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Dr. Demartini is considered one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior, personal development, and creating wealth in your life.

He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research, and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development.

And a few weeks ago, successful entrepreneur, Rob Moore, met him and shot an inspiring video interview which you can watch below.

Create Wealth And Success In Your Life

Before starting in the world of self-improvement and personal development, Dr Demartini was a high school drop-out. he was living in a tent in Hawaii as a surfer.

During this time he nearly died and was found in his tent by a lady who helped him to recover. She led him to a health food store to get some food in him and on leaving he saw a flyer to a seminar.

He intuitively told himself he had to go to the seminar and found himself in a small class with 35 other people. The speaker at the seminar spoke to Dr. Demartini in a way that made him believe that he could do more with his life than he was currently doing.

He made him believe that he could be intelligent. Up until that time Dr. Demartini had learning problems where he had dyslexia, a speech impediment, and had never read a book from cover to cover.

That night he had an epiphany where he saw himself being intelligent. He then wanted to overcome his learning problems, learn everything he could, and become a teacher.

His aim was to travel the world and change lives as he had been changed by the speaker at the seminar that night. That was the beginning of his journey.

Dr. Demartini went back to the United States mainland and started his journey on how to read. He started reading a dictionary and adding 30 words a day to his vocabulary.

He was on a quest for knowledge that he had missed out for years and he has never stopped since. That was 43 years ago and he has since dedicated his life to learning everything he could about maximizing human behavior and help people do extraordinary things.

Inside Every Person Is A Genius

He is now certain that deep inside every human being is an extraordinary person – a genius. One who is capable of doing amazing things.

Every human being, regardless of race, color, creed, or sex, lives by a set of values. They are inspired from within by whatever is highest on their set of values.

If they set goals that are in alignment with these values they tend to wake up that genius within them. But, if they subordinate to other people because of comparison and they think that others have something they do not – then they can cloud their own mission and start to be somebody they are not.

This makes them hold back their genius until they are ready to see how magnificent they are from within. We are not here to live in the shadows of anyone, we are here to stand on the shoulders of giants.

The second we give ourselves permission to do that and not subordinate to the outside world than the voice and the vision on the inside becomes louder than those opinions on the outside. In this way, we begin to waste our life.

Since every human being has a unique set of values and they are so used to subordinating to other people that they do not become an authority to themselves.

Dr. Demartini has developed a 13 step-by-step questionnaire process that helps a person identify whatever is highest on their set of values. Whatever is highest on their list of values is their mission.

It’s what is sometimes called the ‘calling’ and ‘inspiration’ – their purpose in life. So if they are subordinated others will cloud that.

The second they can chart their own course towards their purpose in life they unveil the inspiration that gives them the power to overcome challenges and obstacles in life.


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A Wealthy Mindset

The cornerstone of human behavior revolves around values. If someone does not have a value about caring enough about humanity to serve humanity so they have a source of income. And if they do not have the value of refining their business so it makes it efficient and maximizes profits.

If they do not have a value on saving a portion of those profits and starting the seed of investment. If they do not have a value on investing – like putting their money into rental properties, development of properties, or buying companies or commodities.

If they do not see the value of accumulating money or having a cause for money then the probability of them being financially dependent is very low.

When Dr. Demartini asks people if they want to be financially independent, most will put their hands up. But when he examines their values he will find that they are based on purchasing, meeting, and gratifying themselves with things that go down in value.

They should be buying appreciating assets that go up in value or they will not get wealthy. The person struggling with wealth boils down to a set of values and a set of priorities of what they are spending their money on.

The hierarchy of values dictates a person's financial destiny. It dictates how they see the world and what decisions they make regarding money. If they don’t invest it’s not working for them and they become a slave to money.

For this reason, Dr. Demartini created the program “Six Steps To Wealth”. Unless people have the six steps in their value system then it is not likely they will be independently wealthy.

He found the six steps to be common in almost all the billionaires he has interviewed.

These six steps are:

1. Finding a cause that inspires you to build that wealth
2. Building a business that serves a vast number of people
3. Managing a business that makes profits
4. Saving a portion of the profits
5. Investing a portion of the profits
6. Accumulating wealth

If these steps are not there then it is very unlikely that wealth will be created. To raise these six steps higher in people’s value systems, Dr. Demartini asks them to write down hundreds of benefits of taking these six steps.

Once it’s higher on your value list, if the “why” is big enough then the “how” takes care of itself. You have to have a big enough reason to save and invest the money which is greater than the reasons for spending it.

How To Deal With Negative People

To grow as a person it is essential that you have a challenge in your life. if somebody supporting you at all times you would be a juvenile dependent. It’s the challenges in life that actually wake up your precocious talents and can make an entrepreneur out of you.

Challenges are your gift, not your enemy. If you meet someone that has a higher value on wealth-building than you, they will encourage you to grow your wealth.

If you have someone that has a lower value of wealth-building than you then they will discourage you from pursuing your business or anything that will increase your wealth.

And unfortunately, there are more people that will discourage you than urge you to pursue wealth as there are only 1% who are financially independent and the other 99% are not.

So if the people on the outside dictate how you feel you give them power over your own vision and you will hold yourself back. You have to realize that when people are challenging you they are acknowledging you at the same time.

They are saying that you are reaching out beyond their comfort zone and they want to bring you back into their domain like crabs in a bucket. if you do go on and pursue your goals then eventually a few of them will come forward and thank you as you would have inspired them to reach out for a better life.

The overall economy will demand equanimity and so if someone gets ‘puffed up’ because they have wealth it will awaken inside of them a philanthropic desire to give back. If someone is diminished in their financial situation it will wake up in them a social welfare entitlement to want to take from people.

So nature is redistributing wealth constantly. Be thankful for the individuals that are negative about creating wealth and want to criticize those that have achieved success as they will be the market for the entrepreneurs that are selling ideas, products, and services to them.

As implied in creative capitalism, if you care enough about humanity to find out what their needs are and with your wealth serve those needs, then they will be grateful for you to go and build your wealth.

Find out how you can help the person who is trying to cut you down and they will eventually join in to try and build wealth for themselves.

Self Sabotage

People use the self-sabotage but Dr. Demartini has never seen it happen. When somebody is doing something they only make a decision based on what they think will get them the greatest advantage. But actually deep inside on an unconscious level the thing that they think they are doing that sabotages them is actually perceived inside them as more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

For example, there was a gentleman who wanted to go and build his wealth. He reached about a $200,000 net worth and every time he tried to go beyond this figure it would go back to the $200,000 net worth value.

What was causing this was subordination to his father. His father said that anybody that makes more than $200,000 is automatically a thief or a crook. he was proud of his father and looked up to him.

He injected the values of his father and so had an internal conflict between his own goals and the people he subordinated to. he did not want to displease his father but he also wanted to please himself. There was a conflict going on.

It was not until he was taken through the Dr. Demartini Method where he dissolved the emotional infatuation with his father and put him back into equanimity and not on a pedestal. This freed him up and he went from $200,000 to $1.8 million in less than a year because he was no longer trying to please 2 different value systems.

So long as we subordinate to people on the outside with different value systems, then it will cloud the clarity of our own and it will be labeled self-sabotage, but it’s actually an attempt to try and fulfill a lot of peoples values and scatter ourselves.

The wisdom is to know what our values are and not attach them to other people. This can be done by taking those people off a pedestal and putting yourself back in command. What most people call self-sabotage is actually a feedback mechanism to get us back to being our authentic selves and help clarify what is really important to us and not what we think is important to us.

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Beliefs Around Money

A young child depends very much on its parents. If a parent says, “No” or “Don’t do that”, the child will listen and take that on if its afraid of losing its parent's contribution and help.

The child will believe some of the things the parents say and other things it will defy. We take on belief systems at certain moments in our life based on what we think are the advantages and disadvantages at that moment.

We accumulate them and they end up going into our subconscious. They surface from our subconscious when we are pursuing our dreams. But the only reason they are there is at that moment, or other times in our lives, we subordinated to the necessity of those individuals around us and those people who we depend on.

What Dr. Demartini does in these cases is make a list of all the people (the sources) where those beliefs came from that keep surfacing in our heads. He would then carry out the ‘Demartini Method‘.

As long as we think the sources of our beliefs have something that we do not, then we minimize ourselves. We may think that they have more intelligence, wealth, or success than us. By doing this we give them the power to influence our value system and confuse ourselves and have conflicting value and belief systems.

When we are setting goals that are aligned with our highest values we have incredible belief in our capacities to achieve. When we set our values, if we try to inject those of other people and they do not match our own values the conflicting beliefs emerge.

So the key is not subordinating to other people. First, identify what the beliefs are and who they came from. Dissolve your infatuation with that person(s) and then give yourself permission to set yourself free of those belief systems. Those belief systems are simply belief systems of people that we have injected into our minds and have subordinated to.

How To Influence And Inspire People

When he was 21 Dr. Demartini met Zig Ziglar and Zig said something that Dr. Demartini will never forget: “If you help enough people get what they want to get in life then you will get what you want in life”.

It boils down to values again. Whatever their highest value is, is what they are dedicated to. If you help them by finding out what their highest value is and what their needs are and help them fulfill those needs, they will come online.

Charisma is not something a person holds. Charisma is what somebody perceives about that person and that person is helping them fulfill their values. So if you help people fulfill their values they think you are charismatic.

They are yearning for that and are drawn to the person that helps them fulfill their needs. So often entrepreneurs emerge and project their ideas and values onto the marketplace. They think that people want what they want to give, and they do not meet the needs of the people and they flounder.

But the second they identify what the needs of the people really are, and care enough about humanity to find out what those needs are and provide the products and services to meet those needs – there is now demand and not necessarily an oversupply.

When you really meet the needs of people the demand comes to you and you don’t even need to sell as it comes to you. That is a sign that you have met people's needs.

You can find out more about Dr Demartini and the products and services he offers at his website: There is a lot of information, radio, television, articles, inspirational writings, and products on self-development and creating wealth in your life.

You can find out more about successful entrepreneur and educator Rob Moore on his website.

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