How To Ensure Your Prospects Eagerly Say, “YES!” To Joining Your Network Marketing Business!

network marketing

There’s something magical about this word.

When your prospect eagerly says “YES” and joins your network marketing business or direct sales company.

It’s the sweetest sound on earth.

Hearing these 3 little letters instantly sends warm fuzzies all over your body, creates a massive surge of positive energy and makes you feel UNSTOPPABLE.

Feels good doesn’t it?

Not to mention that each “YES” grows your business and fattens your bank account.

And if you’d like to get a heckuva lot more people to enthusiastically say “YES” to you…

Check out this blog post by the Chief Marketing Officer at Elite Marketing Pro, Ferny Ceballos.



How would you like to guarantee your prospects enthusiastically say, “YES!” when you invite them to take a look at your network marketing business?

Maybe that sounds like a tall order…

But it’s absolutely possible, and I’m about to reveal exactly how to make it happen through my 3 “golden rules” of cold market recruiting.

First though, let me share a personal story I think you’ll find instructive.

So I actually learned how to recruit outside of MLM—way outside.

As an undergrad at MIT, I was in a fraternity, and part of the recruiting process for my frat was getting a list of phone numbers to cold call of incoming freshmen who requested to receive information about housing options at our institute.

Oddly enough, that year, and all the following years, I personally recruited the most new pledges into my fraternity.

My secret?

I was willing to do the work!

It turned out that a big part of what made me the best recruiter in my fraternity – despite my introverted nature and shyness – was that I was one of the very few people in my fraternity who actually made any calls at all.

I didn’t want to disappoint my fraternity brothers, so I wanted to do the work that they asked me to do.

Thus, I took action, and was one of the few who got results, and was able to learn and grow from that experience.

So that’s rule #1 of cold market recruiting…

network marketing

As I was cold calling people, either they would answer or their parents would answer.

Through that process, I learned a lot about what it takes to get people interested in what you have to offer.

The biggest trick?

A lot of listening.

Now, I’m not a big talker—I’m a relatively introverted and shy person, as I previously stated.

So the idea of cold calling was pretty intimidating, but I did it anyway.

I learned that because I’m relatively introverted, I naturally tend to do less talking and more listening, which turned out to be the key to my success.

And yup, that’s rule #2 of cold market recruiting…

network marketing

Once I graduated from MIT, it was time to face the real world.

In my network marketing company, that meant talking to new prospects.

I traded in selling the virtues of my fraternity for selling a network marketing opportunity, and I became the top recruiter in my organization.

The problem was, even though I wanted to teach this process to my team and share why it worked, I wasn’t able to teach it to anyone, including my team…

…therefore, duplication was non-existent with my team.

And here’s why…

Because I developed my recruiting methods so unconsciously and organically, I didn’t have a “formula” so it could be easily taught to others, and therefore my business suffered.

Therefore, all my recruiting efforts only led to poor growth and lackluster retention, no matter how many people I recruited.

Here’s the cold hard truth about what I learned in network marketing…

network marketing

What’s worse is that most other people in my company were worse off than me. At least I knew how to recruit!

Everyone else was left to fend for themselves, because what my organization taught new reps about recruiting — if you’ll pardon my french — was total crap!

And sadly, that’s usually the case for most this industry.

Does this sound familiar???

“Find more people and bring them to meetings.”

Heard this “strategy” before?

That’s all I was being asked to do: find more people.

My upline told me…

“Ferny, your business is going to grow if you find more people, bring them to our meetings, and get them in the business.”

To them, it was all about a body count.

Then to make me feel a little better about the process, they kept giving me the other WORST piece of advice in network marketing…

“It’s not selling. It’s sharing.”

Both statements are garbage because…

We are influencing, therefore we are selling!

network marketing

We’re trying to create a process to influence people and have them see the value of what we have.

That’s the definition of salesmanship.

So make no mistake, we are absolutely selling.

As such, organization leaders are literally crippling people from the start by saying, “It’s not selling. It’s sharing,” because they’re saying you don’t have to learn skills.

And that’s just not true—at all!

You MUST learn Skill Sets!

network marketing

Fortunately, the “selling skills” a networker needs to master are actually quite simple.

The first one you need to learn is how to invite.

“Find more people and bring them to meetings,” is just plain horrible advice because it sets up a selfish mindset.

And here’s how it plays out in practice…

Using this poor guidance, every time I started a conversation with somebody, I had a selfish agenda.

Basically, I was trying to get them to do something that would benefit me by trying to get them to join my network marketing business.

That’s the problem with what’s being taught and the reason why it’s so dang toxic in the network marketing space.

Is it any wonder your prospects are skeptical?

Everyone sees you (and most people in this industry) as selfish!

network marketing

Because they see that you’re just trying to “get them in the deal” or twist their arm into buying something.


That may be hard to read, but it’s the truth.

To put it differently…

People don’t want to hear what you have to say because they don’t want to get forcefully roped into doing what YOU want them to do.

Read that again to really let it sink in.

Got it?


Now, what should be taught in network marketing is this…

Listen to people who express a problem or desire, which your business opportunity or product can help them solve.

The reason this should be taught is because it sets up a service-based mindset.

Where your whole approach is…

“I’m here to help.”

“I’m here to counsel you and help you solve some of the issues you’re dealing with in your life.”

The key to making this work is that when you have conversations with people…

You just want to be present with them and actually take a genuine interest in talking to them.

Introverts actually do this better than extroverts

network marketing

Extroverts tend to be the “salesy” type of people.

They might recruit a lot of people, but those people will also quit because they got aggressively pushed into a network marketing business.

So instead of being pushy, what you have to do instead is basically ask a few pointed questions about how they’re doing

  • How is your health?
  • How is the job going?
  • Etc.

Then shut up and listen.

Listen at least 80 to 90% of this entire conversation because you’re listening for things that you can connect withexpressed problems or desires that you can help people with, based on what you have to offer.

When you approach prospecting in this way, you’re going to have much better results.

Once you’ve heard them out, you can say…

“By the way, John, you said you were really sick of your time at work and you feel stuck. If I showed you a way to get out of that and still make the income you’re making, would you be interested?”

Of course he’s going to say, “yes!”


“John, you said you were really struggling with your weight and your health. You’re having x, y, and z health issues. I can show you something that can help you with that pretty easily without changing your diet too much. Will you be interested?”

Another easy, “yes!”


“John, you’ve expressed certain issues about your health or you’d like to lose some weight. I can show you a way to lose weight without having to exercise like a madman. Would you be interested?”

Of course he’ll take a look!

When you set up the invite in that way, when you point at the expressed problem or desire that they spilled their guts about and say, “I have something to help you solve that problem,” then most of the time they’re going to say, “yes.”

Simple as that.

In fact, my friend Julie put together a FREE Social Media Recruiting Guide you can download right now, which shows you how you can effectively use this ‘recruiting psychology’ in a passive way using social medial.

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Now, this brings us to rule #3 of cold market recruiting…

network marketing

Even if your prospects say…

“Wait, wait, wait. Is this one of those deals?”

You reply…

“John, I’m just trying to help you with your issue. You said this is a problem. If you don’t want to listen, it’s cool.”

Now you’re taking it away.

That’s called posture.

If they act a little suspicious, or you maybe screwed up the delivery, then just take it away.

Just say…

“John, I’m just trying to help you with your issue. If you’re not interested, no problem. If you want to just continue where you’re working and that’s good enough for you, and good enough for your family, then that’s cool. I’m willing to show you an alternative if you’re interested.”

That’s the takeaway, and it’s how you create posture.

What’s happening there is you’re positioning yourself as if you don’t need their business.

They need you more than you need them.

Regardless of your financial situation, regardless of whether you’re on your last dollar, you’ve got to have that posture, because the bottom line is getting people in the business doesn’t make you money.

Having them STAY in the business and produce is what makes you money.

Their invitation has to be rooted in the big audacious problem that they have in their life that they want to solve.

How do you this apply to your network marketing business?

network marketing



You just have conversations.


It’s exactly the same, through a Video Chat, or a Skype call, or on the phone.

You can have the exact same type of conversation.

You’ve just got to be willing to listen to people.

One thing is always true…

No matter which format you start the conversation, you want to listen and ask questions that will lead them to express what their true desires are or what problems they want to solve in their life.

Connecting on Social Media

When you’re putting a post out on social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, a video, whatever, don’t ever post anything about your company or your product.


Well, to be frank…

No one cares about your company or your product!

As soon as you post anything about your company or your product, you become a commodity and no different from the products available at regular stores.

In contrast, when you post on social media saying…

“I’m so happy. I lost x amount of pounds and this many inches in the past x amount of weeks. I feel amazing. Thank you. I’m so grateful.”

This is completely different and garners interest from people who desire similar results.

…and as such, they will often reach out, of their own volition, and request to connect with you.

When they do that, they’ve already expressed the problem they’re experiencing in their life, because they responded to your post.

In my friend Julie’s Social Media Recruiting Guide, she reveals some additional ways of doing this type of “passive prospecting” which are extremely effective.

For example…

When you help somebody produce a result or solve a problem in their life, then you should celebrate their achievement on social media, acknowledging and congratulating them for achieving that result.

But again, don’t mention your company or your product.

This is all about what you can do for peoplenot what your company can do for people.

Finally, always remember that…

You’re the authority!

You’re the consultant.

That’s how you should present yourself—as the knowledgeable expert facilitating other’s success.

And when you acknowledge other people for their achievements on social media, people WILL reach out to you.

Think about it…

This is infinitely more powerful than just talking about yourself, because now you’ve demonstrated an ability to help other people achieve their goals.

That’s how you should be behaving on social media.

Solving people’s problems and helping them achieve their desired outcomes is ultimately what’s going to get you where you want to go, because…

People don’t care about your product and they don’t care about your company…

People ONLY care about the benefits and results you can produce in their lives.

Everyone has problems!

Financial problems, health problems, you name it.

And you can easily position yourself to help with any type of problem or desire by following my 3 golden rules of cold market recruiting.

Once you’ve adopted the mindset of service and utilize some of the social medial strategies we teach here at EMP, you’ll have a steady flow of interested prospects reaching out to you wanting to know more about your network marketing business.

All it takes is a simple shift in mindset from selfish to service, along with learning a few basic skills to improve your odds!

Now, if you’re ready to see a bunch of proven examples of service-based social media posts you can model for your business…

Download this free guide right now.

It was created by my friend Julie Burke, a multiple six-figure earner in network marketing, who personally sponsored 270+ reps and grew a team of 8,300 distributors, all from the comfort of her home in just 3 years.

Julie built 80% of her organization using social media, and 80% of her organization also uses social media themselves to recruit online as well.

Julie is a master recruiter and she’s tested all kinds of different posts over the past three to four years and pretty much has figured out what works and what doesn’t work on Facebook.

So if you want exact scripts, example posts, plus some dos and don’ts around Facebook, so you can be instantly more effective with your sponsoring and recruiting on the Internet, click the link below to get immediate access!

DOWNLOAD Julie’s “Social Medial Recruiting Frenzy” Guide absolutely FREE!


In this blog post you’ve discovered why many marketers struggle with getting their prospects to eagerly say “YES’ to joining their business.

If you put the ‘3 golden rules of cold market recruiting' detailed in the post into action, then you will be well on your way to effectively signing up new prospects and growing your business and profits.

And if you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below!



You can read the original article by Ferny Ceballos at the Elite Marketing Pro blog



EMP - Fenrny Ceballos Image 320x240Ferny Ceballos is Chief Marketing Officer at Elite Marketing Pro. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Southern California, in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, respectively. After working for 5 years as an aerospace engineer, his entrepreneurial aspirations motivated him to turn to the network marketing and internet marketing industry to escape the rat race. Since leaving Aerospace in 2008, he has personally been responsible for over 5.5 million dollars in sales online over the past 6 years in his personal business, and helped countless clients produce six-figure and seven-figure incomes promoting their businesses using the internet.





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A Juice Plus Home Business: Is It Worth It?

juice plus home business

Have you ever considered running a Juice Plus home business? There are plenty of advertisements out that will tell you why Juice Plus is such a great product, but it can be tough to convince yourself that selling those products is within your comfort zone.

Unlike so many other products sold from home, though, Juice Plus asks you only to sell a product – no pyramid scams or multi-level trickery involved. In fact, Juice Plus combines the ability to make money from home with a product that is good for people, all without requiring you to engage in business practices that could hurt your wallet.

Build a Juice Plus Home Business

juice plus home business

There's something special about being able to work from home. It's not just the lack of a commute that matters – it is the fact that you get to be your own boss.

There are no lengthy sales meetings or useless paperwork when you work for yourself, and the money you make is tied squarely to your own ability. If you think you have what it takes to get out there and make money on your own, running a Juice Plus virtual franchise may be the opportunity that you've been waiting for.

Encourage Healthy Living

A Juice Plus home business can be much more than a way to make money from home. The company is very honest about its mission to help people to eat healthier, and it encourages those who run virtual franchises to do the same.

Juice Plus home business

The product really is quite healthy, and those who buy it report an increase in their quality of life. Instead of selling a product that does nothing more than make the parent company money, Juice Plus gives you a chance to do some good with your business.

The Downsides of a Juice Plus Home Business

Of course, there are always complaints to be brought against any work-from-home business. You probably aren't going to get rich from Juice Plus – not only are you essentially selling a single product, but it's got a niche base.

Getting a virtual franchise to take off can be very difficult for those without significant sales experience, and those who don't have the savings to cover a drought in sales should probably avoid quitting their day jobs.

Finally, there's the simple fact that you are still selling some else's product – a fair deal of the money you make is still going back to the company and not into your pockets.

The Real Potential of a Juice Plus Home Business

juice plus home business

So where does that leave a potential virtual franchisee? If you've got the sales experience and don't mind taking a bit of a game, a Juice Plus home business does have potential.

The business has to be marketed correctly, but you won't run into the downfalls that plague so many other similar businesses. This might not be an ideal way to replace your current job, but Juice Plus does provide a solid product that you can stand behind.

If you find health particularly important and you want to sell a product that can help others, Juice Plus is a good place to start.

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Make Extra Cash With Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot

Today, women want a way to make extra income, that does not require a substantial investment. Budgets are tight and women who want to work from home may have limited funds to start a home business.

A new opportunity to work from home and maintain a successful business, is to make extra cash with Stella & Dot.

The company is one of the 500 fastest growing organizations and was created as a viable option for hard working women who want a real opportunity to make money.

The jewelry and accessories available to women are designed by top designers in New York, who have earned a reputation for their style and ability to create desirable products.

Stella & Dot: Your dream Job?

stella & dot

Women can choose to offer jewelry, handbags, totes, electronic accessories, scarves, and other accessories that are in demand. Many of the styles offered are worn by celebrities.

For women who choose to work with Stella & Dot, there are several opportunities. Ladies can choose to host trunk shoes at home or online. Social media is a great way to promote products to friends and social networks.

Those friends will share the information with their friends and family members. Women who choose this type of home based business have many new ways to promote the products they offer.

The commissions for selling products is relatively high, at 35%. This makes promoting the line of products more desirable and a better option than other home businesses.

Stella & Dot Lets Entrepreneurial Women Style Their Own Life



stella & dot

By hosting trunk parties, women can earn points toward more merchandise, particularly those items they find most desirable. The high commissions and points on merchandise are two benefits of joining the Stella & Dot team.

Another benefit is the chance to represent a well known company that many women admire and respect. When a woman chooses to represent the company, she will be offering products that other women instantly recognize and admire.

The lines of jewelry, bags, and accessories include different styles. There is something for every women, no matter what style she prefers.

Extra Spending Money or a Six-Figure Income with Stella & Dot?

Flexibility is one of the advantages of an opportunity to make extra income. A woman can choose to visit neighbors and friends in person. She can take products along on trips and to lunch dates.

Online sales can support the home sales part of the business, for women who need time to manage online sales. For those who are more technologically savvy, online sales may become the main source of revenue for product sales and promotion.

Award Winning Exclusive Accessories


When a women chooses to represent Stella & Dot, she will have complete support for marketing and promotions, including software, web support, and marketing promotions materials. Women can start representing the fine line of women's products, for as little as $199, for the starter kit.

Women will have an opportunity to purchase several samples in the first month, for half the usual cost. There are many advantages of representing a company with highly desirable fashions.

Becoming a Stella & Dot stylist provides a flexible way to earn income and where a women can spend as much or as little time as desired to promote products. Make some extra spending money or a six-figure salary, it’s up to you!

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Be Empowered With The Chloe And Isabel Opportunity

Chloe and Isabel opportunity

If you are searching for a new and exciting company to make money with, it is time to examine the Chloe and Isabel opportunity. Chloe and Isabel offers motivated women a financial opportunity that is not only flexible, but also fun.

This company allows people to have their own fashion jewelry business that they can run in-person and online. The mission of Chloe and Isabel is to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs through social retail.

The History of the Chloe and Isabel Opportunity

CEO and founder, Chantel Waterbury, worked in direct sales to pay her way through college. She was successful in using direct sales to make money and gain confidence.

But she knew it lacked a connectedness to a community of women and the ability to build her resume further; two key ingredients she has added to the Chloe and Isabel opportunity.

Chloe and Isabel opportunity

She boasts that Chloe and Isabel is truly the company of the merchandisers, not hers. She encourages women to find their creative and professional voices to grow and be successful in their own business.

The Merchandise

All of the jewelry from Chloe and Isabel is hypoallergenic, nickel-free and lead safe. It comes with a lifetime replacement and a 30-day money back guarantee on each piece of jewellery.

Their pieces start at just $24 and go up to around $200. They offer a variety of fashion jewelry, giving sales consultants to ability to market to different populations and budgets.

Pay and Perks with the Chloe and Isabel Opportunity

Those who market and sell Chloe and Isabel jewellery are called merchandisers. The merchandisers have access to the corporate digital office.

Chloe and Isabel opportunity

They use the digital office to connect and communicate with customers and other merchandisers, to create jewelry designs. Chloe and Isabel merchandisers make 30 percent on all of their personal sales and have the potential to earn unlimited free and discounted jewelry.

They can also shop the collection at 30 to 50 percent off. In addition to these great perks, they can create their own personalized online jewelry boutique for customers to utilize.

Benefits of Being a Merchandiser

Aside from commissions and other great perks offered by this direct sales company, there are added benefits. Merchandisers have freedom to set their own schedules. They can work around other jobs, going to school, or even their own kid's schedules.

They also do not have to carry inventory and the hassle of packing and shipping items to customers, as all orders are creatively gift-packaged and sent directly to their customers.

The Downside

Although many women have been highly successful merchandisers for this company, others haven't been so lucky. As with most direct sales, you must have a knack for networking in order to see success.


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You have to know the right people and have an out-going, sales-oriented personality. If you don't have the right network, getting started. and keeping the momentum going can be difficult.

You're Paid on Results

Overall, the Chloe and Isabel opportunity is just as good as other direct sales companies, if not slightly better. With unique jewelry pieces that appeal to more than one population of women and decent pay and perks, it is worth the investment.

Its emphasis on the website and social media put Chloe and Isabel a step ahead of some other direct sales jewellery companies. If you are prepared to learn some new skills and work hard and smart then with the “Chloe and Isabel opportunity” you have the potential to create a successful and enjoyable home business.

Did you like this post and did you get value from it? If so I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below or like or share it on Facebook!

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Nuriche: Good For Your Body And Your Pocketbook?


Nuriche is a newer company to the marketing and health industries. It’s based out of Provo, Utah and was the compilation of ideas between David Parker and Mike Mansfield.

These two experienced executives had one main goal in mind: give consumers access to the nutrition of whole foods on a daily basis. This goal is the foundation for Nuriche.

Business Savvy

Being successful executives themselves, both Parker and Mansfield knew that in order to be successful Nuriche would need business talent. That is why their corporate team is made up of people with business experience. Nuriche distributors can have confidence in this company based on this solid business infrastructure.

Nuriche Products

Nuriche offers a few different products featuring the nutrition equivalent of whole fruits and vegetables:


• LiVE is a nutritional beverage offering 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in a 10 gram berry flavored serving. It contains a variety combination of 30 fruits, 30 vegetables, and probiotics, seeds, nuts, sprouts, enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

The makers of this product say that you will have increased energy, better weight loss, and feel better while using it. This product is also said to support healthy digestion, reduce stress and improve the immune system.

• ReVIVE provides mental clarity and synthetic-free energy. One to three capsules taken one or more times throughout the day provides the body with natural energy.

These capsules contain live whole foods with six energy-packed herbs to help provide you with natural energy. ReVIVE has over 175 natural ingredients, including over 70 whole food and raw juice concentrates.

• Nuriche Naturals rounds out the line with 22 different products that help in nearly every body system. This line is available in powder, capsules and liquid form.


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Uses include joint and muscle support, hormonal balance and support for both genders, weight management, digestive support. All ingredients are certified organic and processed using patented technology. The ingredients are absorbed more readily due to their natural properties.

The Nuriche Business Opportunity

You can start off in the “Nuriche” brand with as little as $179 or as much as $500. This makes starting as a Nuriche distributor accessible to a lot of different types of populations.

However, Nuriche distributors must maintain an autoship purchase each month in order to stay active. This may be difficult for some, especially when first starting their network marketing business.

On the Nuriche EquiFlex Rewards plan, distributors can earn as much as 60% on their sales. For the right person, this home business and career plan can be very rewarding.


There are up to 10 ways for someone to make money on the plan. However, many naysayers state that once warm leads run out, it can be very difficult for most people to generate more leads to continue their business.

Opponents say that unless a distributor has excellent marketing skills and is able to generate over 50 leads per day, they are in for a dead end sooner or later.

With a product that most people can benefit from and a savvy business plan, Nuriche can be a unique, exciting, and successful business opportunity for the novice or intermediate direct sales consultant. High quality products, scientific research, and a lucrative compensation plan all backed by a strong corporate team may be the right recipe for success to some.

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