lead generation websiteIs there really a lead generation website out there? Generating leads is the most vital aspect of building a successful multi-level marketing company. The consistent recruitment of prospects will assure growth and stability. Because there is such a high turn over rate in this industry, it is increasingly important that you continue to recruit more and more team members.

Because most people in this industry recognize the importance of this process, a lead generation website is in high demand. Considering the far reaches of the world wide web, this is a common query that requires an answer.

The Traditional Lead Generation Website

If you look around the internet for a lead generation website you will undoubtedly stumble upon a mountain of different internet platforms making outlandish promises. These systems and websites generally ask for a sizable up front payment and tend to significantly under-deliver on their promise. Some of these websites essentially allow you to purchase their email list.

While acquiring someone's personal contact information can be valuable, it is only valuable if they have in some form previously expressed interest in either your product line or business opportunity.

What good does it do to market your weight loss products and business to an email list full of fellow marketers or uninterested people? This is an expensive and common mistake made by marketers when they initially take their business online.

Looking for a Lead Generation Website? Step 1 is Complete

If you're a network marketer reading this post, I believe congratulations are in order. You have taken the right step. What step am I referring to? I'm referring to your acknowledgment that the internet is the most valuable tool to a multi-level marketer.

The internet allows us to present our network marketing business opportunity, as well as our quality products, to an immeasurable audience that we otherwise would have never come in contact with. But if most of these lead generation website promises go unfulfilled, how do we go about establishing this online presence?

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Six Figure Mentors is a True Lead Generation Website

While there are some bad eggs out there that will assuredly not help with your lead generation process, there is a true lead generation platform. In order to have your business found online, you must do a number of things. Many of these steps involve tedious and consistent work and effort. Luckily, there is a system that simplifies this process.

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a truly one of a kind lead generation website. SFM was co-founded by two smart and savvy entrepreneurs – Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. These men developed this progressive lead generation and online education platform as a funded proposal system that would allow members to earn an income as an affiliate marketer while learning how to build a profitable online business.

SFM members have access to an authoritative blogging platform and countless hours of online marketing training from the industry's best. This elevated blogging platform will add validity to any content you post. This essentially means that your business related quality content posted on this website will naturally rank higher on a search engine results page.

While there is certainly far more that goes into the SFM, this lead generation website with built in advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) qualities put it miles in front of its competitors.

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