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What if MLM prospecting could be easier and less painful. Just pretend for a moment that you rise early not to the sound of your alarm clock buzzing but to the feeling of being entirely rejuvenated – alive, awake and alert – ready to take on the day.

Waiting for you are a dozen new leads within your email box. You personally respond to every single one then go and refill your coffee cup.

Within a couple of minutes, you realize that your efforts have yielded a result! Low and behold, two people have read your email promotion, gone to your sales page and joined your network marketing business.

This is all inside the time it took you to drink a cup of coffee and read the newspaper. As well, you'll be able to see a few moments later that they've already begun their ‘Quick Start Coaching' and are taking the necessary steps to get their business up and running.

Does that sound like a pipe dream? This is the reality for a lot of the best MLM leaders and producers around the globe that have mastered the science of establishing automated MLM prospecting and lead generation systems. You may be wondering, how do they do it?


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MLM Prospecting: The Pain-Free Method

Beginning to build a successful MLM business will take some personal prospecting and team-building expertise. That indicates you must lace up your boots and put in the work.

The magic happens when your team begins to follow your lead and take the opportunity to duplicate your good results. Over time, it pays off.

If you start your MLM business journey you'll discover a number of diverse prospecting and marketing methods. Some are embarrassing, painful and just downright boring.

MLM Prospecting: Cold-Calling Leads

If your upline suggests to purchase leads and cold call a hundred or so leads each day the likely outcome is that you will get such an onslaught of negative feedback from your potential prospects that you're very likely to stop soon after.

Certainly, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that this type of cold-call prospecting system doesn't have a long-term future – you as well as your downline will quit doing it.

It's painful, boring, produces poor results and deep down you know there's a much better way. Nevertheless, your sponsor will let you know it's not meant to be enjoyable and at times you need to do what you don't desire in order to get ahead.

This really is really not true, that is why most people quit just before generating any actual progress in their network marketing businesses.

MLM Prospecting: The Automated Process

Thank goodness there's a more powerful MLM prospecting system available to distributors and it's a far more comfortable and convenient way of marketing you and your business. This approach goes by a variety of names.

Possibly you have heard of MLM Lead generation, content marketing, video marketing and social media marketing. How are these strategies to marketing any different to the old-school methods like cold-calling?

Old-school marketing methods are also known as “push-marketing” and cold-calling falls into this category. It really is abrasive, spamy and at times downright rude. Your prospects sense this and resent you for it.

mlm prospecting

Lucky for us the internet affords strategies of advertising that make an automated MLM prospecting effortless. Short videos on Youtube, or other social media platforms is one particular such strategy.

One more technique is usually to post unique quality content relevant to your target industry on your blog or website. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also are viable choices for content marketing distribution. If you choose to use these methods, ensure your content is useful for your industry.

In summary, MLM prospecting without tears comes down to this – attraction marketing. Do not be pushy! Simply give people some good value and what they want. You'll form a positive relationship with your potential prospects from the onset and be on the way to building a successful MLM business.

You can find more great videos from Eric Worre on his Youtube Channel.

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mlm prospecting