How Did I Land Up Here? A Simple Lead Capture Page Creator, Made Simple

by Merv Stevens

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What is a Lead Capture Page and Where Can I Find A Simple Lead Capture Page Creator?

Are you wondering what a lead capture page is, how it can benefit your online marketing communication efforts and where you can find a simple lead capture page creator? Well, you have certainly come to the right place, as I would be happy to answer these questions for you — and to ultimately help you find an easy way to create a great lead capture page.

So, exactly what is a lead capture page? A lead capture page, or a landing page, is a page that will appear to your potential clients when they click on an SEO link, a link within another webpage/social media site or an online advertisement.

So, in simplest terms, a lead capture page needs to do just that: Capture clients information after convincing them that your business is worth taking a closer look.

Simple Lead Capture Page Creator: Increase Your Potential Client Base

To the above point, there are two types of lead capture pages that you can create. The first is a reference lead capture page. The purpose of this type of landing page is to provide relevant information to the visitor.

simple lead capture page creator

If you are — for example — an online provider of a certain service, you may use the lead capture page to give potential clients more information about the product or service in question.

From a marketing perspective, the benefit of a reference lead capture page is not immediate, but you capture their contact details (usually at least their email) and then establish a relationships with them to build trust and your brand image.

The second type of lead capture page you can create, which is most useful as part of your online marketing strategy, is a transactional landing page. Quite simply, the purpose of such a lead capture page is to convince potential clients to take action by completing a personal information form.

Such a form would include such as their email address and other communication and service preferences. Once you've got these details  you can then send more specific or comprehensive information about your products and/or services via an email service provider like AWeber.

To obtain the contact details of potential clients you need to offer them something in return. This is usually termed a “lead magnet” or “ethical bribe”.

It could be a free report or  video or something the visitor to the capture page feels is valuable enough to exchange their contact information for.

Once you have obtained the contact information and delivered your “lead magnet” or “ethical bribe” you can go on to communicate with that person giving them more information about the product and services you offer and possibly make a sale or sales in the future.

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Simple Lead Capture Page Creator: An Easy Setup

A lead capture page is arguably one of the best ways to kick-start communication and an exchange with prospective clients. How then do you create an effective lead capture page?

Here at Six Figure Mentors, we offer you a simple lead capture page creator, that will help you create a great lead capture page in under 5 minutes! We offer you an easy solution for building and setting up a landing page that will successfully generate leads for your online business.

A well-made lead capture page, with the emphasis being on the page being as professional yet appealing as possible, is the future of list building and the way to create a profitable integrated online marketing business.

If you have a moment, we would love to tell you more about our simple lead capture page creator. It will not take up much of your time, and you can create an account for free!

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