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Successful digital entrepreneur, business owner and online educator Stuart Ross shot a short video on the topic of relaxation, leisure, health, fitness, and creating a profitable online business. This is an area he can talk about with absolute authority, as it’s something that’s taken him six years to master.

In the video, Stuart talks about looking after yourself to ensure not just a healthy and enjoyable life but also a “profitable online business”. He shares some insights on what’s impacted his productivity and factors that also relate to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Things That Impact Building A Profitable Online Business

One of the things you’ll find in building an online business is that because you have the ability to work anywhere and at any time (including from bed on your laptop if you want to) it becomes very easy to work all the time. Stuart came from a career where he was used to working seventy-plus hours a week, so working a lot of hours was normal for him.

When he was building his internet business as well as working his job, there was not really anything else he did but work and sleep. During this time, he often let himself get into a negative state.

His nutrition went down the drain as he would sit at home working on his laptop, eating crisps (chips) and drinking fizzy drinks (soda). He would do this slouched on his sofa, working every spare minute he had.

Profitable Online Business: Being Reactive is Not Productive

But frankly, a lot of this time was not productive, as he was just being reactive. He never really took enough time out to proactively plan what he was going to work on, and this led to a downward spiral.

Stuart was quite fortunate because when he started his online business he had no children, only had himself to look after, and was not in a serious relationship. So during this period, it was fairly easy for him to be selfish with his time (which he got very good at).

He saw or socialized with no one and just worked. And maybe these circumstances helped to start with. But these circumstances do not apply to Stuart’s typical students at Launch You where he’s the co-founder with Jay Kubasssek. These students are often people in their thirties with children, responsibilities, and jobs, etc.

He’s typically found that when individuals do not look after themselves, over-work their online business and give themselves no time to exercise or spend with their family – it is not sustainable.

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Being Steady and Consistent is Best in the Long-Term

In fact, frequently Stuart notices that his students who go all out and are gung-ho at the start are those that give up the quickest on their goals and their dreams – because it’s not sustainable.

He’s found that it’s the individuals who are steady and consistent, who show up on a regular basis and who are of the frame of mind that the result will come no matter how long it takes – are the ones who successfully build a profitable online business.

These types of people are far more likely to succeed rather than the people who talk about making tons of money and drastically changing their life and the world in the next six months. These people tend to fizzle out the fastest.

One of the most important things to sustain your efforts is looking after yourself. Simple things like exercise, getting fresh air and spending time with your family. The chances are you are wanting to build a profitable online business to have more free time and give more quality time to your family.

Do not take the route of doing everything with the view that you’ll get that time back later because this is not sustainable. What you’ll also find is that when the results are not coming as quickly as you would like or the money is not pouring in, you will end up resenting your business.

This is because you’ll get pressure from the family, your nutrition has gone down the toilet, you're putting on weight, and you’ve got no energy. The result is that you will look at what’s happened since you’ve started building your internet business around your job and all you can really see is the negatives.

Being tired, lack of energy, and family resenting you. So the advice that Stuart gives – and it’s advice that he’s given to his personal students at Launch You that have gone onto build successful online businesses – is to schedule some downtime. This gets easier when you’re running a profitable online business full-time.

However, last year Stuart went three steps back as he had a lot more responsibility due to building the business and taking it to the next level, and also growing the team. As a result, towards the end of the year he was burnt out and the time he was working on the business ended up being reactive and not as effective.

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Schedule Some Downtime

So for this year, Stuart has made sure that every morning he gets up and does some exercise, like going for a walk with the dog or having a swim. He’ll also sit in the jacuzzi, sauna or steam room. He often starts his day at 11.30 am after most people are stressed out after their commute and morning meetings.

At this time, Stuart is just getting started where he can choose whether he works at home or at the office. This is the life he chooses as a successful digital entrepreneur.

It’s worth every bit of effective effort you put into building a profitable online business because the end result is more balance in your life. This is so important in the long-term, and it’s something that’s taken Stuart six years to master.

Hopefully, you can take some guidance from this. The one significant factor that Stuart has found when building an internet marketing business is to be sensible with your scheduling. The “Steady Eddy” will often be the one who yields the best results in the long term.

If that means you only have an hour a day on your business, then it’s better to have an hour that’s productive. This should be a time when you are not feeling negative and when you are focused.

Those who take the gung-ho approach, which will not last, and they’ll become one of the statistics who quit their online business. This usually happens in the first six to twelve months of getting started online as it takes a lot of work, effort, and learning new skill sets.

But an hour of proactive money producing activity each and every day is going to be as much a 10X the value to building your profitable online business rather than two to three hours of unfocused work which is not sustainable for the majority of people who still have a job and family responsibilities.

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Stuart Ross started his journey into the digital and entrepreneurial world with nothing more than perseverance, a laptop, and a dream. To date, he's created a multimillion-dollar lifestyle business in the education and technology industry that he absolutely LOVES. His driving passion is sharing the know-how and mindset that lets others feel the same way. Having successfully found a better way than the traditional employment route, he's committed to showing others how to live life on their own terms too. CLICK HERE to find out more about Stuart and his business.


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