Morinda BioactivesMorinda Bioactives is a Network Marketing business that promotes the use of the Noni plant. All of the products produced by Morinda Bioactives are made with the Noni plant.

Because of its health promoting qualities, word of mouth advertising can be efficient. People buy from people who actually use a product.

If I was trying to sell you this product but didn’t use you would be a lot more hesitant to buy from me.

It's not a very expensive network marketing business to start up with. You become an Independent product Consultant with a start up fee of $35.00. As an independent Consultant you receive wholesale pricing.

Distributors earn retail profits, 20 percent rebate on personal purchases, fast start bonuses, and can qualify for other bonuses.

Just like with all MLM’s, the more leads you get the more successful your business has the chance to be. If you can sign up a few people who are willing to do the same you can make some money with this company.

So what is the Noni Plant Exactly?

The Noni plant is grown from the Morinda tree. This is obviously how Morinda Bioactives got its name. These trees grow up to about ten feet. The Noni comes in as a greenish potato sized fruit. It is very green when unripe then turns to a more yellow whitish color.

Noni has been used for centuries by native Polynesians for a variety of different medical reasons. During World War 2, Americans discovered this fruit with all of it's natural benefits. The fruit then made it's way to Hawaii and eventually the United States.

The problem with Noni is you can’t just go to the local grocery store and pick it up. The taste is often times described as disgusting and bitter. The Noni never became as popular as other exotic fruits because of it’s foul odor and bitter taste.

Although you might not like just eating the tropical fruit, it can be mixed well into fruit drinks to get rid of the odor and taste.

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Morinda Bioactives: The Benefits of the Noni plant

This company decided to make their focal point with the Noni plant. Why wouldn’t something sell that has so many health benefits? Morinda Bioactives definitely has marketable products.

The Noni Plant is becoming more and more popular because of all the benefits. The fruit is a great source of dietary fiber, folate, and vitamins A,C and E.

This tropical fruit is also loaded with antioxidants and flavonoids.

Morinda Bioactives: How will you find leads?

Regardless of which network marketing company you join, your success is dependent on you.. You can find some people who are interested in starting the business as well as just being a customer of the product.

You eventually run out of family and friends to talk to. Where do you turn from there?

You either do one of two things:

1. You give up like most people with MLM’s
2. You find a way to get more leads to your business.

If you decide to dedicate your time and effort you can make some extra money with Morinda Bioactives.

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