SEO Articles: Rank Your Site Higher

by Merv Stevens

seo articlesConsistently publishing SEO articles is a major aspect of the search engine optimization process used by internet marketers today. Marketers write these articles specifically targeting high traffic keywords in hopes that their blog or website will rank highly on a popular search engine's results page.

As you may already know, statistics show that ranking on the initial search results page is far exponentially more profitable than even the second page. It should be noted that ranking in the top 3 results on a search page is where the real money is at; that is if the targeted keyword is relatively valuable.

In the following sections, I will explain to you the process of search engine optimization and exactly what role SEO articles play in that process.

SEO Articles: SEO's Role in Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is the a strategy used to increase the exposure or visibility of a given website. As opposed to paid advertisement, proper SEO is an alternative that allows a website to increase it's exposure organically.

The primary goal of this process is to rank highly in popular search queries. Therefore, it is obviously smart to target keywords that are relative to your niche and profitable.

There are both on and off-page SEO strategies used today. Both are equally as important and necessary. The on-page strategy focuses on SEO article writing; and is obviously the focus of today's blog post.

Off-page SEO techniques consist of various link building activities. When Google ranks your website or blog, it takes into account the number and quality of backlinks.

This essentially lets Google now how relevant and informative your information is to the search query. That being said, backlinking is obviously not possible without first writing and publishing SEO articles.

SEO Articles: Targeting Traffic

With rare exception, the point of writing SEO articles is to monetize a website. The best way to do make money from a website is to drive traffic and offer a product or service.

At this point in your SEO articles research, you probably already have a business or product that you're interested in promoting. Your first step is keyword research.

SEO articles

The goal of the keyword research process is to find high traffic and low competition search terms that are relevant to your niche. Targeting these keywords properly will result in targeted traffic; which is far more likely to produce sales. After locating these keywords, the next step is to write and post good quality SEO articles.

SEO Articles: Basic On-Page SEO Guidelines

Writing proper SEO articles is more than just mentioning a keyword. There are a few different strategies you can follow to increase your content's value in the eyes of Google. Most of these techniques are incredibly simple.

When writing SEO articles, I recommend the following format:

  • Minimum of 800 words
  • Keyword in Title
  • Keyword Bolded
  • Keyword Underlined
  • Keyword Italicized
  • Keyword in First Sentence
  • Keyword in Last sentence
  • Keyword in Headers (H1,H2, H3)
  • Keyword Density between 2%-4%
  • Embedded Image titled keyword.jpeg

This process is made simple with the WordPress blog toolbox. Now that you are somewhat familiar with SEO articles, be sure to learn more about off-page SEO and start getting higher ranking in the search engines.

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