Nu Life International: Opportunity or Scam?

by Merv Stevens

nu life internationsNu Life International is a network marketing company that was founded in 1991. It’s like many other business, it started off small and ten years later has begun to grow internationally.

Nu Life International is a direct selling business that offers people a chance to use high quality products as well as starting up their own personal business.

The more you sell, the more income you make.

So far Nu Life has accomplished the following:

1. Established business in more than ten countries.
2. Created a historical record in the network marketing industry by introducing the global unify system.
3. Completed over 3 billion dollars in sales.
4. Has a member base of over 500 thousand people.

Nu Life International

Nu Life International was the first ever network marketing company in Hong Kong. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Nu Life International: What in the World is it?


Nu Life International offers a variety of health care products, skin care products, household cleaning aids, and personal care products.

Nu Life International uses a the philosophy of functional nutrition. They have a bunch of different vitamins and minerals you can fulfill your body with.

The personal care line includes different exfoliating lotions, re-hydrating lotions, body scrubs, toner, creams and sun protection. Like all the products Nu Life offers these are all natural products.

Nu Life International: A Legitimate Business Opportunity?


Nu Life International is a direct sales company. You make a profit on what you sell to other customers. They offer a wide range of products to help make your business opportunity as successful as possible.

There are different bonuses in which you can make money. It's the same as all business, the more people you get to join the more money you will earn.

You have the opportunity to rank up with the more business you do. Nu Life International definitely gives you the chance to be a successful business owner.

It all comes down to how hard you try and how much effort you put into finding new business partners.

Nu Life International Success


Health care companies have become some of the best network marketing companies. There are thousands of them so finding one that is proven to be successful is key.

The long term success in Nu Life International is what makes this company stand out from others. Most companies fail and never even make it a year.

Just like with all companies the more you are educated the easier it will be to market the business and products.

Joining this business will not automatically guarantee you success. You are going to have to use an effective system to find leads that will generate to sales.

Once you begin to convert leads to sales you will be on your way to success. These types of businesses are proven to be successful if you work daily to find new business partners.

There are many of people out there who are and want to create success in a company like Nu Life International.

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