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In this video Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins discuss Tony's book on how to attain true financial freedom by mastering the game of money. They also delve into the famed Tony Robbins formula for achieving true life changing success and lots of other golden nuggets. Enjoy!

Marie Forleo Interviews Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins instruction for achieving true financial freedom is linked to his view that “success begins right now.” Robbins is credited with being one of America's leading personal finance instructors and peak performance speakers. He is also known as a “life coach,” and a highly successful self-help guru who has written a number of books.

Marie Forleo is also known as a life coach and motivational speaker. She served as a trading assistant at the New York Stock Exchange before launching her own freelance business giving advice on finance and life success.

Gain Financial Success by increasing your Financial Knowledge

The great thing about watching Forleo interview Robbins it's easy to follow and understand. Both have achieved success in their fields are real and honest about the hard work it takes to achieve true financial success in this day and age when stocks often fall and life is generally uncertain.

There are some great bits and pieces that viewers can take to the bank with this video, presenting lots and lots of details on how to earn money fast with such things as real estate and other tried and true investments. One review of this video online stated that Robbins and Forleo offer “solid financial advice.”

The interview featured some great tips from Robbins that included:

  • Establish a daily “work” routine that begins in the morning hours, when financial markets are happening.
  • Change your life now advice that one can literally take to the bank. Unleash the “power within” with the Robbins formula.
  • Get a glimpse as to why Robbins has an estimated net worth of more than $500 million.

In general, this video offers ways and means to model the success methods outlined by Robbins.

Meanwhile, both of these experts seem to have lots of fun joking around during this video presentation that really delivers the goods when it comes to news one can use to make money. For instance, there is a section in the program when Forleo asks Robbins some very personal and even difficult questions about how he achieved ‘financial success' at an early age.

The result is a very candid and “real” interview that is considered to be a textbook classic when it comes to how to make money in America today.

Marie Forleo and Tony Robbins rock the Net

When it comes to Forelo and Robbins talking about money matters online, there is a view that this advice has lots of real value when it comes to their collective views about overcoming your fears and harnessing your energy to achieve great things in life.


All the success you've dreamed of in just



During the interview, Forelo asks Robbins some really difficult questions about how to earn money and “keep it”. Because Forelo is known as someone who doesn't beat around the bush, her videos have earned thousands of hits.

They are being credited as rocking the Internet with great solid advice about making money and being successful in business and life during these uncertain economic times.

Robbins Motivates with Personal Stories

Robbins has produced three top books about the subject of achieving personal financial freedom. His book, “Unlimited Power,” is one great example of how this former semi-professional baseball player excelled in all aspects of his professional and private life.

In general, Robbins credits his success as a motivational speaker to sharing his personal life stories. He says a “good example in life always helps others to do likewise.”

Robbins does not use hard sell when explaining his “peak performance” methods for achieving wealth and true happiness in life. Instead, this author and leader concentrates on the “little details of your life” to help clients and fans get their houses in order.

He told one financially desperate woman online to “cheer up because you have a lot to live for.” He later explained that the first step in any plan for financial success is to literally get your head straight about living your best life. Robbins said that after getting straight “life-wise,” then you are ready to move on and achieve great things.

Forelo Helps Create Business Models

She has been featured on Oprah and other top TV and radio talk shows, yet Marie Forleo is best known online for her groundbreaking video interviews with people like Tony Robbins. In fact, Forleo was nicknamed by Robbins as someone who has the ability to “create a life and business plan that anyone would love.”

These two successful people also share a lot of chemistry during their interesting interview that is marketed online as “financial advice” for everyday people. So, there are no worries when listening to these two experts about money matters and attaining  financial freedom,  because they speak a truth that anyone can fully understand and appreciate.

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