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Jay Kubassek is best known as the co-founder of the digital marketing education and transformational platform, Launch You. In this exclusive presentation, ‘The State of the Digital Union', he gives his unique insight into how marketing has changed over the years and details how to succeed and thrive in this ‘New Digital Economy'.


Jay Kubassek Presents the State of the Digital Union

The last 5 years have produced significant growth and a move towards the digital economy. This will shift our understanding of how it all functions. As the economy switches over to a more digital form.

Jay uses a metaphor to “prepare for the alien invasion” and encourages people to get ready with the necessary skills and tools to succeed in the digital marketplace. He stressed the importance of preparation. Individuals need to strengthen their resolve and endeavor to become more independent and self-reliant.

It’s important that this happens before the major shift takes place. Taking this step is proactive and empowering. It enables individuals to thrive in the digital economy.

This will probably serve as the most significant step you can take in preparation for the impending changes. It positions people for survival and success in a future yet to unfold. The market is changing and evolving, and we now live in a digital world.

The internet and accompanying Ecommerce has transformed the marketplace, unlocking doors that were once closed and barred to many. The internet offers a broad and global reach, and it possesses the capacity to extend a base of numerous possible customers and clients.

This offers unlimited potential for growth. The new “digital economy” is expanding at an unprecedented and exponential rate, and experts expect this growth to continue in the future. There are other variable factors in this equation. The digital expansion is fueled by these factors that have combined to shape the contemporary workplace and offers new ways to achieve success.

Who is Affected in the New Economy

The new economy effects are far-reaching and extend into all facets of the workplace. It even has an influence on education and employment.

New graduates now face the stark reality of a 50% unemployment rate. The better and more promising job prospects come from online firms and the digital technology industry.

They require very specific skill sets and job applicants with highly specific technical knowledge. The theoretical book smarts required in the past are no longer sufficient to secure a good job. We have to adapt and change to prepare for our future.

Baby Boomer Influence

Currently, baby boomers are aging and retiring at higher rates. However, the structure of the digital economy provides a method that allows them to increase their productivity and boost their financial wealth long into their golden years.

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Before the arrival of the digital age, when individuals retired, they would engage in gardening at home and other sedate activities to see out the last part of their life. However, things are different now. Retirees can continue accumulating wealth into their senior years.

They can live in class and in high style. With the new digital age, they have a real shot at true financial freedom. Online marketing continues to advance and evolve, allowing even more people to access more marketplaces. This hones their skills and enhances their ability to seek out potential customers for the products and services they offer.

The Digital Workforce

Online marketing facilitates communication with individuals all over the world. This newly easily accessible global marketplace has companies scrambling to attract employees with the specific skills to take advantage of this. Those who possess the necessary skills and who can provide positive results can command salaries and other forms of remuneration that are highly advantageous.

A 250% Rise in Entrepreneurship since 2008

The digital economy has been the driver for an increase in entrepreneurship. Corporate layoffs have shaped the current workplace. More individuals seek alternative ways to generate more income and to provide for their families.

These entrepreneurs are driven and motivated. They seek to learn the necessary skills required in the new economy and as well as working for themselves they can offer their specialized services for profitable financial rewards.

Taking The Next Step

The next step is to find out how Launch You can help provide the necessary tools for your success. It will empower you with the right training and knowledge to navigate the new digital workplace.

Then you can find out how ordinary individuals are getting extraordinary results online by using an authentic turn-key Digital Business System to create unprecedented income growth.

The digital age has arrived. To thrive and succeed in the new economy, you have to be armed with the right skills, relevant tools, and resources to take advantage of the amazing opportunity that now exists.

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jay kubassek

Jay Kubassek co-founded Launch You to champion those approaching major turning points in their lives. With 15 years of experience as a digital entrepreneur and a farmer at his roots, Jay considers his own life one of cultivation and perpetual growth. Jay resides in Toronto and continues to build his other ventures, including WAKEUP.


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