A Closer Look At My Fun Life MLM Business Opportunity

My Fun Life

The multi-level marketing world is abuzz with excitement as the My Fun Life MLM was officially launched this 2013. Thousands are joining the fledgling system as they try to take advantage of the opportunities that it offers.

A newcomer in the multi level marketing field might want to join right away but may want to hold back first and see if the system can help them earn additional income from home. An intermediate marketer may also want more details to see if this new kid on the block can offer new features that other MLM's lack.

Here are some details which can help you determine if it is right for you.

A Brief Background about My Fun Life

My Fun Life offers services for travels and accommodations around the world. They also have the Cha Ching booking engine that can ease your travelling worries. You can get all these benefits with just an inexpensive monthly membership fee.

My Fun Life

You can also utilize the system's compensation plan. If you're willing to recruit people to the system then it will reward you with additional bonus. If these referred people were able to earn from their own matrix commission then you'll be able to get a percentage of their earnings as well.

Unlike other compensation plans used by other MLM strategies, the My Fun Life MLM uses a unique approach to keep their members earning. In the unfortunate event that a member drops out of a normal compensation plan, his or her position's earning capabilities are forever lost.

However, this system prevents that from happening since any member below the affected position will simply ‘compress'. This setup help individual members based their earning potential on their own hard work and leadership potential.

An Advantageous Partnership with My Fun Life

“My Fun Life” differs from other MLM's since it combines the time tested multi-level marketing system with the convenience of a smart phone app business. Jacob, one of the founding members, has used his BIZZABO distributorship to cleverly assist the system's members.

My Fun Life

The distributorship has partnered with The Instant Downline (TID) to provide any team member access to an automated yet free team recruitment method that can give them an edge in their recruitment initiatives. This scheme also helps tech savvy members to be able to quickly grasp the principles of the MLM business.

Final Thoughts

It's up to you to see if the new My Fun Life MLM opportunity is the right road for you towards prosperity. At the end of the day, this opportunity is relatively new which is can be both advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. On one hand, the company still lack enough experience to see if their business model can greatly affect the field of MLM.

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On the other hand, this might be the next big thing and you might be able to earn more money by simply being there when the company was still developing. There are a lot of risks involved but you cannot get the riches that you deserve if you don't try opportunities like My Fun Life and see it for yourself.

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