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oriflame review 

If you stumbled upon this page, there is a pretty good chance that you are intrigued by what Oriflame has to offer. Well, congratulations on taking the first step. Before electing to join any network marketing company, I find it vital to perform adequate research.

This is not to say that the person who introduced Oriflame to you is dishonest. I'm simply applauding your efforts to dig deeper. There is no such thing as knowing too much when dealing with your own personal time and money.

I truly hope that this unbiased overview gives you a clearer understanding of both this company and the network marketing industry in general.


Oriflame the Network Marketing Company



Oriflame is a unique network marketing company that distributes high quality cosmetic products. When deciding whether it is a good idea for you to become involved with a network marketing company, it is always a good idea to take a look at the product line.

Cosmetic products obviously have a pretty high demand and appeal to a large number of people. Mark this down as a point for Oriflame.

Anyone who becomes a member of Oriflame is called an Independent Beauty Consultant. Actually, if you dive into any network marketing business, you are considered an independent business owner.

The remarkably low start-up costs are generally an attraction for those who want to start a business. This niche of marketing allows entrepreneurs to start a successful business without taking out massive loans or getting yet another mortgage on their home.


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Distributing Oriflame

Oriflame independent sales consultants go about moving their cosmetic products in a number of ways. Products are mainly shared with new people through home demonstrations, at work, in social settings, and so on.

That being said, Oriflame independent sales consultants are encouraged to host product parties. These product parties apparently can really expedite the process of generating an income.

By gathering numerous people together in one setting, you can demonstrate the usefulness of products on a larger scale. This is obviously a lot more time efficient than hosting a bunch of different one-on-one meetings.


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Earning an Income with Oriflame

Like many other companies in the same network marketing niche, there are 2 main ways that you independent sales consultants can earn with Oriflame. Initially, distributors can earn a sizeable commission on each product sold.

Because you can buy into the program at various levels, this commission is dependent on your start-up package as well as the purchased product. While solely distributing beauty products to product users can keep a business afloat, this is not how the real money is made.

The most profitable way to run an Oriflame business is by recruiting more Independent Beauty Consultants. When a consultant does so, they are financially reciprocated for their efforts as well as the sales volume produced by their recruited team members.

Upon further review, Oriflame seems to be a quality network marketing program. The highly marketable products paired with a solid compensation plan makes Oriflame an attractive option on paper.

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