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UPDATE: Network Marketing VT closed it's doors for business in 2013

Network Marketing VT is a new network marketing opportunity that leverages the power of the Internet to help people earn big time. However, like all MLM opportunities, it is something that requires time and effort on your part.

You will never make it big unless you make a move and learn how to manage all your resources. Below is a helpful review which you can use to evaluate the company, as well as helpful tips to help you become a successful network marketer.

Network Marketing VT: Company Facts

Network Marketing VT is a new MLM company founded by Jason Spurlock and headquartered in Florida. Their main focus is to provide their members with quality training and coaching. The founder has surrounded himself with professionals who can teach members how to do network marketing successfully.

The company has a range of digital products (e-books) aimed at providing information mostly on Internet marketing, i.e. WordPress website development, online lead generation, SEO tips, and the like. However, they do have products aimed at helping people achieve financial success in their lives.


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Network Marketing VT: Membership Costs and Compensation Plan

It's interesting to know that Network Marketing VT has a very lucrative compensation plan. To be a member, you need to have a valid sponsor link.

So, you cannot join the network without having an upline. The membership costs $98 dollars, plus a $19/month administrative fee. As compared to most MLM opportunities, this is pretty much affordable.

Here is where it gets more interesting. Each distributor earns 100% commissions on every referral. Here is the twist though. Your first three sales will go to your sponsor. You can only start earning from sponsorship on your fourth sale onwards.

network marketing vt

This is quite fascinating especially if you are already the sponsor. As long as you can refer as many downlines as possible, you get to earn the first 3 sales of each. So, the key to gaining huge profits is by building a big network of people doing the same thing.

Earning your first sale on Network Marketing VT

First of all, many network marketers fail to sponsor their first downline. Remember that Network Marketing VT is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It is a business built to help people achieve financial independence. So, if you are aiming at gaining financial freedom without doing much about the business, then you will definitely not make it.

What should you do then after joining? Get motivated to expose the business to as many people as possible and earn your first sale. As soon as you make your first sale, you can easily get motivated to gain two more sales. After that, you can start earning serious money.

Network Marketing VT: Final Word

The training and coaching provided by Network Marketing VT will help you get started on your way to success. Be prepared to spend time and money on marketing the business.

The best method to be successful with Network Marketing VT is to market the business online. Internet marketing can be tricky stuff, but with the training and tools provided by the company, you'll learn how to create your website, attract potential members through SEO, and generate leads through email, search engine, and social network marketing.

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