use video ads to land new customers

In this article from AdEspresso, you'll get a close look at 5 strategies you should have on hand when you want to use video ads to land new customers.

These tips cover both lead generation and conversion strategies.


All ad campaigns should be run with clear goals in mind. In many of these cases, the goal will be lead generation or direct sales.

Instagram and Facebook video ads are one of the most effective types of campaigns you can use to generate those results.

Video ads have incredible engagement and conversation rates on both platforms. There’s a video viewing audience of 1.71 billion users just on Facebook alone, and users happily watch and interact with video content that they see on a regular basis.

They’re also more likely to recall content that they’ve watched in a video instead of read, and multiple surveys and studies have found that many people would much rather watch a video about something than read about it (including 59% of executives).

In this post, we’re going to take a close look at the strategies you should have on hand when you want to use video ads to land new customers.

We’ll look at both lead generation and conversion strategies. Are you ready?

Facebook Video Ads: 5 Ways to Find New Customers

While this post is going to specifically discuss Facebook video ads — including those published on Instagram, many of the principles and strategies can be applied to other video ad platforms, too.

1. Create Funnel-Specific Content

This is the number one, most important thing that should be doing. I have seen video ads that introduce me to a product that I’ve subscribed to for three years, and I’ve seen video ads trying to upsell me for services I’ve never heard of. Both of these were equally pointless.

If you walk into a store where you’re a regular, the salesperson who knows you will greet you accordingly. You might hear “Hey, we got more of those organic pancake mixes that you like!” If you were a new customer, on the other hand, the salesperson would greet you and ask what they can help you with, and if they have any questions about the business.

If you’re targeting cold traffic, you should be doing the same thing.

Create videos that introduce customers to your brand in thirty seconds or less, and run the campaign under the brand awareness or video view objectives. Then, you can show more detailed, CTA-driven videos to the users who watched the majority if that video. (To do this, create a custom audience of Facebook engagement -> video views -> views of the video ad.)

5 Ways to Find New Customers with facebook ads

This video doesn’t aggressively sell anything; instead, it just introduces people to the business and Page. This is a good first step.

You can—and should— use your custom audiences to send videos of new products, upselling, or complementary services to customers who have already purchased from you.

2. Plan for Your Video Ad To Be Played Without Sound

This is a big one. Since video ads are shown on auto-play on both Facebook and Instagram, you know that your videos will start playing with no sound as a user scrolls past. Not only does this mean that you can’t use sound to grab attention, it means that users may not enable sound to play at all– even if they watch for the full duration of the video.

When it comes to Facebook video ads, 85% are played without sound.

And we’re not talking “85% are played soundlessly, and the 15% are the ones that we've watched.” These are the videos watched for more than three seconds (the length of time it takes to be considered a “view” on Facebook).

using video ads to obtain new customers

Using text to explain instead of a voiceover will work better for Facebook and Instagram Ads.

This means that you need to plan ahead and know that your video will be played, in its entirety, without sound by at least half of the people watching it even if they’re genuinely interested.

facebook video ads

Use textual clues, and add captions if there’s voice-over narration or someone speaking within the video. You should also dive into the action immediately so you grab users’ interest visually.

3. Always Include a Text CTA

You want people to act. You want them to fill out a lead form, or to head to your site to subscribe, or to purchase. You want them to do something. Go ahead and tell them exactly what that is, in the video and in the video’s description.

Facebook video ad example

Remember, almost nine out of ten videos are played without any sound. This means that the incredible CTA at your end means nothing if you haven’t backed it up with text. Having an end-screen in your video with a “Visit our site to learn more” or “Purchase Your Toothbrush 500 Now!”

The visual of your CTA—even if it’s featured in your description—can make a difference in the number of viewers who actually convert. If they got to the end of your video, after all, they’re interested in what you have to say—don’t waste that opportunity.

4. Incorporate Dynamic Storytelling

One of the best parts of video is that it’s such an incredible medium for storytelling. With music, colors, and dynamic expressions, you can really capture the emotions of what you’re saying, make it easy to turn a quick line of marketing copy into an engaging narrative.

And since we remember stories much more than anything else, this works in the favor of marketers who know how to utilize brand storytelling in their video ads.

Storytelling will make your business and memorable, while also making you seem more trustworthy to new customers.

This can help win over leads and first-time customers alike much more effectively than listing a bunch of facts. While facts may be true, it’s the emotional appeal that sells a lot of products in one way or another. And, if your story sticks in a lead’s head, it will be much easier to convert them to clients later on.

using facebook video ads to obtain customers

5. Utilize Facebook Lead Ads

Increasing amounts of Facebook’s video ad revenue (and ad revenue in general) comes from mobile users; last year mobile actually made up 87% of Facebook’s revenue. Because of this, you want to make sure that your ads are optimized to do as well as possible on mobile. Facebook’s lead ads are a great way to do this.

Facebook lead ads are now available for desktop usage, but were designed for mobile. When viewers click on the CTA, a small lead form will pop up with as much information as possible automatically filled out. This makes it exceptionally easy for mobile users, in particular, to send you their lead information, especially if you have a pretty great lead offer as a reward for them.

Lead Ads allow you to get the most important information you need from users to help you nurture them into clients.

They’re most effective when audiences are already somewhat familiar with you, so test different custom audiences of non-customers and see what works best for you. This may be site visitors who didn’t purchase or users who viewed your brand awareness video.

Attach a video with a strong CTA and a tempting offer to this ad type, and you’ll see new leads come flowing in.

Final Thoughts on Video Ads

There’s no denying that video ads can be an incredibly powerful force.

By understanding how to create and optimize each ad in order to maximize lead generation and conversions, you’ll have significantly more results than your competitors.

Remember that funnel-oriented content is key, and to use textual cues for the many instances that your video will be played without sound. And, as always, split test, split test, split test.

What do you think? How do you use video ads to land new customers and generate leads? What are your go-to strategies? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think in the comments below! 


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