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Are you implementing effective online marketing strategies? The digital age is truly here and affecting the way companies do business and advertise. Have you now noticed that even in some commercials on television connecting with the advertiser via Facebook is now been shown?

These changes in advertising from the more traditional forms to the newer online marketing strategies was mentioned in an article by Charlie Thomas in the Huffington Post.

In the article he asks the question:

Is the humble advert dead? Advertisers in the UK are shifting away from traditional forms of advertising in favor of more subtle ways of attracting consumers' business.

More than £800 million was spent last year on online marketing strategies and lead generation activities, known as Online Performance Marketing (OPM); and it's easy to see why – for every pound spent, the advertiser gets £11 spent with them.

That's because advertisers only pay once someone completes a defined action, such as making a purchase (known as affiliate marketing) or submitting their contact details (known as lead generation) because of the advertisement.

Tim Elkington, director of research and strategy at the Internet Advertising Bureau, which produced the figures with PricewaterhouseCoopers, told the Huffington Post UK that while overall ad spend may be down, digital spending was on the up – having increased by 12.6% in the first half of 2012.

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“OPM has performed particularly well as companies only pay for results, which means advertisers don't have to broadcast their message in the hope that people will respond, but can make sure their activity works,” he said.

“The old adage that ‘half of my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half' is irrelevant to OPM, hence its increasing attractiveness when overall budgets are being squeezed and accountability rises.

“Despite around 3,500 advertisers and 10,000 publishers engaging in Online Performance Marketing it still has the air of a best-kept secret. This is particularly surprising, considering each year it drives more than two online purchases for every UK adult and causes the equivalent of every UK person to fill out a form showing interest in a product.”

Online Marketing Strategies: Key to Driving Sales

Financial services are the biggest spenders in the OPM category, driven mainly by insurance and credit card advertisers using comparison websites. Retail comes in at second place, with clothing, accessories, electrical, and computing all key areas for this sort of advertising.

Anna Bartz, senior manager at PwC, said: “Economically challenging times have seen marketing budgets squeezed and greater evidence required of return on investment. As a result, we expect that the attractiveness of paying for advertising based on an extremely measurable and specific consumer action will see more advertisers using OPM as a key channel for driving sales.”

How is this way of advertising in the digital age affecting your business. Or are you thinking of starting a business but are not sure how you will get people to be aware of what you have to offer in this modern new economy.

Two of the worlds most successful digital marketers and business system creators, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross noticed individuals and businesses struggling to make the transition from the old economy to the current and ever-changing modern one.

Online Marketing Strategies: Learn Modern Effective Skills

online marketing strategies

To find a solution and help those struggling and those wanting to thrive – they co-founded an exclusive private community and digital business system known as the Digital Experts Academy (DEA) and the Six Figure Mentors (SFM).

DEA and SFM is the world's first digital marketing academy and business system for individuals, entrepreneurs, professionals, and businesses, specifically aimed at helping them transition from the traditional economy to the booming digital economy.

If you are a determined and inspired individual who is hungry, coachable and willing to learn new skills then the DEA and SFM may be for you. Start earning while still learning and acquire the essential online marketing strategies and professional expertise necessary to become a success in today's turbulent economy. Learn More By Clicking Right Here!

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