Review of EPX Body

by Merv Stevens

epx bodyEPX Body is a multilevel network marketing company founded by Dan Putnam, an expert in direct sales in 2012. EPX Body has its headquarters in Utah.

This company was built with the sole aim of helping people meet their fitness goals and financial goals over a 90 day period with the best clinical science available.

What is EPX Body?

EPX is the short form of the word ‘Epigenetic'. Epigenetics is the study of the changes that occur in genes caused by an external force or an underlying gene sequence.

Whatever you are eating now may strengthen or weaken your genes such that sooner than later, you will likely transfer weak genes to your generations and they may get sick quickly and die early. EPX was designed to prevent this problem.

EPX functions to strengthen your genes to help you live a longer and healthier life. EPX will help you ward off problems like excessive weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart attack, and stroke.

Product Line of EPX Body

The product line of EPX includes:

  • EPX Burn
  • EPX Cardio
  • EPX Detox
  • EPX Enhance

EPX Body has many products, but EPX Burn and EPX Cardio seem to be their best products.

EPX Burn

EPX Burn is clinically proven to help you lose 12 pounds of body fat and two inches from your waistline without changes in your diet or exercise routine. This product is designed to burn unhealthy body fat, increase cellular metabolism, reduce your waistline, increase energy and suppress hunger.

EPX Cardio

This product works primarily on the heart to help prevent heart diseases. EPX Cardio helps you to age-proof yourself. It can help you to lower your cholesterol level, prevent high blood pressure, increase your sex drive and prevent heart attacks.

How to Make Money with EPX Body

There are two main ways of making money with EPX Body. These are:

a) By just buying and using the product.

b) By becoming a network marketer.

epx body

How to Make Money with EPX Body by Buying and using their Products

You can win up to $500 by just using any product from EPX Body. EPX Body actually pays you for using their products. This is something that has never been done by any network marketing company.

EPX will pay you for losing some pounds during a 90-day period of using their products. You will receive compensation based on the total number of pounds you lost during the 90-day period. Here is a breakdown of how much you will gain financially by just using any EPX product.

  • Lose 1-19 pounds- you will get an EPX official T-Shirt.
  • Lose 20-29 pounds- you will get $4 per pound lost.
  • Lose 30-39 pounds- you will get $6 per pound lost.
  • Lose 40-49 pounds- you will get $8 per pound lost.
  • Lose 50+ pounds- you will get a cool cash prize of $500.

A network marketing partner will receive at least $1000 per month within the first 6 months. EPX adopts a different compensation plan from most network marketing firms.

EPX places you under the next available space in the pyramid and not under the person who introduced you. The company can place a person under you even though you did not introduce him/her to the network marketing business.

Generally, EPX Body is a group of network partners who work together to sell their products and help each other achieve financial freedom. You can sign up with EPX Body today to start building your wealth and paving your path to financial independence.

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