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Those who have been involved in the network marketing/MLM industry for any period of time know that there are a lot of haters out there. They usually come from the corporate world because network marketing is to them anti-corporate.

That may be true because people get involved in network marketing because they want to have more control in their lives. They want a system where at the end of the day they want to be rewarded financially commensurate with their results.

They don't want the long and stressful commute to work and then to get caught up in the office politics and have to choose whose they're you're on – believe me, choosing the wrong side can have devastating consequences for your career prospects.

But I can understand the attacks on the MLM industry from the corporate world that are concerned that network marketing will wake people up and give them the tools and support to have their own businesses and dessert the corporate rat-race.


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Herbalife Under Attack: What's the Motive?

But what about attacks from certain individuals – what are their motives?

Well, one of the MLM ‘old guard' (Herbalife) has been under a heavy media attack in recent days due to the actions of one man who may have a hidden agenda. This man by the name of Bill Ackman has been spreading, what many believe is false information about Herbalife in an attempt to bring down the value of their stock.

One of the top names in network marketing, Tim Sales, has jumped to the defence of Herbalife and exposes the man behind the attack what his real motive for the attack is. Tim is a hero when it comes to defending the MLM industry and all that it stands for.

He cares about the industry and knows what he's doing. Most of all he does it better than most people in the industry – just watch ‘Brilliant Compensation'.

Watch the video above to see how Tim explains the true reasons behind Ackman's attacks on Herbalife and how he stands to gain.

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