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Not many business owners or marketers are aware of online solutions like Digital Business Lounge, which is a shame because this is the best way to take the mental ache out of building a website. If you strip it down to the absolute base levels, building a website can be quite complex; especially with the inordinate amount of coding knowledge required to get the job done.

This, of course, does not include the aspect of registering a new domain, finding appropriate hosting and learning how to use the website to its full potential. The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) has designed the perfect package that takes care of it all.

What is the Digital Business Lounge?

Essentially, this package is an all-in-one website building powerhouse. This solution enables users to create WordPress websites with ease and have them up and running in an hour.

Quick and simple tutorials guide users through the creation process, limiting the amount of stress that one would normally have to deal with. For those people who might be struggling with the creative process, SFM has a team of ingenious content writers on call; people who can bring your web-vision to life.

This package also takes care of the domain hosting issue and also assists with multiple site hosting on one domain.

How to Boost your Marketing Success with Digital Business Lounge

The Digital Business Lounge package offers clients lead page templates that are guaranteed to boost the growth of profitable mailing lists. There is a certain amount of business science involved in creating successful lead pages, and there are a fair few advertising and marketing agencies that will charge heavy fees for the same service.

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This package enables people to create their own online marketing campaign without enlisting additional services. There is certainly something to be said for the ability to build a fully functional, successful website on one's own.

Is There a Possibility of Tracking the Website's Success?

Instead of going through the nightmare of using complicated testing algorithms, the “Digital Business Lounge” offers clients the use of something called “Simple Trakk.” This tracking program enables website builders to view their marketing schemes and keep an eye on how successful their efforts really are.

Digital Business Lounge

This is probably the best way to get rid of dead-weight marketing efforts; providing people with the information they need to patch up any flaws in their online endeavors. No prior skills are required to run this tracker, which comes complete with funnel tracking and split-test functions.

Is this Solution Expensive?

The good news is that the SFM team has created packages that start from the $1 mark. Clients can pick and choose which packages will suit their needs most — there is no need to pay for any tools that will not be used.

The premium package costs under $50 and, with so many functionalities, is a real bargain. There is no need to download excessively huge files, which reduces overall costs as well. The Digital Business Lounge is an example of true value for money.

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