An Unbiased and Impartial Review of Livinity

by Merv Stevens

LivinityThere's a pretty significant chance that you stumbled across this post because you are considering becoming a Livinity distributor. If this is the case, you've made a smart decision by performing further research. Before investing your time and money into anything, it is necessary to do a little research. After completing your additional research you should be equipped to make the right decision for you.


The Livinity Leadership


Because there are so many different home business and distributor opportunities out there, it is important to break each of them down to get a good feel for the company. A great way to begin doing this is by analyzing the company's leadership.

Why is leadership such an important aspect to consider before joining a network marketing company?

Taking a closer look at the founders and leaders of a company is a great way to predict the direction of the company. Their work history and experience are generally pretty strong determinants of a company’s longevity and success.

If you take a glance at the Livinity leadership you will find that co-founders David and Barbara Pitcock have a lengthy work history that is heavily saturated with network marketing experience.

This unique company is based out of Russell, Kansas and was founded in 2006. Along with the Pitcocks, Livinity is headed by Dr. Dennis Harris. Dr. Harris is Livinity's tenured medical director and adviser.

Livinity: Every Network Marketing Company has a Product

If you're considering joining Livinity, there are three different levels at which you can begin. These packages have drastically different start up costs.

The entry level prices range from $49 all the way to $699. As with all other network marketing companies, the bigger the start-up package, the better the benefits. So what do these packages consist of?

Livinity is a health and nutrition company that produces nutrition drinks, supplements, energy products, lotion aimed at aging, and various other personal health care products. Health and wellness is actually one of the fastest growing industries today.

Because of this, Livinity may have products in the right niche at the right time

Earning an Income with Livinity

Before joining Livinity, it is obviously necessary for you to understand the compensation plan. There are 2 primary ways in which Livinity distributors can earn an income. The first of these ways being commission. Distributors make commission on all of the health products they sell.

The percentage is based on both your entry level package and the price of the product. The second and most profitable way to earn money with Livinity is recruiting other distributors.

When you recruit fellow distributors you are essentially developing a tem. You will then be financially rewarded for not only your personal sales, but your team's sale's volume production as well.

Livinity in Conclusion

After further review, it appears that Livinity has covered all the basic bases. They have a strong and experienced leadership core paired with a line of marketable and useful products. That being said, success in network marketing is determined by your efforts.

If you want to make a considerable income with Livinity, I strongly recommend that you look into to a few lead generation strategies.

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