most popular blogs

most popular blogs

Making it to the list of the world’s most popular blogs means having several thousand hits for your blog per day and advertisements from leading brands.

Blogging has become an easy and new way of earning money and of course, as the competition increases it keeps getting tougher to make blogs earn more. We have collected a list of the world’s fastest-growing, fastest earning, and fastest emerging most popular blogs.

Most Popular Blogs: General News Aggregation

  1. The Huffington Post

The most popular blog ever is The Huffington Post. This political blog that has been running for some time now, is undisputedly the most successful blog so far. Started by the millionaire socialite Arianna Huffington, it has quickly become an influential online journal.

On number two is this strangely unique combination of technology and politics which the editors have called Boing Boing. What makes this webpage one of the most popular blogs is the very interesting way these editors make time wasting stuff and useless gossip sound so attention-grabbing.

Next in line is Techcrunch. Started by founder Michael Arrington, this blog is one of the most influential news websites on the internet. The Techcrunch owns a little empire of smaller websites. Michael Arrington has also been nominated as one of the most prominent internet personalities by Business Week.

When blogging was a relatively new concept, founder Jason Kottke started gathering interesting information from the internet and posting links to his website as far back as 1988. The simple yet interesting way he presents information and keeps it light makes kottke on the list of one of the most popular blogs online.

Not many people would like the idea of sharing their personal diaries with strangers, but founder of the ‘Dooce’ blog; Heather Armstrong did that. She was, in fact, fired from her job for sharing her job stories with the rest of the world, which became such a popular story that there is a verb for that (dooced – to be fired from job for owning a personal website).

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Most Popular Blogs: Gossip

One of Hollywood’s most feared and most popular blogs website, Perezhilton is authored by Mario Lavenderia. His often rude and shameless remarks about Hollywood celebrities have been causing quite a stir in since 2005. If you are somebody who likes some Hollywood gossip, there is nothing better than Mario’s blog.

Most Popular Blogs: Funny Posts


For all you cat lovers out there. The story of how this blog started is pretty interesting. While applying for jobs, Eric Nakagawa came across an internet photo of a cat captioned Icanhazcheezburger? That is when he and his friend decided to start a web page where thousands of people worldwide post photos of cats with funny captions. The cat language “LOLcats” has also been started by the same guys.

For a blog to become popular, there must be something a little different from the ordinary, something that could maybe light up a spark in people. If you are a blogger and are looking to start up a blog, be sure to think up something that could help you make it to being one of the most popular blogs. It’s not that tough, is it?

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