, unless you really know what you’re doing.

We recommend leading with content, like I did with my blog post. And your goal in writing that content is to totally OVER DELIVER with value!

That’s Principle #3 – if your content rocks, people will want more, which leads us to…

Principle #4 – Be a Leader



You’ll notice that we have banner ads in the sidebar of the EMP blog, but that’s there just to cover our bases. The majority of people that opt into our newsletter on our blog, do so through the blog post itself.

What I do, is I make an offer for more in depth training and provide a link for them to opt into my AMF or EMP newsletter.

In essence, it’s simply a continuation of what people already want to do when you provide them value. They’ll naturally want more value and now that you’ve gotten their trust and established your credibility, asking for their name and email is no big deal and they happily hand it over!

So all you need to do is BE A LEADER and tell them what you want them to do next and what benefit they can reap from that action.

The rest of the process simply involves what we’ve always taught at Elite Marketing Pro:

  1. Offer value in exchange for their information
  2. Make an Offer after optin for something even more valuable
  3. Automatically follow-up via email to deliver more value and make and make the offer again
  4. When they buy your offer, OVER DELIVER on the product and if possible, make another irresistible offer
  5. If they buy 2nd offer, OVER DELIVER on that and if possible, make another offer
  6. … well … you get the idea!

OH… and retarget people that didn’t opt into your newsletter, so you can bring them back!

If you are new online marketing and advertising, then I’ve got good news:

You actually don’t have to worry about the VAST majority of this process, because here at Elite Marketing Pro, we provide you with ready-made offers to promote, so you can earn while you learn. We also handle the follow-up and continuous over-delivery of value to maximize your conversions and ROI.

And, if at any point you want to create your own offers and graduate from our system, we’ll help you do that too! But we’ve got you covered in the meantime.

So we basically handle steps 2 through 6 of the above process.

All YOU need to be concerned with is step 1:

Offer value in exchange for contact information


As you learned above, the best way to collect contact information isn’t through obnoxious ads, sleazy capture pages, or banners that everyone’s blind to anyway, but through leading with valuable content using “native”-style advertising (much like this blog post you’re reading now).


Yes, this does mean you’ll do some writing.

No, you don’t need to be a “natural” writer or have impeccable grammar (far from it, in fact).

But the question you really really need to ask is, “is writing a winning blog post worth the effort?”

Well, remember the post I mentioned earlier, the one where I wrote about my experience at a network marketing event? It took around 4 dedicated hours to write, and recall that it generated a 1,381% ROI for me over the next 6 months (which is certainty better than any mutual fund I’m aware of).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you’ll hit it outta of the park on your first swing.

But you can learn our exact process for quickly crafting content through reading our 100% free report, The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post, by clicking right here.

(See, told you offering value works!!)

And if you really want to learn about the power of the Elite Marketing Pro, I suggest paying close attention to the follow-up emails you receive about our system, because we pay hefty commissions to everyone that promotes our products.

And just as I made $141,246.00 in sales in just 6 months, your sales can compound over the next couple months too, as YOUR customers decide they want to become a part of our exclusive mentorship opportunities, offered exclusively via EMP. Essentially, we’ll get those folks upgraded for you while YOU sit back and earn passive commissions.

Gotta love EMP!

And of course, we love our members because without you, our system, community and opportunity would not exist and there would be a massive void in our industry.

So thank you!

Hope you enjoyed the traffic training. More to come!



You can read the original article by Ferny Ceballos at the Elite Marketing Pro blog



EMP - Fenrny Ceballos Image 320x240Ferny Ceballos is Chief Marketing Officer at Elite Marketing Pro. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Southern California, in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, respectively. After working for 5 years as an aerospace engineer, his entrepreneurial aspirations motivated him to turn to the network marketing and internet marketing industry to escape the rat race. Since leaving Aerospace in 2008, he has personally been responsible for over 5.5 million dollars in sales online over the past 6 years in his personal business, and helped countless clients produce six-figure and seven-figure incomes promoting their businesses using the internet.




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Are Solo Ads Dead?

are solo ads dead

So many people have been asking this question….”Are solo ads DEAD.” Many are now questioning the effectiveness of solo ads. They’ve had the feeling of something was wrong for some time. They’ve not been getting the results they were hoping for. Is this tested form of lead generation no longer working?

Stuart Ross, co-founder of SFM & DEA made a short video giving his opinion on this very contentious subject.

Are Solo Ads Dead?

Stuart Ross, co-founder of Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) usually gets asked a lot of questions by those wanting to achieve better results with their marketing. But the one question that keeps cropping up again and again is, “Are solo ads dead?” .

He wanted to stop people making some big mistakes when it came to solo ads or any type of marketing whatsoever. Stuart decided to step up and share his opinion on this very discussed topic.

In no way does he think solo ads are dead and he does not think they will ever be dead – for this simple reason: you will always be able to send an email promoting your products or services to a list of subscribers.

The point he wanted to make is that the solo ads to ‘make money online’ and ‘internet marketing’ lists are dead and have been for some time. That’s a bit of a ruthless statement because people do make sales with solo ads with to those kind of subscribers.

But it’s always been hit and miss and there’s never been any consistent results from that type of mailing. Let’s dig in to what Stuart is actually talking about.

Are Solo Ads Dead? What Type of Lists are You Using?

When you’re going to a solo ad provider the first thing you’ve got to decide on is what type of readership they have. Internet marketing is often the ‘make money online’ type of people, so for many people that would be the obvious route to take.

are solo ads dead

This is what you DO NOT want to do. The first tip – as with everything in marketing – is to do the polar opposite to what most other people are doing. The solo ad providers with ‘make money online’ and ‘internet marketing’ lists tend to take advantage of that marketplace as they know it consists of hyperactive, motivated, buying individuals.

They promise purchasers of solo ads that if you send a solo ad to their list you’ll get a ton of options. The solo ad provider writes the ad copy and you get all excited at the expectation of a flood of people being added to your subscriber base.

Your ad copy comes back and it usually includes the type of wording about a “simple, easy, magic, loophole solution to making money on the internet.” “It’s never been so easy”, they’ve “broken the code,” and all that kind of thing.

Whenever Stuart receives that type of copy from a solo ad provider, not only does he think about changing the copy, but he also considers cancelling the mailing all together. Here’s why. If that’s the type of copy they are writing to their subscribers, what type of audience do you think they are cultivating.

Even if they are reaL people looking for real opportunities, what type of people do you think will optin to this “simple”, “easy”, “magic solution to making loads of money overnight” type of capture page. Probably lazy people with an entitlement attitude who are looking for a “secret system” where they have to do no work but somehow still get paid loads of money.

In Stuarts opinion, these sort of ‘make money overnight systems’ do not exist. Even if they did, they would not be sustainable and so it would be a very short term solution to anybody’s problem. Well, if you want to go and make money just for a year, all well and good. When you stop earning any income after this period it’s going to suck.

Solo Ads are Dead: Provide a Valuable Real Education

You are wasting your time even if it’s a short fix (I’ve never experienced a short fix myself), although I’ve heard they do exist. What you really want to be looking for yourself and to provide for other people, is as an education. An education that is sustainable and that can really have an impact and change their lives.

In other words an education that provides real solutions to real world problems. Not “magic and secret loopholes.

Directory of Ezines

If you are targeting lists of people who are looking for these type of unreal and non-existent solutions you will find that the providers are “list pimping.” That is they are just going from one solo ad provider ato another and they’re all buying each others solo ads so they can build bigger lists and so sell their solo ads for more money.

They can then go and sell their solo ads to independent marketers who are launching and promoting their “latest greatest” system. When you get ad copy back from these type of solo ad providers it can be pretty ‘cringe-worthy.’ But most people will let it be sent anyway as they think the the provider knows their list and so knows what works best.

When the solo ad goes out you get some leads coming in and it’s all very exciting. But then… ‘viola.’ Nothing! If you are lucky you may get some results on a very small scale. You’re wasting your time and it’s not the right approach.

Try Lists in Different Niches

Let’s get back to what a solo ad is. A solo ad is where somebody has built a list and provides them with a regular newsletter – it could be in the fields of cooking, business, network marketing, health and fitness, general wealth creation, etc. The ‘spammiest’ lists where you are most unlikely to get any sort of positive result is the ‘internet marketing’ and ‘make money online’ niches. The “magic loophole” readership. So don’t go there.

So what is Stuarts’ advice? What is his solution to this obvious problem? The solution is to go to different types of lists. To lists of other people who have other interests.

FREE Exclusive Video Series

Discover How to Make a Great Living Online Doing Something You Love…

Even If You have No Idea Where To Start!!


If you think of the solution that Stuart offers through Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Digital Experts Academy (DEA) – it’s an education. It’s an education that’s going to help people to be in a position to take advantage of this new ‘Digital Economy.’

It’s an education that’s really going to help people prepare themselves for the future. Now the type of people that are going to be interested in this type of education can come from all sorts of backgrounds.

You see this in the SFM and DEA community. Some are semi-professional football players, medical doctors, golfers and teachers. It’s a very diverse group of people.

The type of people who are going to go through the SFM and DEA system and take in the information, watch the bootcamp videos, and get on the phone and have a chat with one of the business coaches about their education. They are going to be motivated, committed, entrepreneurial (maybe), hungry individuals who are looking to change their lives for the better.

Now let’s think of some lists outside of the ‘internet marketing’ and ‘make money online’ niches that may have the type of people I’ve just mentioned. Well… people who tend to look after their health and fitness, whether it be through hobbies, recreation of even at a semi-professional level, tend to be quite motivated people. They’re getting off their backsides and looking after themselves to be fit and healthy.

People who are interested in investing. For example, wealth creation through investments. These types of people tend to have money because if they didn’t have money they would not be reading emails, newsletters or following gurus in the wealth creation niche – because you need money to invest.

Let’s start to think about other areas of your life. Maybe you are a ‘stay-at-home mom.’ There are certain newsletters that ‘stay-at-home mom’s’ may read. It may not be ‘work from home’ type stuff but things like parenting tips.

When you look at things from this perspective, Stuart’s advice would be to choose different types of newsletters with lots of diverse people on there. In the back-office at SFM we recommend the ‘Directory of Ezines‘ as a source that details lists in all sorts of niches.’

Send Out the Correct Type of Copy

The next thing to think about is the type of ad copy that is being sent out to the lists. Let’s stick with the parenting theme at the moment. What if you were to write a solo ad telling a story. This would be one of the longer solo ad – 100 to 200 words.

The story could be about how you are a parent and how you were struggling to find a balance in life – working long hours and not having enough time to spend with the kids and put them through the schools you wanted to.

So you looked for an alternative and found one: a new education. One that has never existed before and one that prepares you to thrive in the new ‘Digital Economy.’

You could elaborate further and talk about how your situation – how you made a few sales within a few weeks of getting started (if that is the case) and provide them with a link to the solution (in this case the SFM and DEA).

You would be engaging a certain type of person through your solo ad. The type of people (through this example) who are parents and who are likely to want to provide the best possible life for their kids. If they’re following a newsletter on parenting tips then the chance is that they are pretty good people. they are going out of their way to be good parents.

These type of people are worth a million times more (probably literally) than somebody opting in from a ‘get rich quick scheme’ type of list.

Quality of Leads

Solo ads can be a very cost-effective way of advertising. But most marketing gurus will be talking about how to get the maximum option rate with figures like 62% conversions. This is something that should be stressed , especially with solo ads – it should be about the quality of the leads and not the quantity.

are solo ads dead

Even if you are only getting a 5% – 10% option rate, it could still be a great result if that 5% – 10% are individuals who are highly likely to buy your product or service. Yet so many people just focus on the getting a high conversion rate, the ‘hypeiest’ landing page, the hypes ad copy, to get the most amount of clicks, to get the most amount of people opting-in with some deluded promise of free stuff.

If you are offering free stuff all the time, what type of people are you attracting? Something that Stuart would encourage you to do when writing ad copy is to use the word ‘complimentary’ rather than the word ‘free.’

Using Common Sense

I think you would agree that it’s common sense that the type of people you want on your list are those that are willing to be educated, are committed and prepared to work hard and learn new skills. People that are motivated and prepared to invest in their future.

I think you would also agree that it’s better to generate quality leads rather than a large quantity. Do you want 100 people on your list that are expecting the world without having to give anything themselves? Or would you rather have 10 people who are serious and want to change their lives for the better and are prepared to learn, work hard and invest in themselves to do so.

With solo ads do not worry so much about getting maximum conversion rates but focus on getting the highest quality from the right type of people. That is common sense. If there is one thing that has served Stuart well in business (and just not online) – is using common sense.

So many of the courses out there are misleading. A lot of the internet marketing trainings are based around conversion rates but they do not put money in your bank account because of the poor quality of leads generated.

If you approach solo ads with the attitude of hyped sales by thinking you can only ask for an email address, promise loads of free ‘stuff’, and think this will result in you getting more conversions and so have more people to follow up with – good luck. Because what you will be doing is just what everybody else is doing and that’s following the ‘gurus’ – a lot of whom are not making any real money.

The only way they are making money is by creating ‘hype’ and selling that ‘hype.’ A lot of them started online so long ago that they managed to create a name for themselves. But if they started today they would have little chance of succeeding.

So, are solo ads dead? Not if you choose the right type of people to target. Do this and offer a genuine, valuable service or product that will offer a solution to peoples problems and you will build yourself a list of responsive individuals who are prepared to learn and invest in themselves.

Do this correctly and you will be able to build financial freedom and also the time to spend with your family and friends.

Did you like this post and did you get value from it? If so I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below or like or share it on Facebook!

Merv Stevens Living Lifestyle by Design








online marketing education










How to Generate Multi Level Marketing Leads And Grow Your Business

multi level marketing leads Isn't it about time you discovered the best way to generate multi level marketing leads and started to take your business to the next level? If you want to do this then you have to realize that you have to spend a lot of your time growing your business by only doing those things that move your business forward.

This means that prospecting and getting lots of multi level marketing leads should be your priority. This is where all the real money is made in MLM.

Product sales will usually earn you a small commission, but signing up new team builders is where all of the leveraged income will be earned. From this true time and financial freedom will come.

The key to effective prospecting is to find yourself with a wealth of leads. That is, you wish to have more leads available than you have the time to contact them. It's a nice situation to be in.

Multi Level Marketing Leads: Offline Strategies

An important factor in taking your business to the subsequent level is to present your business opportunity to new people on a consistent and regular basis over an extended period of time. I known this is easier said than done in may cases because many of us don't have a background in sales and marketing.

multi level marketing leads

So many of us do what we are instructed to do which is make a list of all the people we know and call loved ones and co-workers and invite them to take a look at our opportunity. This is prospecting to a “warm” market, and to a certain degree it will work quite often.

At some specific point though it's understandable that you'll run right out of leads. Now what do you do? This is the scary part for most new people, and that's approaching people they don't know about their business.

The simplest way to do this effectively is to learn the fastest, easiest and simplest system by putting a cohesive multi level marketing leads generation machine in motion. This system will use a mixture of off-line and online marketing strategies.

One strategy you can use is have flyers and distribute them around your neighborhood or city. The flyer will have a simple message on it offering to show people how they can make a good income by working part time from home. Put a link on your internet site or a company presentation and follow-up with those people who contact you and express an interest in knowing more.

You may also run little classified adverts in a local publications or newspapers. If you can justify the cost you might also run a classified advertisement in nationwide papers too.

multi level marketing leads

The difficulty with these off line strategies like placing ads in newspapers or other publications relevant to your business is that there is a lot of waiting. This occurs because you have to hurry and get your ad submitted by a certain deadline and then you have to wait until it's published and to see if it starts bringing in results. These are rather limited hit and miss techniques.

Multi Level Marketing Leads: Online Strategies

Effective online marketers use a number of marketing and attraction marketing techniques to generate large amounts of multilevel marketing leads. These are the sort of strategies the top producers use:

* Post videos on YouTube and other video sites

* They'll write useful and educational blog posts

* Write educational articles about ways to make more money

* They can also use free and paid online advertising

* Via other advertising methods they will drive carefully targeted traffic to their sites

The idea is to choose a target market like “stay at home moms” and use keyword analysis tools to pinpoint the precise words the people in this market are using when searching for a business venture.

Once you've identified the keywords then start producing your content – your article, ad or video – optimised for these precise keyword phrases. Then publish and promote.

multi level marketing leads

Isn't it about time you started generating targeted multi level marketing leads and took your business to the next level? If you're not intending to do it today, when will you? It's time to get on with it and to start using some of true strategies outlined above!

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Finding Good Australian MLM Leads

If you’re prospecting for some new, excellent high quality Australian MLM leads I’ve set out some suggestions below.

If you’re lucky enough to have found a way to produce Australian MLM leads then that's great for you! As you can understand it is hard to acquire a superb regular supply of high-quality leads anywhere in this business especially if you have to spend money to get them. So listed here are a couple of hints on items to look out for when finding good Australian MLM leads.

What Types of Australian MLM Leads are there?

In case you Google the term “Australian MLM leads” you will discover pages of brokers who will be willing to sell them to you. Just like USA leads they will vary from exceptional which will of course cost you more, down towards the typical stale, old and non-targeted leads which are worth less than a dime a dozen.

Australian MLM leads

Finding good leads is to say the least ‘iffy' and it’s crucial that you do so with caution. A number of these leads could seem excellent value for the money you paid for them.

However, if you take into account your time and the expense involved with creating all these telephone calls and writing e-mails, they could just be a waste of time and funds. Unless you’ve been introduced to a trustworthy Australian lead broker, then they’re very best left effectively alone.

Most leads, whether or not they are American MLM leads or Australian MLM leads happen to be generated using the same method – employing the co-registration strategy. These leads are effortlessly generated – quite often by offering one thing for free.

The individual signs up, they get their free gift or enter a contest and their name and e-mail address is sold to one or more lead brokers.

Australian MLM Leads: The Lead Generation Process

So what do you get? Fundamentally the names and e-mail addresses of people who’ve in no way heard of you or your product and do not have the slightest interest in doing business with you – and even less so now due to the fact you’ve intruded into their lives!

If you’ve observed those banner ads that tell you you’re going to win a cruise or possibly a brand-new iPod, that’s all they are – a method of generating leads.

Australian MLM leads

The excellent news is the fact that a lot of Australian MLM leads are much better quality than most, but needless to say more costly! Very usually lead generation websites will provide surveys.

If a person completes the survey about beginning a home business, they’ll also disclose how much they’re prepared to invest and just how much time they are prepared to devote to a home business. This makes them effectively qualified leads.

But again there’s always the danger that whoever collected that information sold it to a lot of other lead brokers resulting in that person being bombarded with loads of emails, marketing literature and telephone calls – you might get known as a wombat!

Responsive Australian MLM Leads

In the event that you truly do want to break into the Australian marketplace there is certainly no better method to produce high-quality properly qualified leads than to generate them oneself. Even when it does take a little a lot more time and work it's certainly worth it.

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The leads will appreciate that you are responding directly to their enquiry. They will then be more responsive to you rather than to telephone calls from companies that they’re simply not considering and had made no enquiries about.

Generating good responsive MLM leads does not have to be a nightmare. If you’d prefer to know how to promote your business and opportunity inside the ‘land down under', then follow some of the methods outlined in this article..

Realizing the best way to generate Australian MLM leads will also give you an insight into the way to market to many other nations around the globe and uncover a mass of potential prospects and representatives for your business.

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Tips For Generating Qualified MLM Leads

qualified mlm leads

If you are into network marketing you know the value of qualified MLM leads. No matter how good your plan is, opportunities are limited if you cannot expand your business. Here are some helpful tips for getting those qualified MLM leads that you must have to succeed in business.

Create a Business Expansion Plan

Perhaps you have not been giving much thought to finding ‘qualified MLM leads'. This could be your main problem. New business is not very likely to come knocking on your door or show up in your email in-box. You must do something to create qualified MLM leads.

Start a Blog Site for Your Business

If you do not have a blog, you should consider starting one today. Blog sites cost very little money to get up and running. You can create self-hosted WordPress blog (Google loves WordPress and they are easier to rank in the search-engines).

Also, Leadpages have launched Leadpages Sites which is an easy way to create a blog using a drag-and-drop website builder. These websites are designed to be 100% Mobile-responsive, have lightning-fast load speeds and bull-in SEO (search engine optimization).

Blogs give you a great target for back links. The more back links you have to your main site the more your online presence increases in the search engines such as Google and Bing/Yahoo.  This will attract qualified MLM leads as prospects are more likely to find you when searching online.

Understand the Value of Good Landing Pages

qualified mlm leads

When you are serious about obtaining there most qualified MLM leads for business, you should have an exceptional landing page for ads and links. A good landing or capture page is the perfect place to solicit newsletter subscriptions, which keeps you in contact with current and potential business associates.

You can now create some amazing lead capture pages (also known as landing pages or squeeze pages) with web page builders like Clickfunnels, Leadpages or Convertri. You don not need to know any website code as the software uses drag and drop features to easily create beautiful and effective web pages to capture the email of potential prospects.

You can also ask for prospects names on your web page, but the more details you ask for, the lower your conversions will be. People are less likely to reveal more than their email and first name.

Once you have their email you can communicate with them via email autoresponders such as AWeber or GetResponse. In this way you can build a relationship over a period of time and so are more likely to get them to have a look at the services or products you have to offer, and even join your business. Potential prospects are more likely to do business with people they know, like and trust.

When you generate qualified MLM leads you also have a better chance of increasing your personal sales.

Create Qualified MLM Leads with Articles

If you can create articles and produce great content on your blog and social media about your business, products, and services. If you cannot write, learn more about it. You do not have to be an exceptional writer to create Web content. You also have the option of buying quality content from one of several article writing services. This is an inexpensive way to obtain qualified MLM leads for your business.

Not All Leads are the Same


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When you look closely you will notice that lead quality can vary a great deal. Qualified MLM leads are targeted to a specific audience. This audience is interested in joining your business or purchasing your products. It is not enough to get people to your landing page or main site. They must have a direct interest or curiosity in what you have to say.

You Can Buy Qualified MLM Leads but be Careful

Not all lead services are the same. Make sure to check out each service that sells qualified MLM leads. In addition, try to find a service that offers a “trial period” or money back guarantee. This way you assume no risk.

Increase Your Education

You can find some excellent educational programs online that focus on important matters like developing your own qualified MLM leads. This is a good way to increase business. Once you obtain proper knowledge on generating qualified MLM leads, you always have that skill and its benefits.

Qualified MLM Leads: In Perspective

Getting the most qualified MLM leads is important for success. Pay attention to these useful tips and explore as many avenues as possible. This will give you the best chances for the most qualified MLM leads and a bright, prosperous, future.

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A Closer Look At The Lead Generation Process

lead generation processIf you want to improve sales it is best to have a complete understanding of the lead generation process. Leads are one of the most important factors for anyone that has products or services to offer.

An effective lead generation process should be a top priority for most businesses today.

What Exactly are Leads?

Leads are a method for identifying people or companies that have an interest in what you have to sell. If you need to borrow money you go to a bank or lender, and the reason is simple.

That is where the money is. When you need to make more sales you go where the potential customer is. This is why a good lead generation process is essential.

Steps to an Effective Lead Generation Process

A great lead generation process first starts in the mind, and this means proper planning. You should have a complete marketing plan in place if you want to increase your sales.

A successful lead generation process identifies potential customers at the beginning.

lead generation process

Lead Generation Process: Identification

You cannot attract the right people or businesses unless you know who they are. This may seem simple and basic but many companies fail to fully identify their potential customers in the lead generation process.

Once you know who you want, you can target your lead generation process to these individuals or entities.

Proper Keyword Usage

A good lead generation process must have effective keywords. Proper keywords are absolutely essential for attracting more business.

You cannot spend too much time developing the right search terms for your products or services. In fact, you may benefit greatly by hiring professional services.

Attracting the Prospects Attention

There is a good reason for all of those “special offers” you see everywhere these days. They work.

It's almost impossible to enjoy a successful lead generation process, if you do not pique the interest of your audience. Choose a special deal that is sure to turn heads and gather interest.

lead generation process

Call to Action

You have planned your promotion, targeted your potential customer and provided an attention getting offer. Include an “expiration date” or “limited time only” deal.

Most special offers are for a limited time for one reason. They get the customer to act now. This is known as a “call to action” in your lead generation process.

The customer must take some kind of action even if it is only to request additional information or sign up for a newsletter. This is a vital part of the lead generation process if you want it to be successful.

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That is why so many effective offers include “free things”, because they induce the customer to make an immediate decision.

Lead Generation Process: Final Thoughts

A successful lead generation process starts with a great plan. Know who your future clients or customers are and what they want and need.

Give them what they need and want. There are many ways to go about this, but when you keep the basics of the lead generation process in mind, you will get the best results.

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