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UPDATE: In 2018 Skinny Body Care was acquired by Valentus, a four-year-old health and wellness company.

Skinny Body Care's six innovative products were added to the Valentus line under the Valentus Prevail Brand. Skinny Body Care representatives were given the opportunity to take a position within Valentus, migrating their entire teams into the company.

This Skinny Body Care (Valentus) review is intended to help you decide whether or not starting an MLM business is right for you.

Before investing your time and money into a business opportunity, there are some details that require your attention.

This review should highlight those details and prepare you to make an appropriate decision. I applaud your due diligence.

Let's take a close look at what kind of products and business opportunity Valentus has to offer.

The Valentus Product Line

The ‘Valentus' product line consists of products that encourage weight loss and limit the appearance of aging. Whether you are intrigued by the business opportunity or not, the Valentus product line has some appealing items for those of us who wish to improve our physical appearance.

Valentus's headlining product is Slimroast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee. It's marketed as an incredibly efficient weight loss manager. This weight loss coffee is said to simplify the pound shedding process. Slimroast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee contains natural appetite suppressants, feel-good ingredients, and detox components.

The weight loss aspect of the coffee cannot be obtained with a single ingredient, so it contains a “stack” (or group) of several independently performing nutrients working together. This is called the SlimROAST Optimum Neurologic system.

These special ingredients are put together in a unique way that makes you feel full and consequently eat less food. By controlling your appetite, you can have a stranglehold on weight management. Overeating is the number one cause of obesity. Attacking weight loss at the source is crucial.

The Valentus Marketing System

Active participants of the Valentus marketing system have free access to landing pages and a proven presentation video. As with all multi-level marketing companies, Valentus encourages duplication and modeling.

The belief is that modeling your business off of a successful business will result in positive results. It should be noted that most companies charge extra for use of their marketing system.
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You can essentially look at the Valentus opportunity as a business in a box. The name of the game is exposure. Considering active Valentus distributors have access to online marketing tools, using the internet for making sales and recruiting new members is encouraged.

The Valentus Compensation Plan

Valentus is a multi-level marketing company. This marketing model allows for distributors to earn an income on various levels; hence the name ‘multi-level'. The first level of earning is obviously based on personal sales.

Each independent distributor is paid a percentage based on the amount of personal sales volume they generate. That being said, very few entrepreneurs have ever built a successful MLM business by solely pushing products.

Recruiting fellow distributors is undoubtedly the quickest, most efficient, and most profitable way to build a successful multi-level marketing business. Why is this the case? After enrolling a new distributor, that person is placed in your downline.

Valentus works with a 3 X 5 forced-filled matrix. Distributors are then paid a commission based on the sales volume produced by those in their downline, as well as being compensated for their own sales volume.

To be clear, consistently recruiting and enrolling new distributors is the only way to build a network marketing business quickly. Doing so efficiently will undoubtedly result in the establishment of passive residual income. A passive residual income is definitely the goal of all entrepreneurs who give Valentus a try.

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Skinny Body Care Review (Valentus)