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Today I want to share with you a talk given by Joel Peterson, who has been very successful in the online marketing and network marketing space. The theme of the talk is about how to escape the rat race. During the talk, Joel gave some information on his past and how he used to work in corporate America, doing his cubicle shift between 6am and 3pm. He managed to escape that way of life nine years ago and has not looked back since.

In the video Joel details the 7 proven life principles he used to “escape the rat race” and go from being depressed and dead broke to acheiving a life of financial freedom and time freedom.

7 Proven Principles To Escape The Rat Race

So what are the principles Joel used to make this amazing transformation to a life of success and enjoyment for him and his family. Well he used 7 Proven Principles ANYONE can follow to escape the rat race.

Read on to find out what thay are…

Principle #1: Know Your Why

A few years ago Joel didn't even know the meaning of the phrase “know your why”. He was not into personal development and the last book he had read was a Harry Potter novel.

But now things have changed. Joel is an avid reader constantly renewing and improving his mind.

His big “why” is spending time with his family, going on trips together, and attending his children's school events. This “why” has given him the desire and motivation to do what it takes to succeed in the network marketing and online marketing arena.

It needs to be deeper than just getting more money or the big fancy house or car.  It needs to be written down so that you can refer to it and remind yourself of what you are working towards when things get tough. Everyone's “why'” is different, but you need to identify yours and work on it.

Principle #2:  Your Beliefs

This is a big, big, big one. You have to believe that whatever you are doing can really work. It's not just believing in the company you are with or the opportunity, but believing in yourself.

You have to have the belief that YOU can accomplish things and that it can happen for you. And how do you do that… you need to hear the testimonies of other people who are achieving success. This can be done by logging into company calls and webinars or by attending events.

People are attracted to positive people and so you have to put any negative attitudes you have aside. Start using positive words in your language and remove negative words like “can't”.

Principle #3: How You Treat Others

Unfortunately, there are some internet marketers who treat people more like dollar signs rather than real living human beings. They do not care what type of product or services they sell as long as they are making money.

We all know there are great online marketing products out there, like the Six Figure Mentors (SFM), which is a Digital Education Platform that also has the tools and resources to enable you to build a profitable online business. In this way, you can create or be an affiliate and sell products that will be of value and benefit to others. However, there are also a lot of scammy products that do not work and are a waste of time and money.

The unscrupulous online marketer will sell all kinds of products, whether good or bad and look upon their customers as numbers from whom money can be made. But a business run in this way will not last.

If you want to build a long-term sustainable home business you have to stop treating people merely as dollar signs. You have to remember that there is a real person behind every one of your transactions – a person just like you.

If you start respecting your customers and thinking about them as real people then you will go on to build a profitable business with large and successful teams.

Principle #4: Taking Action

This is huge because when many people first get involved in a business they very get excited. They come to the seminars, go through the courses, and may even create a blog. But unfortunately, they do NOT do the actionable things required to build a business. When you start out you have to be focused and take action on the things that are really going to help you grow your business.

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If you are consistent in these actions then you will achieve success. When you get results then you will get more excited and take further effective action that will grow your business even more.

But what is the #1 action to guarantee success? Invite people to take a look at your business opportunity.

There are a number of ways to do this. You can invite people online or invite people in person. If you focus just on this one action and invite people to take a look at a video, a presentation, or attend a seminar, then you will achieve success.

If you are not inviting every day or generating leads that you can expose to your business, whether that be on your blog, on your newsletter, or in person, you will not have as much success. Even if you are the worst inviter, if you do enough of it, you will get better and in time become a master inviter and recruiter.

Principle #5: How You Handle Failure

A lot of the time people look at a successful marketer like Joel Peterson and say “Oh, but you're so successful and everything you do turns to gold“. But he had failed in many businesses previously, from a windscreen repair company to solid waste disposal management and network marketing. Joel learned from these failures.

If you quit and just curl up in a ball and turn the TV on and go back to your life of “quiet desperation” then you have a problem. Do not be afraid to fail. All successful people have had failures but they have learned from them and used them as stepping stones on their path to success.

escape the rat race

Principle #6: Keeping It Simple

Online marketing can be a complicated business – choosing a niche, building a blog, finding keywords, driving traffic, etc. But you need to focus on simplicity. Do a few simple things over and over again and teaching others to do the same, is all you need to build a successful business online.

Here's the thing…. when you focus on those simple activities and you plug yourself into what is called the “School of Involvement”, over time you will learn those things that you think are complicated.

Focusing on the simple activities will generate income now and those other things will take care of themselves.

If you are trying to learn too much at one time and complicating things, then you are not keeping it simple and you will get overwhelmed.

Principle #7: Duplication

A lot of people are not aware of what duplication means. It means getting a group of people to do a few simple things over a consistent period of time. Once this happens then the people you teach will have success and the people they teach will also have success.

Before you know it you will begin to get forty emails a day of downline signups and customer signups. What happens as your business starts to grow is that you will find people who will begin to grow their business without needing you because duplication has occurred.

This will happen as long as you follow a system that is simple and you teach other people to follow the same simple system. In this way, you can grow a very large business.

You'll have to watch out for the “Internet Marketing Hustle”.  A lot of internet marketers live from product launch to product launch. They create a product and then launch it relying on JV's (joint venture partners) to promote it.

This is then repeated again and again – the “Internet Marketing Hustle”. In this way, you haven't really created a business but just a glorified job, working crazy hours.

This method of business does not have duplication. Having a business with duplication pays you by leveraging not only your own efforts but also the effort of others. Focus on leverage.

The principles mentioned above will help you get rid of the chains that keep you tied to the corporate world. Most Super Successful people have had to make a life-changing transformation to get where they are.

You may not have achieved this transformation yet. This could be because of the way you think about yourself. Maybe you're bogged down with a job that is unsatisfying and arduous and gives you no time for yourself.

Maybe you've had problems in your life, like going through a divorce and you are short of money. Or maybe you're just not a nice person, you're not a kind person.

But Super Successful people have made a transformation from these sorts of problems. Maybe they looked in a mirror one day or engaged in some type of self-examination and realized their life sucked.

They needed to make a transformation and take their life in a more meaningful and successful direction. So they started working on themselves and making improvements in their lives.

Escape The Rat Race: A True Story of Transformation

In the past Joel had his own challenge that he had to overcome – he was overweight. He was 320 pounds and miserable.

Joel realized that he needed to do something different in life and lose weight. He needed to work on his beliefs and get rid of the chains that kept him tied to being overweight.

It seemed to be harder than ever and so easy to fall back into a comfortable life of quiet desperation. But the transformation started to gradually happen.

escape the rat race

It did not happen overnight but Joel started to work on his beliefs. He started finding some spare time to exercise in the morning. He ate more healthy foods and read motivational books and started listening to inspiring audiotapes.

Joel also had a debt problem. He was getting tired of not being able to do the things his friends wanted him to because of having no money.

So, instead of going to lunch with his work colleagues he would go to his car and work on his internet marketing business. When he got home at night he would spend 2 – 3 hours working on his marketing business.

He would take action and focus on the right activities to bring about results so that he could escape the rat race. One day all the little things he had been doing came together and when he refreshed his computer screen he found that he had made four sales of $37 products. The chains started to get lighter and looser.

Joel told his wife, “Honey, I've found something that works”. All the things he had been consistently working on started to come together and move his business forward towards success.

He started making enough money to cover his rent payment and when he found this success he started to take more action which then produced more success. This, in turn, produced more money and he was soon matching the money he made from his job.

Nine months later he broke free from the chains tying him to his cubicle and quit his job. The Human Resources department at his workplace could not believe that he wanted to leave but he wanted to burn his bridges.

Joel was now finding freedom and could do the things that he could not when working in his corporate job. And it was not just about the money but the time and freedom that money gave him.

Now he could carry out volunteer work and attend his kid's school plays without having to ask permission from a boss. People like Joel who have achieved this type of freedom now want to help others get rid of their chains and eliminate these forms of restrictions from their lives.

This can be done by focusing on the things that will bring you success and by taking action. Focus on the things that you want to overcome, have belief, be consistent in taking action, and eventually, you too will escape the rat race.


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