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Did you make your New Year's Resolutions?

It's a sad fact that about 98% of us won't keep a single one of them!

Why is that, you may well ask?

For many people out there it's a cultural thing… they make New Year's Resolutions because everyone else is doing it, and it's the traditional thing to do.

This is not a bad thing… but it's just that for the most part, those good intentions usually won't amount to much.

But what if you want to be different and don't want to be like “Most People”

What if you actually want to keep your resolutions and change your life in the coming year?

Inside the short video below, you'll discover the three specific things that cause people to not keep their resolutions… and how to FIX this and make sure that you stick to your New Year's Resolutions and start to change your life for the better.

Why Most People Don't Keep New Year's Resolutions. (How to NOT be most people)

Top online marketer Joel Peterson recently made a short video about how most people do not keep their New Year's Resolutions, and how you can stop being like most people and carry through with your intentions to make improvements in your life in the coming year.

If you're like millions of people around the world, you have made New Year's Resolutions. Usually, they consist of about 3 different things: happiness, health and wealth. Maybe you want to have better relationships with your loved ones… to lose weight and get fit… and get started with a home business that sets you on the path to financial freedom and time freedom.

The sad fact is a very large percentage of the population will not stick to their New Year's Resolutions. If you go to a gym at the beginning of the year you'll notice that every single Treadmill (running machine) is taken up, and you typically have to wait for other equipment as it's being used by someone else.

This will be the case for about 2 weeks and by mid-January, you'll go into the gym and find that the Treadmills are free, and you don't have to wait to use any other exercise equipment as the number of people in the gym has drastically dropped, and it's back to normal.

3 Simple Principles to Stick to your New Year's Resolutions

So why is it that most people do NOT adhere to their New Year's Resolutions. Well, there could be a number of causes, but it usually comes down to 3 main reasons:

1. Not having a Compelling Reason. For these types of people, a New Year's Resolution is just a custom, and they make theirs because everyone else is doing it.

But for people who really want to change their lives in the coming year and achieve their goals… they have to have a reason “WHY” they want to do it.

Why do you want to lose that 20 pounds? Why do you want to have better relationships with your family members and friends? Why do you want to be more wealthy and have abundance in your life? You have to have a very crystal clear reason why you want these things so much.

In this way, you can remind yourself of your “why” every single day and commit yourself to carry through with them.

2. Not Taking Action. A lot of people don't even get started with their New Year's Resolutions to set them up for success. They don't do the necessary actions required.

new years resolutions

If you want to lose weight, what have you got to do? You've got to figure out what type of nutritional program you need to go on and what you are going to start eating and stop eating. You've got to make those things happen by throwing away all the junk food and also start a fitness program like the WildFit Masterclass with Eric Edmeades. Get some workout gear and start.

Unfortunately, most people do not take the specific action required to achieve their goals and just think about it but never get started.

3. Not Consistent. Maybe some people have a compelling reason and have actually started to take action, but they are not consistent. Many successful people have always said that you need to take the correct action over time and be consistent and persistent if you want to have good results.

You have to say to yourself, “I'm going to be doing this a year from now, two years from now, three years from now…” Specific goals must be set and consistent action taking to achieve those targets.

Do NOT let yourself be like most people who don't stick to their New Year's Resolutions. Establish the compelling “WHY” you are making the resolution, and start taking the necessary ACTION.

Carry out these actions daily and be CONSISTENT with them. When the going gets tough to think of the reason “why” you are on this path, and it will give you the strength to carry on.

In this way you will have a much greater chance of sticking to your New Year's Resolutions and can look forward to a year full of health, wealth, and happiness.  Have a great year!


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