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LifePath Unlimited was founded in 2006 by two ex Liberty League reps. These ex Liberty League reps left their former company due to a few disputes and headed on to start their own company, LifePath Unlimited.

LifePath, like its parent company Liberty League sells tickets for personal development programs. Although LifePath started on a rocky note, it has grown tremendously over the years.

In this review, I'll attempt to shed more light on the workings of Lifepath Unlimited. This review will discuss how LifePath Unlimited works, its products, membership options and how to earn money through LifePath Unlimited.

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you want to learn more about LifePath Unlimited. This review will help you to do just that.

How Lifepath unlimited Works

Lifepath Unlimited is an MLM company but it operates quite differently. Lifepath Unlimited uses a two-up pay plan to pay commission to its workers.

In the two-up payment plan, the worker who makes the sales gets the commission. Two-up means you have to make two sales and then all the commission comes to you.

This is unlike other MLM that share the commission between the worker and the others on his pyramid.

This means that if you make any sales you receive 58% of the sales made upfront. Considering that the cheapest product is $1,695, a simple calculation will show that 58% is $1000. This makes it very attractive.

Products of Lifepath Unlimited

You should consider the prices of the products and how to get it across to customers before buying products of Lifepath unlimited. It's important for a rep of Lifepath Unlimited to go for the sales training sessions and at least own some of the packages.

This will help you as a sales rep to sell the package effectively. Lifepath Unlimited offers exclusive packages with different price ranges.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of products of LifePath Unlimited:

The Awakening DVD: $29.95

The Discovery Series: $1,695

The Breakthrough Event: $8,995

The Destiny Event: $14,995

Synergy Training Conferences: $144

Lifepath Unlimited Membership (6 months): $97

The Breakthrough event involves a 4-day conference of 3 nights for two people. This conference involves a walk on fire, a black tie dinner on Saturday night, and all-inclusive meals daily.

LifePath Unlimited

The destiny event is a real destiny event. This is what Lifepath Unlimited has to say about the destiny conference.

The pinnacle of Lifepath Unlimited culture of abundance, prosperity, joy and celebration is Destiny, a lavish five-day event held annually at one of the most amazing resorts in the world.

At Destiny, you will learn from and interact with some of the most empowered, enlightened, and successful people on the planet and discover new frontiers of personal insight, fulfillment, and abundance.

Destiny is an extraordinary and uplifting experience replete with unique transforming activities and exercises that will allow you to evolve beyond all fears and limitations and transcend into a new way of being.

How Do you Earn with Lifepath Unlimited

The earning potential of Lifepath Unlimited is astronomical, but it all depends on your ability to market and sell the tickets.

In conclusion, Lifepath Unlimited is an MLM company that offers exclusive life changing packages to customers and an astronomical earning potential to workers. Anyone can benefit from the unique opportunities that LifePath Unlimited has to offer.

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