How to Use Email to Create Unshakable Trust with Your Prospects

Let’s get down to brass tacks.

The main reason someone will buy from you, or will NOT…is whether they like and trust you (or do not.)


This is salesmanship 101. And regardless of the media you use – video, email, sales letter, phone, TV, or even face to face – if you don’t create LIKE and TRUST, you ain’t gonna make the sale.


Now, unless you’re talking to someone face to face or over the phone, this is a hurdle to overcome.

It’s a heckuva lot easier to do it in person, using your voice and body language, than trying to create a relationship through a monitor.

However, in this post, I’m going to show you how to use emails to get the job done. To create a strong bond. An unshakable trust. And build a solid relationship with your list, so they become addicted to your message, and will eagerly buy your products, service, or join your business.

Before we dive right in, let me tell you how NOT to do it.

Here’s a shortlist of things that will quickly destroy any chance you have of building trust with an already skeptical and somewhat suspicious crowd.

And just so you know, that describes most people who join your list. Everyone is skeptical and has their “B.S. antenna” up.

Here we go:

  1. Using too much hype, and relying solely on hype to make the sale
  2. Being fake and inauthentic
  3. Blatantly selling in every email
  4. Not creating any interest, just assuming they’re interested in your product because they are on your list
  5. Not emailing your list frequently enough, or only emailing when you want to sell something
  6. Sounding exactly like everyone else in their inbox.

I can keep going, but in my opinion these are the biggest blunders that will make your email marketing results less than stellar.



Make no mistake about this – people are skeptical because they’ve already heard it all. And they are NOT looking for another sales pitch just so they can part with their money.

The way you break through this resistance is by being different. And when I say different, I mean REAL. People want to do business with a REAL person. Someone they like, trust, and relate to. That’s what creates belief. And without belief, there’s no sale.

How to Write Emails So You Sound Real

First, let me say that it’s not rocket science. It is actually very simple once you understand one little fact. Your email (or sales letter, video, blog post, etc…) is nothing more than a conversation.

A conversation between YOU and YOUR PROSPECT. You’re not sending an email to your list. You are talking to ONE individual person. The person reading your email needs to feel as if you’re talking to them and only them…just like in a regular conversation.

This one thing alone can make you a much better writer, head and shoulders above the rest, and will make your emails stand out in stark contrast to all the other junk in your prospect’s overcrowded inbox.

But we’re not going to stop here. There’s much more you can do to beef up your sales messages and create a strong emotional connection with your prospects.

One of the key things to do is to reveal things about yourself and your life.

What? Do you mean I have to talk about myself in my emails?

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.



Have you noticed the explosion of reality TV shows over the past few years? They are so popular because, as one famous marketer once said, people are voyeurs. In other words, people like to see what’s going on in other people’s lives.

And if you think that is NOT the case with your market, you’re making a big mistake. Yes, people are nosy and curious by nature. (Even if they’ll never admit to it.)

So when you talk about your kids, your family, or the other stuff in your life, people are interested.

Now, I’m not saying to tell your whole life story. Most people couldn't care less. But what I am saying is to give your readers a small glimpse into your life.


Because the more they know about you, the more they feel they know you. And the more they know you, the more rapport you have with them. And THAT is how you develop trust.

Here’s what happened…

A couple of years ago, my daughter was playing outside, and our dog was running around.

I went through the garage to call her when it was time to come home and noticed the door of the refrigerator we have in the garage was slightly opened.

I then saw a carton of eggs on the top shelf, open, and the yolk was dripping. There were a couple of cracked eggshells on the floor. And bite marks in the paper-wrapped 3 pounds of salmon I had just brought from the store.

Ok, so what does this story have to do with anything?

Nothing, except for the fact that the moment I began telling you about this little incident, I had your undivided attention for a minute.



Your “ears” perked up – which is one of your first goals for every single email.

Get their attention.

So, the day after this happened, I wrote an email with this subject line:

Eggs and salmon all over my garage…

The email offered a little slice of my life and then transitioned into the product I was promoting that week: a copywriting program.

Now let me ask you which would you be more interested in clicking on?

Eggs and salmon all over my garage…


How to create emotional copy that sells… (which is a pure benefit-driven subject line)

There’s nothing wrong with the second subject line. But if EVERY single email you write talks primarily about a product, you will start losing readership fast.

If you’re busy (most people are) and you see a subject line like this, even if it interests you, it won’t make you drop what you’re doing and click it NOW.

But when you see that first one, it’s kinda hard to ignore and your curious human nature says – I want to know what happened!

So telling stories from your life not only helps you create a bond with your audience, but it also helps boost your open rates, and actually get the email read. Because unless they’ll read your email, it’s highly unlikely they’ll click on a link to buy the product.

What can you talk about in your emails?

How about…

  • Family
  • Kids
  • Relationships
  • Pets
  • Work
  • Something from your past
  • Your neighbors
  • Your relatives
  • Stuff that happens to you (like the dog getting into the fridge)

And so on.



There’s NO SHORTAGE of ideas for your emails. You can easily turn ideas into short stories. And those stories can help you capture your prospect’s attention and build a relationship.

If you’ve ever heard the saying – the money is in your list… that’s only HALF true.

The money is NOT just in your list.

The money is in the relationship you have with your list.

So here’s an “Action Item”:

Think about something that happened to you recently…today or within the past 3 days. Pick just ONE thing.

It doesn’t have to be glamorous. It can be as simple as you walking outside and noticing the dog chasing a squirrel…or driving down the road and getting cut off by another car.

Then write an email about it. At the end of your story, plug in a product or a service you sell.

It’s that simple.

Don’t put it off. It’s easy to dismiss it. But I’m telling you – DO IT TODAY.

Then, do it for the next 30 days and watch as your sales and income start to climb.


Click here for the original article by Vitaly Grinblat at Elite Marketing Pro


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Vitaly Grinblat is the lead copywriter at and also a serial entrepreneur, a husband, and a father of 3 girls. Before joining, he spent over 10 years in direct sales as a Top Producer selling Millions of Dollars in financial services products face-to-face, as well as recruiting agents into his business. In 2005, he decided to jump ship and go online.

Since then, he’s created a number of info-products, generated tens of thousands of leads personally, and has written sales copy that has produced near 8-figures in sales for himself and a select few clients.


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