Facebook Fan Pages for Business: Valuable or Not?

by Merv Stevens

facebook fan pages for businessBuilding Facebook Fan pages for business reasons can be extremely beneficial.

Considering Facebook is a social networking platform, it is hard for some to comprehend why a business would allocate resources to build a Facebook Fan Page.

Facebook is one of the most visited websites available online today.

Facebook Fan Pages for Business: Taking Advantage of Traffic

Just a short while ago, Mark Zuckerberg and the head honchos at Facebook announced that they are now hosting over one billion visitors a month. That is some serious traffic.

Because so many people use this social media platform regularly, building Facebook Fan Pages for business reasons can dramatically increase your exposure by establishing relationships with those in the market for your product.

5 Reasons to Build Facebook Fan Pages for Business

1) Connects your business with its Target Market Socially– Facebook Fan Pages for business allow you to connect directly fans in your target market.

A Facebook Fan Page allows you to essentially build a pipeline into fans' stream of conscious. You can run promotions for fans as a method to increase online exposure. As a rule, the more consumers that are exposed to your business, the better.

2) A Valuable Outpost – Facebook Fan Pages for business serve as a valuable outpost.

Building a fan page increases your business's chances of accurately targeting prospects, consumers, the media, and vendors. What ever it is your business is looking for, using Facebook Fan pages for business can help you reach your goal.

3) Traffic Generation – Building Facebook Fan Pages for business can serve as a great traffic generation tool.

Facebook allows you to include a limitless amount of backlinks in your fan pages. As I mentioned before, Facebook is one of the busiest websites online. Strategically placing backlinks on your Fan Page can be incredibly beneficial to traffic generation.

4) SEO – Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an integral aspect of organic or free traffic generation.

The more accurately and successfully a web page is optimized, the higher its rank will be on a Google search results page. As of recently, Google is now indexing content posted on social media platforms. By consistently creating informative and attractive content on Facebook Fan Pages for business, you can actually increase your rank in valuable search queries.

5) Inexpensive Promotion – As we all are aware, there is no such thing as a limited marketing budget in the real world.

facebook Fan pages for business

Luckily for those of us trying to build a business with a budget, building Facebook Fan Pages for business is absolutely free. Considering the countless customization options, free is an incredibly fair price for a Fan Page.

Facebook Fan Pages for Business are a Must Have

In today's incredibly fast-paced business world, a business essentially doesn't exist if it lacks sufficient online exposure. Consumers today are admittedly dependent on the internet to connect them with the products and/or information they're looking for. Facebook Fan Pages for business are an incredibly efficient way to attract those consumers in your target market.

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