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Jay Kubassek has won accolades from many sectors for his ability to inspire people to achieve their dreams. In this video, he describes his proven system for identifying and utilizing your factors for success.

WAKE UP: The X, Y & Z Factors for Success

The Man Behind the System

Jay Kubassek started from humble beginnings. He grew up on a religious communal farm and later took a job as a muffler salesman.  This did not deter him from becoming the highly successful online marketing entrepreneur and motivator he is today!

In 2007, Kubassek founded CarbonCopyPro, a community of successful entrepreneurs backed by high-end products covering all aspects of personal wealth management, including educational trainings and profitable websites. With the company CarbonCopyPro he cornered the market in 160 countries by educating individuals about the “factors for success”.

Kubassek soon started his Pro U venture after rebrandings were made. Pro U provided people with an effective and efficient mentoring platform to build a profitable online marketing business, so continuing the legacy of enlightening individuals about the factors for success.

But Kubassek also has other aces up his sleeve. In 2012 he partnered with Stuart Ross of Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and formed Digital Experts Academy (DEA). The SFM provides individuals with comprehensive direct marketing solutions complete with the training and tools as well as the community necessary for entrepreneurial success.

Indeed, Kubassek's discussions on his factors for success, has made and continues to make thousands of men and women enjoy their dream of financial freedom and living the laptop lifestyle!

The Factors For Success

So, what exactly are these factors for success? While Kubassek outlines these factors in various seminars and webinars, let's take just a few of these here.

Kubassek emphasizes that every person is born with 99% of what's necessary for achieving success in their life. For most individuals, 99% is sufficient and they content themselves with living a life of unfulfilled dreams.

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But for those who are unsatisfied with the status quo, the achievement of the remaining 1% and so, the enjoyment of their full 100% potential becomes an obsession, albeit a positive one.

The final 1% of the puzzle is the key to finding the factors for success – and this is your unique X-Factor. You can develop this to its fullest extent. When you do, you will realize more of your own potential for success and so have to rely less on outside forces to reach the goals you desire.

Unlocking Your X-Factor

When you have unlocked your X-factor, you will be more receptive toward the adoption of the factors for success, including:

• Self-determination. You must write your own story every day while keeping in mind that the story of your life is under YOUR control. This is really one of the most important factors for success. You should strive to think of what legacy you would like to leave and make decisions based on this. Because, at the end of the day, your life and legacy is yours to make.

• Self-awareness. You must wake up and be committed to serving your purpose and by helping others find their purpose, too. Your wake-up call should ideally come from yourself, but there is no shame in looking to leaders like Jay Kubassek for them either.

• Determination. You must stay on course even when discouragement comes along because the most successful entrepreneur learns – no, not only learns but profits – from their mistakes. You should demand persistence of yourself, a trait that pushes the other factors for success toward their completion.

And let's not forget, increasing your value to society as high up on the list of factors for success! When you are a trusted and valued member of society, success (and all that comes with it) will come more easily into your life.

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