Building a network marketing business with good and stable companies like Melaleuca can sometimes be extremely frustrating and very difficult. This can be the case especially when things just don't work out the way you planned. Or when the methods and strategies you have been taught by the company or your mentor just do not seem to work.

Well if you are a distributor with Melaleuca do not worry too much. I have 4 helpful and simple steps that you can use to finally start building a successful network marketing business.

1. Understand the Company, Focus on the Products, and Learn the Melaleauca Compensation Plan

Again, not paying attention to this initial step will only have you end up like a fish out of the water feeling hapless and helpless. This is because getting to know the company, understanding the benefits of the products, and familiarizing yourself with the pay plan is one of the first steps you should take when starting your business with Melaleauca.

It can become more difficult to convince people to join you and assure them that Melaleuca is very much a legit and real company if you don't even know anything about the people who are running the company?

And how are you supposed to share the beauty and goodness of Melaleuca products, if you have not even tried them yourself? Remember, be a product of your product.

Or how will you be able to explain how the compensation plan works to your prospects, if you don'­t even know it yourself?

As uninteresting as this part of your new venture may seem to you, take some time to study the company, it's products and compensation plan. Learn everything that you need to before you embark on your network marketing  journey with Melaleuca.

2. Know and understand your target market for Melaleuca

The next step you will want to do is to get to know and understand your target market. This is crucial since you need to do this first in order to develop an effective marketing strategy for finding potential prospects. Your promotional strategies and techniques will be based on your market and aimed at people most likely to use the products and those looking to build a home business.


Because of this you may even want to focus on people who use green products and advocate a safer environment. Remember that your prospects should be the people who have a need or want for the products you offer.

3. Have an effective marketing system in place

The marketing system that you will develop and apply to your Melaleauca business should generate the leads you need. The strategies used to generate leads and methods used for recruiting prospects should be duplicatable so that they can also be easily used by your downlines.


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This should help you and your team members attract dozens of people that will join your organization. But most importantly those new members will be also given simple strategies to help them build their businesses and so help with retention and growth on your team.

More over, the strategy you use to recruit should be able to target the right prospects who are attracted to your business. That being said, it should also separate the qualified leads from the people who are not really interested in joining Melaleuca.

4. Keep going… even when the going gets tough

Who says that network marketing is easy and that building a home business would be simple? Remember, there will always be obstacles on your path to building a successful and profitable Melaleauca business.

For every problem there is a solution.  When you start being persistent and determined you will find solutions to those problems. If you also learn and take positives from the hardships that you encounter, then you will be on the right path to success.

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