content marketing blogContent marketing blog articles is necessary if you are looking to increase your online exposure.

An effective content marketing blog strategy can help you acquire the target audience and improve search engine optimization, or SEO.

In fact, content marketing is often overlooked by many new bloggers looking to SEO their content.

Content promotion is the foremost contributor to off-page SEO. As you can see, content marketing is beneficial to your blog in multiple ways.

Let's take a look at how you can increase you blog's exposure via content marketing.

Content Marketing Blog Help: Creating Quality Content Matters

Before you can begin the distribution process of content marketing blog articles, there is an often overlooked step you must perform initially. Far too often, especially among those who are solely looking for SEO juice, bloggers overlook the importance of creating valuable content.

Content marketing is essentially the process of getting to your targeted audience without selling them anything. This is done by providing relevant, informative, and attractive content. Creating high quality content is half the battle when content marketing.

Content Marketing Blog Help: Social Media Platforms

As you are probably aware, social media platforms are among the busiest websites online today. Countless users access these websites daily to interact with friends, access news, and entertain themselves. By creating high quality sharable content, you are on your way to effectively content marketing blog content via social media.

While creating sharable content is a great way to increase exposure by potentially going viral, it is necessary to learn to target your audience. In other words, your content marketing strategy is not going to be useful if you simply create a profile and start posting. You need to target people with certain interests and relevant fan pages and groups.

It should also be noted that social media marketing can be a very time consuming process. Luckily there are social media marketing automation tools that can alleviate the stress of this process. By using programs like Hootsuite or Buffer, you can schedule your social media posts and focus your marketing efforts elsewhere.

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Content Marketing Blog Help: High PR Article Directories

Article directories such as Ezine Articles are potent sources for article marketing for multiple reasons. These article directories essentially serve as blogging communities in which authors and readers alike read and share content relevant to their interests or niche. This alone is reason enough to start posting high quality content on article directory websites.

In addition, posting content in these article directories can help your blog's SEO efforts. While there are a seemingly limitless number of article directories online today, not all of them are created equal. Among this hoard of directories are high PR article directories.

What does this mean for SEO?

When posting content in high PR article directories, authors are allowed to include backlinks to their blog or another article they've written. Google considers these high PR backlinks to be very valuable. By consistently posting articles in high PR article directories, you are dramatically increasing an article chance of being found on an initial Google search results page.

While there are not the only content marketing blog help strategies, they are among the most effective.

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