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What is the real power in creating a global online business.  Network marketing leader and trainer Jackie Ulmer started marketing online back in October 1999 and one of the things that immediately struck her was the ability the internet gave her to build a business around the world.

In the video below, she gives an overview of the power of global online business and the advantages it can bring you.

Building A Global Online Business

A real global online business is one where the sun never sets on your income. Sounds exciting right? If you think about the tools that the internet has, it allows you to do just that – build an income even when the sun has set, when you're sleeping or even when relaxing with family and friends.

There are some economic challenges going on in the U.S. today and have been for a number of years. This is also happening in other parts of the world too. But you know what's exciting? Definitely in parts of Asia… Singapore and other areas, there are not the same economic challenges taking place.

So in these parts, you don't hear that response of, “Oh, I don't have the money” or other such remarks as much. People there seem more flushed with money and are more tuned into the potential of the internet, global economies, and building global businesses.

This truly gives you the capability to not have the economy in your own country to affect your ability to build a business. Having your own global online business gives you the chance to travel to these less economically affected parts of the world to build teams and write off your travel costs as business expenses.

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Does that sound good? Imagine traveling around the world having coffee with business partners, doing team training with people who you met through the internet and now partnered within a business, then writing travel costs off as business expenses.

Building a Global Online Business using an Automated System

A  “global online business” can also be very automated with the resources the internet gives you and the tools provided by a good online marketing system. In this way, you can generate leads that come from all around the world and not just from your own local geographical area.

This can be a very automated process so that when you plug people into the system your business is expanded to another part of the world. This is kind of altruistic, but I truly believe that building a ‘global online business' moves us further towards having world peace because who wants to go to war with a country where you do a lot of business.

Hopefully this has given you an overview and some insight into the power of building a global online business. If you would like to know more about how to create that for yourself then Click Right Here! Check out the Proprietary Digital Business System and get plugged-in to use the tools, training, resources and support offered to build your global online business where the sun never sets on your income.

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