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Who’s really in charge of your money today?

Is it you?

Or is it the beliefs of your childhood self?

According to Intuitive Healer and Energetic Coach, Christie Marie Sheldon, the single biggest thing holding you back from abundance is NOT your productivity, your intelligence, or your circumstances.

It’s the subconscious blocks (detrimental childhood programming) you have about wealth and abundance.

And in this short 7-minute video, Christie reveals why your greatest pains today are due to a conflicting reality between your goals and your childhood beliefs.

If you’ve ever felt like earning money, creating wealth, or being financially healthy were “hard” in your life, or it just didn’t add up, this video is for you.


Have you ever tried to manifest something and something crazy happens where it just didn't show up?

It could be in love, it could be in money, it could be in anything, and it can be incredibly frustrating that what you tried to manifest has not come about.

When you genuinely have intuition, you become the circus act. People will frequently ask you questions like, “Tell me the future. Tell me what's going to happen”.

When Christie Marie Sheldon developed her intuition, she decided to be different. When she was asked these questions, she would look into that person's soul and notice that they were going to create the same exact problems over and over again.

How could she help them fix that?

How can you fix your abundance blocks

clear your abundance blocks

Christie was on a phone-in radio show one day and a lady called her up. During their conversation, the lady asked her, “I want to know if my husband cheated on me”.

Christie knew the answer but was reluctant to tell her. Instead, she asked the woman the following question: “Your dad cheated on your mum, and you had previous boyfriends that cheated on you. Correct?”

The lady answered, “Yes”.

Christie said, “Let's just fix that pattern so that you don't have to keep creating that same thing over and over again”.

This is where things changed for Christie. What she does now is to take her energy and go into somebody's energy field. When she goes into their energy field, she means that she sees it and hears it.

She sees pictures of what happened and hears clips of what happened. For example, she can go into a person's energy field and establish that the person's mum and dad had a money issue and the person is duplicating that.

That person, maybe 40 years old and having the same problem that her parents had.

Identify the pattern and stop repeating it

Crazy things happen because this energy has a kind of mass to it. Here's what is meant by that. One of the people that has participated in one of Christie's Unlimited Abundance programs is a lady called Deborah.

Deborah sent Christie an email that contained Deborah's medical reports.

Deborah explained the medical reports by stating that before taking part in the Christie's Abundance Program and releasing her abundance blocks, she was:

• living in a very negative home.
• didn't have anything positive in her life
• had injured herself and was walking with a cane for support
• was in danger of losing a kidney

The new medical report stated that Deborah was not going to lose a kidney. Here is what happened over the 3 months after she released her abundance blocks:

• she no longer walked with a cane
• she hikes every day
• she moved out of her negative environment
• she found a loving and supportive male partner

Deborah's doctor could not believe that she was no longer in danger of losing a kidney.

Abundance blocks can affect you physically

clear your abundance blocks

How could working on her ‘Abundance Blocks' affect her physically?

With working with so many people, Christie realized that many people's aches and pains were actually their patterns containing this mass with all the pictures, thoughts, feelings, and ideas about how life works.

Christie has a theory of how people create a reality. When we are babies, our brain waves are generally in beta mode. So you as a human are starting to download and duplicate the reality around you.

As you grow up you just keep imprinting in yourself the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, experiences, around you. As a result, you become your unique self.

You are filled with all these thoughts, feelings, and decisions. That in itself is okay. Christie works with clients who are sometimes forty or fifty years old, and they have ‘abundance blocks'.

When she traces these abundance blocks back, most of the imprinting of the beliefs that caused these blocks occurred between the ages of zero and seven.

That's why even though her clients had formerly been doing all types of meditation techniques and self-improvements strategies, none of it was working.

“I keep doing the same stuff. How come it's not changing my life”. This is what Christie hears a lot from people who come to her for a solution.

Most abundance blocks begin between the ages of zero and seven

clear your abundance blocks

The secret to creating positive change that Christie has learned from working with so many people is that zero to seven years old is where the first imprint occurs.

If you do not pull out that layer of imprinting, things do not shift as easily. She does mean that things cannot change or get better.

In fact, you may be on the road to a positive change in your life, but then something suddenly happens, and you're back to where you started. That's because you didn't get to the first core imprinting.

You make create a vision board and think that you are going to manifest this amazing goal of making a million dollars. And within a couple of weeks, something happens in your world, your reality, where the washing machine breaks, the car breaks down, or you lose your job.

You may start thinking, “What in the heck just happened? I just set this big, incredible goal and now my world is falling apart”.

What is happening is that you are having a ‘conflicting reality' or, as Christie calls it, ‘cross purposes'.

You have two competing purposes fighting you. One part of you is saying, “I want to have money and abundance. The universe supports me and completely has my back”.

This other part of you is saying: “Are you crazy? That stuff doesn't work. You're not abundant”.

A lot of you may have these dual thoughts whenever you do affirmations.

As soon as the negative stuff comes up, you can use the techniques that Christie uses to find those ‘cross purposes' and ‘conflicting realities' and have the opportunity to change them because they have now shown up in your world.

When you uncover these patterns, using the strategies employed by Christie, you will have the ability to do away with them and clear the blocks stopping you from living an abundant life.

You can experience this Energy Clearing session with Christie Marie Sheldon and elevate your abundance to the next level.

Heal Your Past. Clear Your Blocks. And Turn This Year Into Your Most Abundant Year Yet

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clear your abundance blocks
Christie Marie Sheldon is a gifted intuitive life coach and author. She is an author whose books go viral, celebrated for her uncanny ability to access people’s energy fields, erase their inner blocks, and raise their vibrations towards their fullest potential. Over the past 15 years, Christie has spoken on radio shows, seminars and conducted over 30,000 private consultations for clients, some of whom are renowned political and business leaders. She is the creator of the acclaimed Love or Above and Unlimited Abundance courses, published by Mindvalley.

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